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¿¡¿QUÉ está pasando?!?

January 26, 2018
¿Qué está pasando? Sí, ¿ qué está pasando? Donald Trump puso fin a DACA, el programa que protegía a los DREAMers, hace cinco meses. Los republicanos dejaron que el Programa de Seguro de Salud para Niños (CHIP, por sus siglas en inglés) expire hace cuatro largos meses. Todo esto es simplemente...
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DREAMers Need Real Solutions, Not More Empty Promises

January 23, 2018
The Continuing Resolution (CR) that Congress passed today is a deep and painful disappointment. It once again fails to guarantee protections for DREAMers -- young people who were brought to the United States as children and must be allowed to live, learn, work and contribute to our communities and...
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Remarks by Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner at 2018 Women’s March #PowerToThePolls Rally

January 22, 2018
Editor's note: MomsRising's CEO/Executive Director, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, delivered a powerful message at the Women's #PowerToThePolls First Anniversary rally event in Las Vegas this past weekend. Check out the Facebook Live video of her remarks as well as the written remarks below: Hello out...
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Sign On!

SIGN OUR LETTER telling GOP Leadership to Do Their Job!

January 20, 2018
Republicans in the U.S. Congress decided they would rather shut down our government than make a deal that would provide stable funding for health insurance for children and protect DREAMers, immigrant young adults who have grown up in the U.S.! This heartless move puts at risk the health care of...
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MomsRising Statement on the Government Shutdown

January 20, 2018
Republicans in Congress once again demonstrated their skewed priorities, that they would rather shut down the government than provide protections for DREAMers -- young immigrants who came to this country as children and who contribute greatly to their communities and our country. Congressional...
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La Resistencia de Jeanette Vizguerra

December 31, 2017
En el 2017 una de nuestras miembros, Jeanette Vizguerra, fue elegida por la revista Time como parte de las 100 personas más influyentes del mundo. Jeanette, una madre indocumentada de cuatro ni ñ os, se ha convertido en una de las voces más activas por la lucha de los derechos de la comunidad...
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¿Qué está pasando con el programa DACA?

January 18, 2018
Aproximadamente 850 beneficiarios del DACA están perdiendo su estatus legal cada semana. El Congreso debe tomar acción inmediata y proteger a DREAMers como Priscila, quien es una maestra en Texas. Destruir los sue ñ os de Priscila al negarle un camino para poder trabajar y obtener estatus legal no...
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Welcome to America

August 25, 2017
I recently had the privilege of meeting five outstanding high school students the Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio’s Beat the Odds® program was honoring for overcoming tremendous adversity, demonstrating academic excellence and giving back to their communities. One of these inspiring young people was...
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#5Actions of the Week: January 14, 2018

January 14, 2018
Happy New Year! 2017 was a tremendous year of *women power, mom power, parent power, and people power!* We called, emailed, and visited decision-makers on top issues affecting our families, including health care, immigration, taxes, more - literally hundreds of thousands of times. THANK YOU! It all...
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Tell Congress to reject President Trump’s blatant racism

January 26, 2018
We condemn President Trump's destructive racism and call on Congress to stand with immigrant communities and with the integrity of our nation. Not only is Donald Trump’s racism dangerously harmful but it also puts lives at risk because he’s putting his racism into policy that fractures families and...
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