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Creating Welcoming Communities For Immigrant Families

March 9, 2017
It is a tumultuous time in our nation's history for our immigrant communities. President Trump released a re-written executive order on refugee resettlement. Similar to the original order, the new order: Bans travelers from six Muslim-majority countries—Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen—...
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Close to home: Being A Muslim Today

March 7, 2017
I have struggled lately to find motivation as well as inspiration to pen down my thoughts as a Muslim living in America which is a surprise as well as a disappointment. Surprise because there is so much going on that I would have enough material to focus on such as
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5 Quick Actions for this week - #KeepMarching!

March 6, 2017
YOU are being heard! This week we had the opportunity to directly bring forward the voices and policy priorities of moms, dads, and people across our nation to elected leaders in Washington, DC -- including Senators Sanders and Cantwell (pictured) -- who have the power to make an impact. Leaders...
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MomsRising On Trump’s Revised Executive Order Banning Muslim Immigration, Suspending Refugee Program

March 6, 2017
Moments ago, President Donald Trump signed a revised executive order halting the US refugee program and suspending visas for those traveling from six-Muslim majority countries: Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. In reaction to Trump’s executive order, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, CEO and...
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Am I Greater than Christ That I Can Decide Who is More Deserving of Help?

April 26, 2017
I came to Christ late in life. Drawn to him out of necessity, but committed because of love. His love. It changed my life. He changed my life. I now try to live as He commanded. I don't always succeed. Some days, I will admit, when I focus on the world, I lose sight of Him and His precepts. But He...
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Where is the Justice for Pregnant Women in Prison? 2016 Exposed Serious Mistreatment

February 27, 2017
It should have been a best-case scenario for the woman in the Indiana prison. She was early in her pregnancy, serving time close to a city with more than one abortion provider. But despite repeated requests for an abortion, prison personnel stalled and put obstacles in her path until it was too...
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What my toddler son taught me about the travel ban

February 24, 2017
This week, President Donald Trump is preparing to release a second executive order halting travel from citizens of the seven Muslim nations. And I'm taking time to write this post, because I promised my son that I would speak up. His preschool teacher is from Iran. We love her and truly hate to lose a great teacher over a unreasonable ban...
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The Human Needs Report: spending work, replacing the ACA, Trump's cabinet and more

February 21, 2017
Congress is currently in its first recess of the year. The Coalition on Human Needs just released our latest edition of the Human Needs Report, with a look at what members tackled before the break, and what's waiting for them when they return on Feb. 27. Read on for articles on FY17 & FY18 budget and appropriations work, House Republicans' plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, President Trump's cabinet, and worker protections under threat.
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Top #5Actions To Take This Week!

February 20, 2017
You’re making a big difference! Last week, after more than 30,000 of you sent messages opposing Trump’s completely unqualified nominee for the U.S. Secretary of Labor, Andy Puzder, along with a wide spectrum of engagement activities from a growing movement…. Drum roll please… that nominee dropped...
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Child Watch® Column: Ripping America Apart

February 3, 2017
If you are reeling from the series of Executive Orders and Memoranda issued by President Trump in his first two weeks in office, and horrified by what clearly seems to be an unconstitutional, un-American and unjust ban on Muslims from seven countries that has caused outrage at home and abroad, keep reading.
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