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Standing Up for DAPA and DACA+ and the Future of Our Nation’s Children

March 10, 2016
This past week, several amicus briefs representing a wide range of American voices were submitted to the Supreme Court in support of lifting a lower court injunction preventing the implementation of the 2014 Obama expanded deferred action programs. First Focus was one of six anchor organizations...
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President Obama's Final Budget

February 15, 2016
President Obama introduced his final budget last week. Find out all the details about what is in it and what is happening next!
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Agents nabbing 4-year-olds?! That's not who we are.

January 15, 2016
A small child, just four-years old, was sleeping soundly over the New Year's weekend when he was abruptly woken up by feet pounding across the floor and screaming in the house. Then his worst nightmare came true: he was taken away by strangers . A nightmare, right? Never in America? Wrong. This...
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Why I Participated in Civil Disobedience as an Undocumented Immigrant in North Carolina

January 8, 2016
My name is Carmen Rodriguez, and I’m originally from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. I came to the United States with thousands of other immigrants searching for a better life. I’ve lived in North Carolina for 13 years as the undocumented mother of three US citizens, including two boys who play in Raleigh youth soccer leagues, and my daughter who is a competitive cheerleader.
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Paring down Paris: What's it mean for families?

December 14, 2015
OK, so Julie and I didn’t actually storm the podium at the international climate change talks in Paris. But we are elated that a historic decision was reached there which lays the foundation for justice and hope for all of the world’s people. The Paris Agreement holds great promise for families in...
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A Special Match for #GivingTuesday

December 1, 2015
You gave thanks. You ate delicious food. You got deals. Now, it’s time to give back! Today is Giving Tuesday, a national day of celebrating and supporting the causes that matter most to us – like making the world a better, safer, more just place for women, moms and families. To mark this day,...
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Ley de inmigración de Carolina del Norte puede afectar a 170.000 niños ciudadanos

November 24, 2015
Washington – El Proyecto de Ley de la Cámara de Representantes 318, conocido como la “Ley para la Protección de los Trabajadores de Carolina del Norte”, tiene el potencial de afectar a más de 170.000 niños ciudadanos estadounidenses que viven en el estado, indicaron NC Child y First Focus . El...
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North Carolina immigration law could harm 170,000 citizen children

November 23, 2015
Washington – North Carolina’s House Bill 318, the so-called “Protect North Carolina Workers Act,” has the potential to harm more than 170,000 U.S. citizen children living in the state, according to NC Child and First Focus. The organizations’ analysis of the legislation and its impact on North...
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Afraid of Her Pillow

November 19, 2015
Our elected officials and wannabee leaders can welcome war-stricken children and adults and help to calm their fears and re-make their lives. Or they can play upon fears here.
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ACTION NEEDED: A heartless decision

November 12, 2015
I have bad news. Amidst growing anti-immigrant rhetoric that's harming our children and our economy, earlier this week a divided 5th Circuit Court of Appeals dealt a cruel blow. What happened? Well, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decided, in a ruling against the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ),...
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