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Our Campaigns

Advancing equal pay, paid family and medical leave, paid sick days, breastfeeding rights, and other workplace justice policies from the local to federal levels.

Educating and mobilizing parents and caregivers across the nation on healthy schools, including: nutritious school food and eliminating junk food marketing to kids; physical activity for school-aged kids; dismantling the school to prison pipeline; amplifying resilience and decreasing trauma with social-emotional development practices in grades K-12.

Focusing on equity in pregnancy, childbirth and the period after childbirth, our organizing is built on understanding and lived experience of greater systemic issues mothers experience throughout motherhood due to race, class and gender disparities. This work includes campaigns on maternal mortality/morbidity, as well as mass incarceration and police reform.

Affordable, quality early care and education should be available to all families who need it. The early learning workforce should earn a living wage and benefits.

The federal budget campaign champions the priorities of women, moms, and families in the federal budget. This campaign includes work on taxes/revenues, SNAP, WIC, Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Medicaid, CHIP, healthy school lunches, and more.

From registering people to vote, to pledging to vote, to making plans to vote, to hosting debate watch parties, to educating the candidates about our top policy priorities, to sharing our personal stories with each other and the media, to having voting parties, MomsVote creatively engages women and moms to wield one of our most powerful tools in this democracy--our right to vote.

#LatinasVotan promueve creativamente la participación de las mujeres y las mamás latinas en las elecciones. Nuestro voto es poderoso y es urgente. Por eso es importante en asegurarnos que toda nuestra gente salga a votar. Ya sea por correo o en las urnas, ya sea durante el período de votación anticipada o el 8 de noviembre, necesitamos hacernos escuchar.

America faces a gun violence epidemic. From our streets to our schools to our movie theaters, concerts, and places of worship, guns claim some 40,000 lives nationwide annually. The solution is comprehensive cultural and policy reform that prioritizes public safety. MomsRising is working to advance gun safety, community safety, women’s safety, and responsible gun ownership.

Access to health care coverage is a lifesaver for families and our economy. We are working to ensure every family has access to quality affordable health care coverage because no one should have to choose between paying for groceries or housing and paying their medical bills. Whether you’ve struggled to pay for your insulin or have been impacted from COVID-19, everyone should have access to quality and affordable healthcare.

Protecting family unity and ensuring our public policies address the concerns of immigrant families.

From taking action, to sharing information, to staying on top of the issues, there’s a lot to do, and it’s often easiest and most fun to do it with a group of people. That's why MomsRising launched #KeepMarching, a project to support moms and family members who are thinking hard, speaking out, and taking the lead in their communities to create change.

MomsRising State Mom Forces (SMFs) are bringing together our supporters in homes, at parks, at malls, in state capitols-- building MOMentum for change! SMFs work in targeted states to organize women, moms, and families on issues that matter most to them at a state and local level, as well as for our national campaigns. Get involved in your local SMF!