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A year and a half ago, our now 10-year-old, who goes by the name Cha, matter of factly announced that they identify as non-binary, that neither male nor female felt like an accurate account of their personhood. Our response was straightforward and affirming, "Okay, thanks for letting us know." We worked out the details of pronouns and names and that was that. Emails were sent to school and extended family, there was a Facebook post. We sought trans affirming medical care. Life went forward.
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Kelly Newman
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The MomsRising community will keep building power for the change that moms and families want, need, and deserve – access to abortion care, reproductive rights, family economic security, a care infrastructure, maternal and youth justice, and a brighter future where families and our economy can thrive.
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Kerri Karvetski
As you know, this very moment is critical in the fight to secure access to abortion and reproductive care – and we need to keep the pressure on! Here are three more actions to take: 1- HELP BUILD THE MOVEMENT TO ENSURE ACCESS TO ABORTION CARE: Share our petition on social media, via email, and any place you can share the link so that we can hand deliver a powerful number of signatures to leaders ASAP. Click the button to share on Facebook now: Not on Facebook? Here is a direct link for you to...
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I know the past few weeks have been challenging ones to be parents and caretakers. In these difficult times we really appreciate you continuing to be engaged, advocating for what our families need, and sharing your stories. Speaking of stories, we want to know if you are still having trouble finding the baby formula you need or if you are able to find and afford formula when you look for it. While the formula shortage continues, we have some positive updates that I’m really hoping will help you...
This month MomsRising celebrated Pride Month by highlighting books written by LGBTQIA+ authors and trailblazers. The books covered the growing conversation on pronouns, Queer allyship, and leadership. Our member, Kelly Newman also shared a moving account of their child breaking barriers and how they are learning to get beyond the binary as a family. Below are some of the books we featured and additional books you may want to check out or add to your personal library. Pride Puppy by Robin...
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Jacqueline Jackson
You are not alone. That’s what the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) wants new parents to know. Last month, HRSA launched a 24-hour maternal mental health hotline (1-833-9-HELP4MOMS or 1-833-943-5746) which offers free and confidential access to professional counselors that provide mental health support, resources, and referrals to pregnant and postpartum mothers and their loved ones. It is a resource I wish that I’d had when I gave birth to my son 20 years ago. For months...
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Gina Arias
Expanding federal and state funding to subsidize the true cost of high-quality care across settings and establishing a universal pre-K program are critical for the future labor force, economic equity, and health of our children, now and in the future
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S. Nadia Hussain
On the radio show this week we cover what’s happening with gun safety; The Equality Act and Pride Month; the latest with Roe v. Wade; and the release of the COVID vaccine for young children. *Special guests include: Kelly Sampson, Brady United Against Gun Violence, @bradybuzz; Kierra Johnson, National LGBTQ Task Force, @TheTaskForce; Shaunna Thomas, UltraViolet, @UltraViolet; Dr. Yvonne “Bonnie” Maldonado, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Infectious Diseases, @...
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It was July 21, 2021, and my son, Brandon, had just turned fifteen two weeks before. As I sat in the pediatric therapy office and listened to what I already knew, what I had been fighting for with doctors and insurance red tape for what seemed like forever, I was in anger and disbelief at just how badly the entire system had failed my child.
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Kat Wilson