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Aaron Carrillo
[This is a guest blog post by Aaron Carrillo, a RESULTS advocate in Lawrence, Kansas.] Some kids look forward to their birthdays, or holidays. When I was young, my brother and I looked forward to tax time. It meant we could finally buy a second pair of shoes, or pants that fit. My mom would worry less for a little while about how we were going to pay for medical care, school supplies, and food. Tax season followed the winter holidays. My family struggled to pay the bills, so the holidays were...
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A graphic showing logos from chain restaurants to indicate which have met commitments to source chickens not treated with medically important antibiotics.]
When your relatives live five states over, why shell out for airfare when you can cram the whole crew in the van and hop on the interstate instead? At least that was my family’s thinking. As a child, these holiday road trips were the only times I ever ate fast food because it was the quickest and cheapest option on the road. But consumers are usually in the dark when it comes to how these fast food companies source their meat. That’s where the Chain Reaction report comes in handy. It grades the...
Curtis Morris's picture
Curtis Morris
Please go see Dark Waters , the riveting and important story of attorney Rob Bilott, soon. It's playing now around the country. And please do share the message to see the film with your friends and colleagues. The film's social action team seeks to increase the film's impact and hope it will be a catalyst for reducing the use of PFAS (highly fluorinated toxic chemicals). Seeing it this week will help the film be screened more widely. Read on for a thoughtful message from Todd Haynes, the...
Arlene Blum
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: An image of a laptop with a MomsRising circle M logo and a tote, with text asking you to donate for Giving Tuesday.]
We’re ready for a day of unity and kindness for women and families — it’s finally Giving Tuesday! We’ve been waiting for this day. And we’re celebrating this beautiful day of generosity the MomsRising way, with ACTION. To create the brighter future for women, moms and families that we know is possible, we need to invest now. It’s less than one year before the 2020 elections, and we have set an urgent, ambitious goal of mobilizing 1 million moms before November 2020 to engage in our democracy...
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Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
On Monday, November 25th at 8pm EST , we hosted our monthly #MaternalJustice tweetchat where we discussed the current state of Native American Maternal Health and the disparities that Native women face. A new analysis conducted by the Center for American Progress found that, "the experience of Native American women closely parallels that of African American women. An emerging community-centered and culturally relevant response is offering families hope amid staggering rates of maternal and...
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Diarra Diouf
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A graphic image with a blue background and text that reads MOM-entum.]
This month, we are thankful for supporters like YOU! MomsRising supporters turned up in record numbers to host MomsRising’s super voter treasure boxes at polling locations across Virginia, and to get out the vote across the nation! That’s not all — in November, MomsRising/MamásconPoder supporters made waves on social media and in Congress, speaking out in force for the passage of a package of bills that would support Latina equal pay and lift us all. From paycheck fairness to paid family and...
Anita's picture
Anita Sarah Jackson
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photograph of orange pumpkin and yellow squash with text "Happy Thanksgiving" on it]
The smell of sweet potatoes in the oven is making me smile as I write to you right now to share my enormous gratitude for all you do with MomsRising. But that’s not the only reason I’m smiling. You see, reflecting on how much of a positive force for justice we’ve been together so far in 2019 — and anticipating what we can accomplish together in 2020 — is making me smile so much broader than even my favorite sweet potato dish could inspire! THANK YOU. I want to take a moment to celebrate you...
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Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
Child looking down with a play button overlayed.
My family has a tradition to go around the table during Thanksgiving dinner to say what we are thankful for (as many families do). This year, I am feeling especially grateful for our Constitution that recognizes the need to have co-equal branches of government, and mechanisms of oversight and impeachment to protect our democracy. What I’m not thankful for is the tension I’m anticipating at my family’s Thanksgiving table on the topic of the current impeachment process unfolding in Congress. That...
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Felicia Burnett