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US Womens Soccer Team
Summer is heading towards a close, and school and legislatures alike will soon be back in session. As we've seen, we can't take a break when it comes to speaking out about issues affecting our families and communities. THANK YOU to all who added their name to our urgent calls to action around family separation and gun safety this past week. Tens of thousands of us spoke out, and never fear: we are making progress. We need to keep the pressure on. Please see this week's list of our top 5 Actions...
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Karen Showalter
New on #BreakingThrough this week: we cover the growing (and winning!) movement for paid family/medical leave with Executive Director for Healthcare America, Margarida Jorge. We also discuss how important it is that we all fight to protect access to healthcare and affordable medicine including via . There’s a tremendous update on a breaking news win; and we also get the inside scoop from Kamilah Tisdale of Advocates for Youth about the important movement to #...
“It is simply a lie for the Trump administration to claim that the public charge rule released today is about promoting self-sufficiency among immigrant families. This rule is designed to wage war on immigrants by weaponizing health, housing, nutrition and other essential programs that allow hardworking moms and families to thrive. Forcing families to choose between the services they need and the families they love is short-sighted, cruel, dangerous and simply unacceptable. “By putting...
Long time child advocate and former deputy assistant secretary for early childhood development, Joan Lombardi, urges us all to step up efforts to stand up for children. It seems like every day we hear disturbing news about children facing violence in their communities, being separated from their parents during immigration raids or border actions, hearing hate speech in the news and beyond…when will it stop? This current crisis is on top of the fact that one out of five young children are...
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Joan Lombardi
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Three players from the US Women's National Team for soccer smooch their medals and trophy.]
We’re calling a red card on the U.S. Soccer Federation! Why? It’s bad enough that they don’t pay the national men’s and women’s soccer teams equally, but now they have hired not one, but two (!!!) lobbying firms to actively lobby against equal pay on Capitol Hill. → Tell the U.S. Soccer Federation: STOP lobbying against equal pay for the U.S. Women’s National Team! Our jaws dropped when we saw the news that the U.S. Soccer Federation hired two Washington, DC lobbying firms to counter the U.S...
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Sara Alcid
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Logo reading "Health equity action for system transformation, a project of Families USA."]
As a nation, it is critical to our collective future that we ensure that all children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Yet early adversity, toxic stress, and trauma are erecting lifelong barriers for many children, jeopardizing their healthy development, their ability to self-actualize, and their long-term well-being.
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Sinsi Hernández-Cancio
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo of a person with long black hair smiling at a child. They're in a grocery store.]
For the second time this year, SNAP (aka food stamps), and the families that rely most on it, are under attack by the Trump Administration. Now they are going after Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility (or “Cat El”). Cat What? I know it sounds really wonky but we’ll explain why it’s so important below! **Fight against this terrible proposed rule change. Sign our letter telling Trump and the USDA to stop restricting SNAP and instead make it stronger. Basically, Cat El is a policy that does a lot...
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Abbie Gately
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A screenshot of a girl in tears, on the news because her parents have been taken in an ICE raid.]
Hearing 11-year-old Magdalena Gomez Gregorio begging - BEGGING - for her parents after a raid in Mississippi, where over six hundred people were detained by ICE, is beyond devastating. As a mother, I think of my 11-year-old...I just can’t. We should be ashamed. This would be immoral and wrong on any day, but rounding up people, including parents, on the first day of school knowing that children would be left without their parents when they came home from school is especially cruel. Like my own...
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Beth Messersmith
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A graphic image with a blue hand dropping a ballot into a red box with stars along the bottom.]
Imagine this...It’s late on November 3, 2020. You are glued to the TV watching the election results come in and the candidates for President are neck and neck. Suddenly, there is a news flash – reports are coming in that a foreign country has hacked our elections and no one can verify the results. Want to avoid this nightmare? Tell your U.S. Senators and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to take action now to secure our elections! This is not a drill! A bipartisan U.S. Senate Intelligence...
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Donna Norton