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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A graphic image that says "Resources For Talking About Race"]
George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmed Arbaury. We hear their names and their stories -- along with a tragic list of countless other names -- in the news and on social media, and we know it’s not just adults hearing and discussing this moment in our nation’s history. Our children at every age and stage are hearing these stories, too. Some of us have been talking about race in this country with our kids since they were born; others of us aren’t sure where to begin. Wherever you are in your...
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A colorful graphic that says "Families First Coronavirus Response Act"]
Big News! For the first time ever, thanks to the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act, our nation will have a *limited*, nation-wide, paid sick days and paid family leave law in place during the COVID-19 crisis. The new law is a huge deal and we all helped make it happen. Thank you! But how will it work? Who's covered? How do you access the benefit? Scroll down for useful resources including a detailed fact sheet and handy infographic. Editor’s Note: This information is accurate as of...
Karen Showalter's picture
Karen Showalter
Mother with child
July 4th weekend is here, the official start of a summer unlike any other for many, and just four months away from the November election. JUST. FOUR. FAST. MONTHS. The clock is ticking and your voice, your action, your attention is needed more than ever. So for the #5Actions this week, we urge you to put your mark on a map to be a Beacon of Hope for others and show that you’re planning to help get out the vote for the November elections (Don’t worry! We’ll share lots of ways you can help get...
Being pregnant and giving birth can be scary and raise lots of questions even in the best of times. At MomsRising, we’ve heard your concerns as you navigate this uncertain moment and your desire to make sure expecting families and providers are on the same page when it comes to ensuring positive and successful birth experiences and outcomes. Everyone who becomes pregnant, gives birth, and/or is breastfeeding/chestfeeding should have access to a safe, healthy, and respectful experience, even (...
Tina Sherman's picture
Tina Sherman
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A screenshot from MSNBC of Elijah McClain playing violin, and text asking people to sign on to demand justice for his murder by Aurora CO police.]
Elijah McClain -- a young Black man who loved animals, a violinist, a highly regarded massage therapist, and a person beloved by his community -- was simply walking home from the store after buying iced tea when police officers in Aurora, Colorado detained and murdered him nearly a year ago. The officers who murdered Elijah have yet to be fired or charged. There is still no justice. Not only have the officers NOT been charged yet, yesterday the Aurora, CO police, in riot gear, used pepper spray...
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Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo grid with individuals holding signs with one word each, together reading "We won't wait another 100 days. Justice for Breonna"]
It has been over 100 days since Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her Louisville, Kentucky home by officers from the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD). LMPD performed an illegal, no knock drug raid on her home. Not a single officer announced themselves before ramming down her door and firing 22 shots, shooting Breonna 8 times, killing her. The officers were at the WRONG HOUSE, and the person they were looking for had already been arrested earlier that day. Breonna was not a suspect...
Beatriz Beckford's picture
Beatriz Beckford
Graph showing the U.S. vs EU coronavirus curve
Infuriating. Baffling. Outrageous. I’m running out of words to describe the gross disregard the Trump Administration has had for human lives and the mind-boggling mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis. Just in the past week alone, in the middle of a pandemic—when millions are losing their health insurance and hundreds of thousands are experiencing a terrible health care crisis—President Trump has: cut funding for COVID-19 testing; refused to encourage people to wear masks to stop the spread of...
Felicia Burnett's picture
Felicia Burnett
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A graphic image with several headshots of different people dispersed among the words "Take Action Now! Protect unemployment insurance!"]
We’re hearing from moms every single day who are struggling with unemployment and questioning how they are going to pay their bills and continue to put food on the table for their families. Moms like Beverly, who writes: “When I was laid off from my job due to COVID-19, as a single mother I was petrified. The added $600 in unemployment benefits has been a lifeline, the difference between keeping a roof over our heads and homelessness. With no end in sight of this pandemic, we need the expansion...
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Elyssa Schmier
We did it. In the past two weeks, we have collectively won on a package of bills, all a part of the #SaferNYAct, that will change the way New Yorkers are treated by police in their communities. 50-a, a state statute that carved out special and unnecessary exemptions for police, firefighters, and correctional officers; shielded abusive officers and failed police disciplinary processes from public view; a bill that made New York State arguably the worst state in the nation in terms of hiding...
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Diarra Aida Diouf
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo of a police officer standing with his back to the camera in a school hallway, with teens wearing backpacks walking by.]
We are living in extraordinary times. Nationwide mobilizations in the aftermath of too many police killings have renewed an important conversation about police accountability and the role police play in our lives. Even further this conversation has called into question the role police play in the lives of our children, specifically in school buildings. We too often assume that the presence of police in schools is synonymous with safety. It is NOT. The reality is most parents and caregivers know...