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Recently, MomsRising’s CEO/Executive Director, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner asked MomsRising staff members to share their favorite wins and innovations of the year. It turned out to be a very long list. To put it simply, the MomsRising community — which includes you! — CRUSHED it in 2018! The energy and power of this community is breathtaking. You write. You call. You text. You rally. You demand change...and you bring friends, family, and your kids with you. And most importantly, you WIN! Your work...
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Greetings! Today we remember everyone affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook. We will never give up the fight to protect our communities from gun violence. We're also celebrating two wins in Congress, directly fueled by your incredibly parent power. First: the U.S. Congress approved a Farm Bill that protects SNAP (food stamps). And the U.S. House and Senate both passed the groundbreaking Preventing Maternal Deaths Act. Thank you for all of your calls, signatures and stories on these and every...
Every December at my center , parents ask me how to not spoil their children and how to manage the gift-giving frenzy of the holidays. The following are the answers to the most popular parent questions during the holiday: How many gifts should we give our kids? There is no magic number but if the kids are under five years old it is important to keep the number of gifts to a minimum. More than four gifts is excessive, especially if we take into account the gifts that the extended family will...
On Thursday Congress passed a stopgap funding measure to keep parts of the federal government open until December 21, when Congress must pass another spending measure or again face a government shutdown. President Trump has said that he will veto any bill that doesn’t give him the $5 billion he has demanded for his border wall, even if it causes parts of the government to shut down and send federal employees into the holidays without their regular paychecks . Five billion dollars is not huge in...
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Lindsay Koshgarian
Yesterday, The Progressive Caucus of the New York City Council rallied in support of Jazmine Headley, the Brooklyn mom whose child was violently taken away from her at a Brooklyn HRA office. If you’re not familiar with the situation, the young mom had been waiting for hours at the HRA office, and was sitting on the floor with the child. They asked her to get up, and she refused. The officer called the NYPD. Yes, you read that right. They called the NYPD. A female HRA worker called the NYPD...
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Diana Limongi
Voices for Healthy Kids
Nearly 1.9 million residents of New York City — almost a quarter of the city’s population — live in lower-income communities with limited access to healthy food retail, and data show they are at risk of poor nutrition and rising rates of heart disease. The American Heart Association in New York City, with support from a grant from Voices for Healthy Kids, aims to help residents address these issues by advocating for city funding that will directly impact this outcome.
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Stephanie Vaughn
The way New York City’s social service agencies, police and courts treated Jazmine Headley was a horror show – but sadly, not a surprise. Too many young mothers face mistreatment and abuse from the institutions charged with helping them. We need accountability and reforms now. Like so many mothers, Jazmine Headley went to a social services office to get the help she needed. In her case, she was there to apply for a childcare voucher. Once there, apparently because she sat on the floor when no...
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Monifa Bandele
Although the concept has been around for some time, social emotional learning (SEL) has become the new buzzword in education circles, joining the ranks of other child and youth-centered keywords including trauma-informed teaching, restorative justice, and positive behavior intervention schools. Each strategy in its own right is an attempt to center the whole child, and builds emotional intelligence in a school climate that has shifted over the years to focus on high stakes testing. A trauma-...
I have amazing and urgent news for you! We could get Congress to pass an important new law to support breastfeeding moms before the end of this year, but we have less than two weeks to get it done! The clock is ticking! Join me right now in urging Congress to stand up for breastfeeding moms and pass the Supporting Working Moms Act and Fairness for Breastfeeding Mothers Act before they head home for the holidays. Here’s the scoop: Congress is set to adjourn for the year on December 13th, but...
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Tina Sherman