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Being a mother to two (soon-to-be three) children under the age of 4 while working in a restaurant has been a challenge. Scheduling has always been as issue as a server often doesn’t receive a schedule until 2 or 3 days before it begins. This makes it difficult to find the childcare I need for my...Read more
Cassie, Candia, NH
I was a cashier at a fast food restaurant for almost eight years when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. My doctor put me on standing and lifting restrictions because I was in danger of losing my baby. My employer told me that I would have to take this time off and that they could not...Read more
Tiffany, West Virginia
Temporary Protected Status (TPS) means everything to me. I’m a TPS holder, my family has TPS, my father, mother and sisters. TPS allows us to be with our families. If TPS ends, parents will be sent back to their countries and kids would be here alone. Most TPS families don't have other family to...Read more
As a mother of two young children, I suffered a tear in an artery in my neck a few years ago that led to several strokes. During my recovery, my family lost our insurance because we couldn't afford our premiums anymore without me being able to work. We were so relieved to be able to rely on...Read more
Robin, Englewood, CO
I am a low-income single mom struggling to make a better life for myself and my little boy. We receive SNAP benefits. My son goes to a public elementary school. He gets a free lunch. I am working hard and trying to use these benefits as a stepping-stone and I am close but I have not yet been able...Read more
I gave birth to twins via cesarean just before midnight on a Thursday in December. I had been adamant about not wanting a C-section throughout the entire pregnancy, so despite being warned by all of the doctors in my practice that a twin delivery was more likely to end in the surgery, I wasn’t...Read more
Alia, White Plains, NY
In my son’s eleven years, he has been in seven different school environments between pre-school and sixth grade. He suffered a traumatic brain injury five years ago, two weeks into first grade. He had been riding a scooter downhill and crashed head-first into concrete. Just two months into that...Read more
I proudly breastfed my daughter for one year. I had no designated place to pump at work and experienced the embarrassment of my boss walking in on me as I pumped. Women must be allowed the time and safe comfortable space to pump! It's not for her as much as for the babies getting superior nutrition.Read more
Deborah, Winter Haven, FL
As a full-time public school teacher and single mother, I am grateful for my paid sick days. But day after day, I see my own students struggle through a school day when they should be home in bed sick, not at a school desk, but their parents must be at work, because they don’t have paid sick days...Read more
Kim, Missoula, MT
I am terminally ill, and my husband cannot take time off to take care of me or to take me to appointments. I cannot drive, and I have had to cancel critical appointments for this reason. How many lives can be saved just by paying people when they need to take care of a critically or terminally ill...Read more
Andrea, Aurora, CO