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Here’s a welcome good news story about kids’ health and the environment: In North Carolina, public health officials have been working for more than 30 years to eliminate childhood lead poisoning – and have come very close to doing so. Child blood levels have dropped dramatically population-wide. Unfortunately, some pockets of high exposure still remain – often in lower-income neighborhoods where older housing and buildings mean that old lead paint and lead pipes are still in use. The tragic...
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Vikki Crouse
Protesters push, shove, and yell obscenities at each other. A young refugee's body washes up on the shore. A bus driver is bullied while students cheer. A man commits suicide. These aren't scenes from a video game. Thanks to live-streaming apps such as Facebook Live , , Periscope , and others kids can watch actual scenes of real-life violence in their social media and news feeds . And these videos are unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. As kids scroll and swipe through the day'...
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Caroline Knorr
I can barely contain my excitement! Last Thursday, the CO FAMLI Act (Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act) was introduced in the Colorado State Senate as SB19-188. After 5 years of this bill being introduced and discussed, this could FINALLY be the year it passes! But we can’t take anything for granted. We’ve got to make sure our legislators know we’re counting on them to pass the strongest bill possible! → Sign our petition to show your support for paid family and medical leave in Colorado!...
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Erin Bennett Leighton
Below is testimony submitted by MomsRising Member, Nikki Berlew-O’Meara, to the hearing of the House Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Human Services Hearing as part of the House Education and Labor Committee held on March 12, 2019.
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VICTORY! EVEN MORE good news in the work to stop private prison financing! Thanks to your work, signing and delivering petitions, showing up at your local Wells Fargo (and Chase) bank branches to ask about their decision to finance private prisons that detain immigrant families, we have made tremendous progress. Last week, Wells Fargo joined JP Morgan Chase (another of our targets) to commit to stop financing private prisons that detain and harm immigrant families . From our statement : “...
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Anita Sarah Jackson
Our hearts are breaking for all the victims, survivors and families, and for the entire Muslim community, in Christchurch, New Zealand. The violence that took place yesterday is horrendous. Around the world, mosques, synagogues, temples, gurdwaras, churches and all places of worship should be a refuge of peace and safety. Breaching these sanctuaries with violence and hate is horrific and truly intolerable. Everyone deserves to worship in peace. America’s moms grieve with all those who are...
We are all new on the radio show this week as we cover the GIANT win of JPMorgan Chase's announcement that they will “no longer bank the private prison industry”! We discuss the “work beneath the work” as well as the childcare crisis in America and hear about more WINS. We also get the inside scoop on how Russian trolls are doing harm to our country and what you can do about it. *Special guests include: Daniel Altschuler, Make The Road NY, @altochulo @MaketheRoadNY Lauren Hogan, National...
Elizabethe Schroeder
A few weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of my two-year-old wailing. She was afraid and uncomfortable, having vomited in her bed and woken herself up. She reached for me, her sweet face looking pitiful and streaked with tears. As soon as she was bathed and comforted and sheets were changed, I fired off an email to my boss: “Won’t be in today—sick kid. See you tomorrow.” As I hit send, an ugly, uncharitable thought crept its way into my brain: this is one less day I’ll...
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Alexa Bigwarfe