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We did it! The Biden-Harris Administration recently announced that a record-breaking more than 16.3 million people have selected an Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace health plan nationwide during the 2023 Marketplace Open Enrollment Period that ran from November 1, 2022 to January 15, 2023 for most Marketplaces. President Biden promised to strengthen and build on the Affordable Care Act, and this year, the 10th year of ACA Open Enrollment, more Americans signed up for high-quality,...
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Tasmiha Khan
Our Florida public schools really need your help because right now state legislators in Tallahassee are trying to defund our schools! They’re so eager to defund the schools they’ve even made it their top legislative priority - and we have to act now to put a stop to it. → Click here to send a letter to your Florida State Representative urging them to STOP HB1 from stealing money from our public schools to fund private education. What’s happening? Republican leaders in the Florida State House...
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Jeannina Perez
On the radio show this week, we cover the importance of taking action to prevent police violence, mass criminalization, and mass incarceration by investing in non-carceral systems of health, safety, and care — and how to talk with kids; we also cover what’s happening with taxes and you; tips for pushing back on Moms (against) Liberty-type groups who are proposing book bans and other policies that harm kids and families; and how you can make a difference helping to stop gun violence. *Special...
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Mental health is physical health.
We’re in the middle of a profound mental health crisis and it stems from not taking care of our mammal needs and not attending to the stress in our relationships. Psychological needs are physical needs because if we don’t feel psychologically safe, we experience a biological reaction. Our psychology informs our physiology, and our physiology informs our psychology. It’s hard to separate the two, because they’re interconnected. That’s why mental health is physical health. And our body is a...
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Beth Anstandig
Image with people holding a sign that says The Working Families tax Credit
Along with our coalition partners , we at MomsRising are spreading some good news! Over 400,000 Washington households will be eligible for the Working Families Tax Credit starting in February 2023. Are you curious about the program? Want to help spread the word? You’re reading the right blog post! What is the Working Families Tax Credit? Washington made history in 2021 when the legislature passed and funded the Working Families Tax Credit, a first-of-its-kind policy for the state that will put...
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Mandy Kwan
We know the voices of parents and caregivers are essential to articulating our shared challenges and defining and demanding the solutions. Yet too often they are tokenized at best, and sidelined at worst. Join us to change that. We're launching a conversation around what real, meaningful parent engagement looks like, and need your help. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on whether the voices of parents are heard. We're specifically interested in how parents are involved in...
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Karen Showalter
There are times in our lives when a simple thank you can make a lasting difference and impression. One of those times is now. From the first moment Nancy Pelosi became a member of Congress she’s been a force for women and families. During her historic four terms as the very first woman - and mother - to be the Speaker of the U.S. House, she has done more for our democracy, for our children, and for women than any Speaker before her. At every step of the way Speaker Pelosi has worked to lift up...
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They say teamwork makes the dream work. We are set to find out how that concept will unfold on the issue of maternal mental health in the United States. With your help, the bipartisan TRIUMPH for New Moms Act (“TRIUMPH”) ( H.R.4217 / S.2779 ) and Into the Light For Maternal Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Act ( H.R.7073 / S .3824) passed Congress in its end-of-year omnibus. This progress towards addressing maternal mental health is due in part to your calls, your emails, and your...
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Gina Arias
graphic stating 6 in 10 people who need and have abortions are moms
On the radio show this week we cover the continued fight for access to abortion care, how organizations like UltraViolet are holding corporations accountable and their top priorities; we also cover the new national health care provisions available to you, including: a permanent option for 12-month postpartum coverage and expanded coverage options for Medicaid and CHIP for children up to age nineteen; then we dive into the top 10 policy priorities for MomsRising in 2023; and we close the show...
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Amber Dorsey