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I don’t need to tell you that our families are struggling. Everything is harder in a pandemic—affording rent, paying our bills, putting food on the table, affording childcare, and trying to do our jobs. This is why we need real solutions that put real money in the pockets of struggling families. Luckily there is an answer already working its way through the U.S. Congress: Expanding and increasing working family tax credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC). ***...
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Hanna Addis
MomRising's Mandate for America
The challenges facing women, and especially mothers and women of color, are more serious right now than they’ve been in years. The data is in and the pandemic is having an outsized impact on women and moms, with women of color experiencing compounded harms due to structural racism. The pandemic has turned the cracks in our systems into catastrophes, exposing just how much families, communities, and our economy depend on the work of women even though that work has long been, and continues to be, vastly undervalued.
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We are at a turning point in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 virus. This week marked a heartbreaking milestone with 506,000 deaths in the United States from COVID-19. [1] So many of our families are hurting in so many different ways. But change is coming and we have a reason to feel hopeful -- and we need YOUR help to make sure positive changes happen as fast as possible! For our #5Actions this week, we are urging Congress to move forward COVID relief ASAP. This is important because in...
CRUEL & INHUMANE - The Death Penalty
As we all come down from our sweet sugar highs of another passing Valentine's Day we at MomsRising are uplifting sentiments of love as we continue to fight for moms, parents and families during these uncertain times. This week we are inviting MomsRising members across the country to join us in recommitting to the fight for justice for families. Cornel West famously said “Justice is what love looks like in public.” His words feel both like a call to action and a moral charge for us all. Now more...
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Beatriz Beckford
Masked woman and baby
The moms of America urge leaders to immediately pass a comprehensive, robust COVID-relief package that centers the growing racial disparity in COVID-19 morbidity throughout each issue area and lifts families and our economy. Shocking data show Black, Latinx, and Native American people are dying at rates markedly higher than white Americans.
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February 2021 KeepMarching call
This week we have a wide range of important actions for you to take as you start your weekend from urging Congress to support comprehensive legislation addressing the Black maternal health crisis, to signing up to hear about what’s WINNABLE in Congress as we #KeepMarching for change, to ending the death penalty, and more. We are your one stop change shop!! We also have a great replay of a conversation between our campaign staff and Representative Suzan DelBene for you to watch. You can see the...
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Sue Anne Reed
Recent years have shown us more than ever that who we elect to represent us has a big impact on our lives, our community, and our country. For too long, there have been assaults on our democracy. Unnecessary barriers to voting, gerrymandering, and intentional voter suppression of communities of color is locking too many people out of our political process, and big money and corporate interests still dominate our political system. But right now, we have a chance to fix it. The For the People Act...
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Felicia Burnett
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Winter has been whispering at our closed doors and windows for a few months now. Frigid air, cloud cover, fewer rays of sunshine. The colder weather and shorter days affect us, whether we are aware of it or not. Our bodies have instinctively been instructed to pull the curtains hunker down. There is this palpable closure in nature that tracks our human calendar year. This year, we’re feeling this even more as we stay especially close to home and in barely tolerable isolation. Yet, a new year, a...
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Beth Killough
Instagram Image of Black Girl Magic featuring women of Georgia
ICYMI: Helping others find their voice...and their one of the beautiful super powers of the MomsRising community. This past week, members like you stood up for students, celebrating Black Women and lifted up the care providers who are holding our communities together. Here are the voices that caught our attention AND yours for the week ending Feb. 5, 2021. INSTAGRAM: Lifting Up Our Caregivers Our Instagram family really loved this post about the documentary film @throughthenightdoc...
I'll get right to the point: Paid leave saves lives, during the pandemic and always. Congress let it expire in December. We must include it in the next COVID-19 relief package. → Join us to tell Congress this isn't negotiable, and they need to act quickly to pass permanent paid leave immediately. Emergency paid leave was one of the first things Congress passed in a bipartisan vote last March in recognition of how important paid leave is to beating this public health crisis; however that law was...
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Ruth Martin