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MomsRising is a network of people just like you, united by the goal of building a more family-friendly America. Learn more about us »

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Whoa. There was a HUGE surge of requests for MomsVote postcards from the MomsRising community this weekend. We are past our deadline to print more postcards, but we still urgently need your help to fund this project! Can you help us send the postcards -- and fuel the rest of the MomsVote campaign -- by making a contribution to MomsRising right now? We can’t afford to fall behind in our voter outreach to women. We need to get these pre-addressed, pre-stamped postcards out to the THOUSANDS of...
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Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
With only 25 days left until election day, we need to double our efforts to help Get Out The Vote. We’ve organized #5Actions you can do today to help. Please remember to share this with family and friends, too. Thank you for all you do! On with the list ... 1. ONE MORE CHANCE: Until this Sunday at midnight, you can sign up to get a package of 5 pre-stamped, pre-addressed postcards for you to write on and send to an infrequent voter! BACKGROUND: MomsRising is making it super easy (and FREE) for...
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Sue Anne Reed
At 11 am on October 13, 2018, Jackson’s mamas got together at the Mississippi Museum of Art to engage in an honest conversation on education and the centering of black motherhood in Jackson, Mississippi. MomsRising and the People’s Advocacy Institute led the initiative in partnership with the Jackson Council PTA & the P16 Council . The conversation was supported by several community groups, including the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM), Jackson People’s Assemblies, Mothers Obtaining...
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Noel Didla
This week on the MomsRising #RisersRadio show we talk about how we each can make an impact, be greater than fear, VOTE, move forward policy with our anger, and amp up our democracy. *Special guests include: Ify Ike, Think Rubrix, Mass Bailout, @IfyIkeEsq Donna Norton, MomsRising, @MomsRising Kimberly Seals Allers, author, advocate and maternal and child health expert @iamKSealsAllers Anat Shenker, ASO Communications and author How to Listen: In the DC-area and on many stations across the nation...
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Amber Dorsey
Young people can’t forge the future alone; we need everyone’s voice and we really need your votes. Groups like MomsRising, MarchForOurLives, and more are holding accountable all those who can vote and those we elect, so we can take real steps to end gun violence in America.
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Dorie Klein
Your voice is urgently needed! The Trump administration has just announced a proposed regulation that if put into effect, would plunge an estimated 500,000 children into poverty. [1] Say NO to the Trump administration's new attack on immigrant families! Submit your comment to the Department of Homeland Security NOW! (Don’t worry...we make it super easy for you with sample talking points you can copy and paste) What is happening and how can we stop it? The Trump Administration has proposed a...
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Khadija Gurnah
Fed up with the epic level of awful coming out of Washington, D.C.? We have an incredibly powerful outlet for you to help make lasting change. *Interested? Sign up to get info about how to make Get Out The Vote phone calls to areas that especially need reminders to vote during the last two weeks in October and first week of November. We need you! We need your help! We quite literally need your voice! Just fill out the form on this page to say you’re interested — and we’ll send you everything...
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Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
Last year, Republicans unilaterally passed tax cuts that disproportionately benefited the wealthy and corporations. By giving tax cuts to wealthy Americans, particularly investors, Republicans claimed their tax bill would lead to substantial job and wage growth. Unsurprisingly, this has not happened. As an investor myself, I can tell you why: it’s because I’m not a job creator. For decades, conservatives have credited the investor class with job growth, but the truth is that they’ve done so...
Jacqueline Boberg
What’s happening in Washington, D.C. is horrifying, but one truth is shining through: Together we are the loud, visible, and urgently necessary force our nation needs right now. The future is ours. We've. Got. Each Other. And we’ve got to keep pushing forward together. Channel your rage, your heartbreak, your strength, your vision for the future into making our nation a place where everyone can truly thrive by getting out the vote. The situation is urgent. Our nation has low voter turnout...
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Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
Forget Wonder Woman’s lasso, ignore Black Widow’s fighting skills, and never mind Storm’s ability to control lightning… it’s time to talk about YOUR super powers. You might be thinking, "Who, me?!" Yes: YOU! You have secret super powers to turn out the vote! Click here to activate them! ***It turns out that handwritten notes by YOU have super powers! Research shows that handwritten notes are one of the most powerful ways to get an infrequent voter to the polls on Election Day. [1] And here’s...
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Sara Alcid