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From Family Separation to Family Jail? NOT Okay!

June 21, 2018
Today’s Executive Order (EO) proves that the voices of moms, dads and people are powerful. But this EO does not stop the Trump administration from continuing human rights abuses, like imprisoning entire families, in the name of immigration enforcement, so we will continue to keep our voices raised...
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MomsRising supporters hold signs to show support for immigrant families' rights.

How You Can Help to End Family Separation Right Now

June 18, 2018
Bookmark and share this! Here's your list of local orgs where you can volunteer; phone numbers and email addresses of decisionmakers, with suggestions for what you can say; links to fact sheets and resources; and much more.
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Take Action!
Three children hold signs in support of immigrant rights inside the U.S. Capitol.

#FamiliesBelongTogether: Sign to OPPOSE the Ryan & Goodlatte bills!

June 18, 2018
Trump is using children as hostages to bargain for his anti-immigrant agenda! It’s outrageous. On Friday, President Trump suggested that he won’t change HIS new policy of intentionally separating kids from their parents, unless Democrats agreed to his other destructive immigration demands. Trump’s...
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#5Actions of the Week: June 15, 2018

June 15, 2018
June is LGBTQ Pride Month, and all of us at MomsRising are excited to celebrate—and we also recognize how much work we still have to do to reach full LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc) equality in our country. This Pride Month, let’s remember that policies that impact people...
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UPDATED: 5 QUICK IMPACTFUL Actions to Take NOW on Family Separation!

June 14, 2018
We are in a moment of crisis and national outrage over the treatment of families separated at our border by order of the Trump Administration. At this very moment, communities are coming together to speak out against the cruel and inhumane actions against families seeking refuge. And at this very...
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#5Actions of the Week: June 11, 2018

June 8, 2018
Can you believe it's already June? Kids are getting out of school, temperatures are heating up, and hopefully you'll have some time to relax and recharge a bit! To make taking action as easy as possible, we're once again packaging our most urgent campaigns of the past week into one easy #5Actions...
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Family Separation at Border Exposes Children to Potentially Irreparable Harm

June 1, 2018
Recently, the Administration announced a change in immigration policy that has resulted in at least 700 children being separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border since October 1.
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National Day of Action for Children

June 1, 2018
The members of MomsRising are outraged by how the Trump administration is targeting immigrant children, women, moms, and families. Make no mistake, when pregnant immigrant women are being detained, and denied the health care they need, it’s also a women’s issue. When asylum-seeking parents come...
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#5Actions of the Week: June 4, 2018

June 1, 2018
Today's a big day, as MomsRising joins partners in hosting a National Day of Action for Children in cities across the nation. We are at a critical point in history: We are horrified to share that it is now official US immigration policy to routinely and intentionally separate children from their...
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Take Action

Washington: Time to fight family separation

May 31, 2018
You know those moments that you read about in history books and think, "How could people who were around then have let that happen?" Well, we're in one of those moments. Our time is right now, because our nation's treatment of immigrant children, women, and families is devastatingly wron g. We...
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