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Mitch McConnell wrong again
It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of July. While we are gearing up for the elections in less than 100 days, we have some critical actions for you to take this week -- primarily related to COVID-19 relief. We need your help to urge Congress to extend unemployment insurance, protect the CDC and make sure women and families and are protected in any relief package. Please scroll down to find urgent actions on all these issues below. 1. SIGN our letter rejecting Mitch McConnell's weak COVID-...
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Sue Anne Reed
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A colorful graphic that says "Families First Coronavirus Response Act"]
Big News! For the first time ever, thanks to the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act, our nation will have a *limited*, nation-wide, paid sick days and paid family leave law in place during the COVID-19 crisis. The new law is a huge deal and we all helped make it happen. Thank you! But how will it work? Who's covered? How do you access the benefit? Scroll down for useful resources including a detailed fact sheet and handy infographic. Editor’s Note: This information is accurate as of...
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Karen Showalter
ICYMI: The MomsRising community continued to raise our voices for justice and economic security for families hurt by the COVID-19 crisis this week. Check out these three important items that you loved, shared or might have missed for the week ending Aug. 7, 2020. BLOG: Mitch better have my money!!! Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his cronies in the White House just released their plan for the next COVID-relief bill. And no surprise here -- it's corporations first, families and our...
Answers to frequently asked questions about our GOTV postcard campaign.
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Sara Alcid
In 2019, after an extremely distressing school year filled with my son’s academic needs not being met, bullying against him by other students, and constant fear and stress on my part, I decided I was going to take my son’s education into my own hands and homeschool him. This would be in conjunction with working from home as a freelance writer and editor. To say that I was overwhelmed at the thought is an understatement. While I won’t lie to you and say that every day was super easy, most days...
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Issa Mas
By now, we all know that the coronavirus presents schools with unprecedented challenges. Most K–12 campuses across the country closed in the spring—and scrambled to continue their work in a different setting. The pace of the crisis left the country’s public education system with little time to plan—or prepare for—this major undertaking. Predictably, this created chaotic, uneven implementation of distance learning plans within and between schools and districts. Early returns from the first weeks...
Dr. Conor P. Williams
MomsRising collects stories from our members all across the U.S. about how health policies are impacting families. Here is a powerful story about the need to make sure everyone has access to quality, affordable health care from a MomsRising volunteer in Georgia: ---- My 15-year-old son Joe is a wonderful, charming kid who can light up a room. He also struggles with behavioral and mental health challenges and adds academic challenges. As his mom, making sure he has everything he needs to thrive...
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Felicia Burnett
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo of Sen. Mitch McConnell with "WRONG AGAIN" stamped in red across his image.]
Once again Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is low-balling American families, failing to recognize the scope and impact of this pandemic, and not giving workers or our economy what we really need. We need Congress to pass a strong, bold, comprehensive COVID-relief package immediately so struggling families and our economy can begin to recover from this pandemic. We don’t need what Mitch is offering up: more tax cuts for already wealthy corporations! ***SIGN OUR PETITION NOW telling...
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Elyssa Schmier
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo of postcards and a black pen.]
The 2020 presidential election on Tuesday, November 3rd is just a few months away! So many things feel uncertain and uneasy right now, but one thing that feels very certain is the urgent need for everyone to vote in 2020. You, me, and all of our neighbors, near and far. *Here’s the good news: MomsRising has a super easy, high-impact, and FREE way for YOU to help get out the vote while social distancing! >>> SIGN UP HERE to receive a FREE packet of 10 (or more) eye-catching voting...
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Sara Alcid
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo of a baby lying down, wearing a hat, holding a rattle, and text that says "Many childcare centers could close forever. #SaveChildcare"]
“Trying to find childcare during the pandemic is almost impossible. I am a caregiver for a 20-month-old and right now he has to bounce from one house to another for childcare. This isn't safe for him or me. I am one of the people that is high risk, but I have to do this due to my child care being closed. I fear that it may not open up any time soon. ” All around the country, moms like Yvonne are sharing their struggles with childcare as they try to deal with the far-reaching impacts of COVID 19...
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S. Nadia Hussain