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It’s #ElectionSeason, with many states already early voting -- and it’s all hands on deck for everyone to help get out the vote between now and November 3rd. Here are 5 top ways for you to help get out the vote now: 1- Make Your Own Plan to Vote - Get Your Local Voting Options for How & Where to Vote: Just like on airplanes where we’re urged to put on our own oxygen masks first, start by finding out what your voting options are and making a plan to vote that works best for you and your...
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Moms are a mighty force this election season. Through MomsRising’s Beacons of Hope program, moms-- and those who love moms!-- are engaging in massive nonpartisan voter engagement efforts targeting moms. Each of these 265 volunteers, or “Beacons of Hope Volunteer Fellow,” is assigned a list of 400-600 low-frequency mom voters. Throughout October, they are making one-to-one connections with these moms via text and phone calls to inspire them to vote. We asked these Beacons of Hope what inspired...
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Jessica Burroughs
Indigenous People's Day Graphic
ICYMI: We mourned, we honored, we lifted up the work of one of our nation's foremost TLGBQ+ leaders, Monica Roberts. On Monday, we joined communities across the country to spotlight Indigenous peoples. And in record-shattering numbers, we are VOTING for a brighter, more just future. With 17 days until Election Day, we invite you to check out these posts that you loved, liked, shared or might have missed for the week ending Oct. 16, 2020. 1. BLOG: Rest in power, Monica Roberts The MomsRising...
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Kerri Karvetski
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The 2020 General Election is going to be an important one and we are doing our part to share as much relevant information to help you with early voting. The process to request an early ballot may be a multi-step process depending on your state’s requirements. Stick with it and exercise your right to vote.
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Lucrecer Braxton
Read, set, VOTE! Washington State's voting period starts October 16th. This election, it is *absolutely* critical that we are taking the time to vote AND making sure our family, friends, and neighbors do the same! This election year, pledge to use your vote to make your voice heard and help others do the same. The future is what we do together and together we are powerful. In Washington, we need you to use your vote and your power to APPROVE Referendum 90 to ensure medically accurate, age-...
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Maggie Humphreys
Monica Roberts
Monica Roberts , the original TransGriot , just passed away. She was an absolute titan. In the early blogging days I heard about her pioneering work, telling stories of people that hardly anyone was even thinking about at the time, especially online. She received a lifetime achievement award at the Creating Change conference that I attended in January this year in her home state of Texas, where she was very well known and respected in politics as well as the queer community. At the conference...
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Ruby Sinreich
There’s no wrong way to vote this year, in-person during early voting, in-person on Election Day, or voting by mail. If you are planning to vote by mail in North Carolina, please follow these steps to make sure your vote gets counted! Request and return your ballot ASAP Seal the ballot within the envelope Sign your name where indicated (where it says Step 2) on the return envelope Almost any adult can be your witness. Have your witness sign AND write their FULL home address (street, city, state...
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Jessica Burroughs
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What can we say about 2020 at this point? I find it difficult to choose words to capture the pain, anxiety, and losses that our human species has been facing. As a writer and lover of language, rarely have I been at a loss for words. This moment in time, The Great Pause, has forced us to stay--to see and feel realities we have been able to run from for far too long. This has been a year of reckoning, for sure. Truths and wounds have risen to the surface. We now know deeply all that needs to...
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Beth Killough
Barrett has made clear she would overturn the ACA and take health care away from millions
Significant federal policy and legal updates you might have missed from the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) including Trump's nomination for the Supreme Court and the federal policy change on immigrant minors' access to reproductive health care.
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Phoebe Suva