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This month, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy introduced a state budget that proposes allocating $1 million of Medicaid funding to increase doula care access. This amount is in addition to the current budget of 4.7 million that has already been dedicated toward improving maternity care. Increasing resources and attention to maternal health in New Jersey is an important step for the state to take to reverse its abysmal statistics when it comes to birth. New Jersey ranks 47 out of 50 states, with...
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S. Nadia Hussain
President Trump released his FY2020 budget last week and no surprises here— he slashed funding for programs that boost our families and kids in order to pay for his wasteful wall and tax cuts to the 1% and Wall Street. I’ll be blunt: President Trump seems to have forgotten that people like you and me know he is making us foot the bill for his horrible tax scam and that we also know taking food and healthcare away from families in order to pay for his harmful wall does not at all reflect our...
“Everyone should work in a restaurant, at least once in their lifetime.” Whether you have worked in a restaurant or not, chances are, you have heard this sage advice. When I hear this advice, I am undeniably proud to have had restaurant experience as part of my story. My first job was as a busser at The Oyster House, a small, mom-and-pop owned restaurant in my hometown of Olympia, WA. At just sixteen years old, I quickly learned the value of hard work along with everything it takes to work in a...
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Ali Davidson
It’s tax time and we are getting an angry earful from moms around the country about Trump’s backwards tax scam— and need your help letting Congress know what’s going on in the real lives of families in our nation: “ My taxes have gone up due to the cap on state and local taxes. Now it does not pay for me to deduct these taxes, along with my charitable donations and union dues. The doubling of the standard deduction is not adequate to make up for this, especially since I can no longer take...
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Elyssa Koidin Schmier
We have a brand new radio show this week were we talk with newly elected Superstar U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley and get her advice on activism; We'll get more details on what’s happening inside the beltway with the FAMILY Act and Trump and then we'll hear about some incredible wins relating to banks announcing they’ll stop banking the private prison industry and how YOU can be involved Lastly, we'll get into particulars of the very bad, no good awful news about the Trump proposed budget...
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Amber Dorsey
MomsRising joined organizers and leaders from across the state like Citizen Action of the Capital Region, Urban Justice Center, Prison Justice Network and JustLeadership. These coalition leaders have been gathering since the new year at the Albany State Capitol to advocate against the harsh practices of putting inmates into the “SHU” [Special Housing Unit] aka, solitary confinement and to reform New York’s money bail system. Volunteers and advocates from both, Campaign for Alternatives to...
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Diarra Diouf
Communities United for Police Reform have already lead two advocacy days at the New York State Capitol in Albany this year around police accountability and community safety! MomsRising was honored to walk side by side advocates, mothers, family members of fallen victims of police brutality, and other organizational allies down the hallways of the Capitol to meet with legislators to present what CPR calls the, #SaferNYAct. “I stand here in solidarity with family members whose loved ones have...
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Diarra Diouf
To mark Equal Pay Day and spread awareness about the punitive gender wage gap and possible solutions, like paid family and medical leave, MomsRising and Main Street Alliance created custom coffee sleeves and napkins for coffee shops across the nation to use on April 2nd.