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text asking reader to contact legislators
I’ll get right to the point: We have an emergency. The U.S. House and Senate will be voting soon, in a matter of hours, on the next COVID-19 package, and we need them to know we need *permanent* paid sick days and paid family and medical leave in the package. → Tell your members of Congress in the House and Senate to BOOST AND MAKE PERMANENT paid sick days and paid family and medical leave in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We need paid sick days, and paid family and medical leave, for...
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Karen Showalter
When a crisis like coronavirus (COVID-19) erupts, it puts a further strain on ongoing public health and social issues. As the Guttmacher Institute points out “the specific risk to pregnant women and their infants is not yet clear, but these groups are often particularly vulnerable to infectious disease threats. Therefore, many experts say an enhanced focus on primary prevention for pregnant women is warranted.” Unfortunately, the current state of maternal health in our country already isn’t so...
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Tasmiha Khan
If Octavia Butler were alive today, what would she say ? In her stories there were always female protagonists, she wrote herself into the story and took us with her. We are the earth loving sheros, the shape shifting elders, the isolated but actionable young women who somehow find places inside of ourselves that give us the courage (even if afraid) to take action. We are the ones who can find and build community under dire straits, who can supersede chaos to find love amidst it. If Octavia...
When I heard a COVID-19 made homeschooler “pooh-pooh” the merits of educational play, I realized that we need to reassess the definition of play and build homeschooling programs, be they temporary or long-term that incorporate play as a means of achieving more effective learning.
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Lisa Quattlebaum/The Homesteadista
There are many baffling behaviors of teens. For many parents of teens the behavior they could slightly tolerate is now exacerbated by the quarantine. Watch Lina Acosta Sandaal, child development expert and psychotherapist and Cristy Clavijo-Kish, mom of twin teens, explain the behavior and how to manage it while sheltering at home. Originally Posted on 3/25/20 Facebook Live on the Los Tweens and Teens Page
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Lina Acosta Sandaal
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Working from home is one thing. Working from home with kids and others to care for is another thing. And managing workers remotely is yet another skillset altogether. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources on this specific aspect of working from home. We've gathered here what we've found to be especially useful. Have another resource you've turned to? Please share in the comments below! *** - MomsRising Vice President Ruth Martin shared a tipsheet from The Management Center as part of this...
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Anita Sarah Jackson
Screenshot of Washington Post Corona Simulator
After screaming into the void about the desperate need for massive testing and rapid social isolation , we are now living that quarantine life. Like many parents I am trying not to terrify my child (and myself), but unlike many parents I will not sugarcoat things. Especially after spending decades talking about how our political leaders are failing us, I am not going to lie about the fact that we are all suffering now because those failures have come home to roost. And kids need to understand...
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Ruby Sinreich
Twelve years have passed since the onset of what we call the Great Recession. Now, as the effects of the coronavirus-spawned COVID-19 pandemic send the U.S. economy hurtling into another recession, or possibly depression, and Congress wrestles with designing the components of an urgent policy response, it’s useful to take a quick look back at just how important unemployment insurance (UI) was for workers, families, and the economy overall in that last recession. It is important to note that in...
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Mitchell Hirsch
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo of an infant with a thin tube across his abdomen.]
Happy 10th anniversary to the Affordable Care Act! I became an advocate for health care way back when the ACA was being considered, by sharing my family's health care story with an incredible organization called healthcare rally.jpg When my son, Ethan, was born in 2006 we found out almost immediately that he would need to start chemotherapy for a benign vascular tumor that was trapping his platelets, and was therefore life-threatening. Because he needed 24/7 care and had a...
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Felicia Burnett