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On an all new episode of Breaking Through this week we discuss the urgent importance of ending police brutality and advancing criminal justice reform. We also learn about the high impact of cultural change and how YOU are more powerful than you think. There’s talk about the Super Majority and the movement for women to rise in 2020! And we’ll find out more about BlackBreastfeedingWeek and how you can get the information and support you need year all round. *Special guests include: Monifa Bandele...
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Amber Dorsey
In today’s installment of We Are MomsRising, we talked to MacKenzie in New Hampshire about how the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Child Tax Credit (CTC) help her family! Read her story below. MacKenzie also recently wrote an op-ed. You can read it here . To learn more about the We Are MomsRising campaign, check out this blog . My husband and I just bought a house in Nottingham with our 6-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. We had my son just as we were getting out of college and starting our...
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Abbie Gately
In today’s installment of We Are MomsRising, we talked to Cori in Washington about how the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) helps her family! Read her story below. Cori was also recently wrote an op-ed in the Olympia’s Works in Progress. Read it here . To learn more about the We Are MomsRising campaign, check out this blog . We are a single-income family; my husband works and I’m a stay at home mom, because we can’t afford childcare. It would be like $1000/month to put...
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Abbie Gately
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We need to attack the challenges from multiple angles – better, fairer wages, updating our outdated policies, and making basic necessities more affordable. We need to move quickly to pass the FAMILY Act, the Childcare for Working Families Act, the Working Families Tax Relief Act, the MOMS Act, the Healthy Families Act, the Maternal CARE Act, and the National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights; as we also raise the federal minimum wage and have it cover all workers, ensure everyone has access to health care coverage, make college and housing affordable, and more.
MomsRising and the North Carolina Alliance for Health are excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, Voices of Hunger NC, in partnership with MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger! Released in time to mark the beginning of National Hunger Awareness month that began September 1st, our podcast opens the cupboard on hunger, raising awareness about the extent of food insecurity in our state. And we want to personally invite you to listen and share! People in nearly 590,000 North Carolina...
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Jessica Burroughs
We begin yet another week with broken hearts and prayers, this time for the victims and families devastated by the weekend shooting rampage in Odessa, Texas, that has left seven people dead and another 22 injured . This is the second headline-grabbing mass murder in the Lone Star State this month, enabled by an assault rifle and high-capacity magazines , and coming just weeks after the El Paso Walmart shooting. While we are filled with sadness, we are also furious. Today, our U.S. Senators and...
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Gloria Pan
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Happy August! Even in the midst of changing schedules and changing seasons, we’re keeping our eyes on the prize and moving forward on top priorities for women, moms, and families. MomsRising has led national actions and conversations during National Breastfeeding Month; celebrated yet another bank quitting the financing of private prisons harming immigrant and refugee families; and raised our voices for Black Women’s Equal Pay. Read on for the details, and thank you for supporting this movement...
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Anita Sarah Jackson
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Since 2012, Generations United – the national organization committed to improving the lives of children, youth and older adults through intergenerational connections – has spearheaded an annual campaign to encourage all generations to Do Something Grand and engage with another generation on Grandparents Day. This year’s theme is “Dig In! Bringing generations to the table” – focusing on connecting younger and older people through food and nutrition.
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Alan King