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It’s #ElectionSeason, with many states already early voting -- and it’s all hands on deck for everyone to help get out the vote between now and November 3rd. Here are 5 top ways for you to help get out the vote now: 1- Make Your Own Plan to Vote - Get Your Local Voting Options for How & Where to Vote: Just like on airplanes where we’re urged to put on our own oxygen masks first, start by finding out what your voting options are and making a plan to vote that works best for you and your...
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Unless you’ve been really good at avoiding all media, you know that election day is approaching at a rapid speed. November 3rd is how many days away now?!? Are you registered?!? Check your status here : No worries if you are not. You have time to request your registration by mail (the last day to do this is October 21, 2020), OR go to the city/ town clerk’s office and do it, OR you can register in person on Election Day at the polls. To find out your...
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Marcella Termini
In Michigan schools, children are eating fresh peaches for the first time after only tasting canned. The kids take a juicy bite, and their faces light up. Even apples—the iconic school fruit—are causing a sensation as children learn in school meals that different varieties can be sweet, tart, and in between. And Brussels sprouts? Yes, please. Roasted. It’s all thanks to an innovative Michigan program that is cultivating healthy eating habits among children by introducing them to the wide variety of fruits and vegetables so necessary for good nutrition, and doing it in schools—the places where kids get up to two and even three meals a day.
The toll the pandemic is taking on America’s moms is well documented and truly concerning, not just for moms but also for families and our country. At this time when millions more families are struggling to make ends meet, Moms are leaving the workforce because of the unmanageable burdens thrust on them as schools close or go virtual, child care programs close, and we all try to adapt to the safety protocols we need to stay safe. But there’s another aspect of moms’ struggle that is threatening...
Instagram Image: Beth Messersmith Shares Her Voting Story
ICYMI: It's less than two weeks until Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3, and moms are RISING and VOTING in unprecedented numbers. Check out these fun election day posts that you loved, or might have missed, for the week ending Oct. 23, 2020. 1. INSTAGRAM: What's Your Voting Plan? Moms are making plans and showing up to vote! We love to see and hear others sharing their reasons WHY they vote and how they're voting. ADD YOUR THOUGHTS : MAKE YOUR PLAN: http://...
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Kerri Karvetski
Moms are a mighty force this election season. Through MomsRising’s Beacons of Hope program, moms-- and those who love moms!-- are engaging in massive nonpartisan voter engagement efforts targeting moms. Each of these 265 volunteers, or “Beacons of Hope Volunteer Fellow,” is assigned a list of 400-600 low-frequency mom voters. Throughout October, they are making one-to-one connections with these moms via text and phone calls to inspire them to vote. We asked these Beacons of Hope what inspired...
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Jessica Burroughs
Indigenous People's Day Graphic
ICYMI: We mourned, we honored, we lifted up the work of one of our nation's foremost TLGBQ+ leaders, Monica Roberts. On Monday, we joined communities across the country to spotlight Indigenous peoples. And in record-shattering numbers, we are VOTING for a brighter, more just future. With 17 days until Election Day, we invite you to check out these posts that you loved, liked, shared or might have missed for the week ending Oct. 16, 2020. 1. BLOG: Rest in power, Monica Roberts The MomsRising...
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Kerri Karvetski
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The 2020 General Election is going to be an important one and we are doing our part to share as much relevant information to help you with early voting. The process to request an early ballot may be a multi-step process depending on your state’s requirements. Stick with it and exercise your right to vote.
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Lucrecer Braxton