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<a href="">SIGN ON! Help us protect immigrant families and children!</a>

Moms know how important our immigrant community members are in keeping our families and kids healthy.

<a href="">Tell Congress to ban bump stocks now!</a>

Assault weapons don’t need to be even more lethal. Congress needs to ban bump stocks now!

<a href="">CNN -> Ask the Candidates about Care, Maternal Health, & More!</a>

At the June 27th presidential debate, urge CNN to ask the candidates about their plans for building a care infrastructure (like child care and paid family and medical leave) and advancing maternal and reproductive health, including abortion care.

<a href="">Quick Action for LGBTQIA+ Equal Pay Awareness Day!</a>

This LGBTQIA+ Equal Pay Awareness Day, we join forces with organizations and individuals across the country to challenge a system that devalues our labor, discriminates against our identities, and denies us the economic security we deserve. Together, we strive for a future where our contributions, regardless of gender identity, sex characteristics, or sexual orientation, are valued equally.

<a href="">Emergency! NC lawmakers put child care in jeopardy</a>

This is urgent. North Carolina is facing a child care emergency, and time is rapidly running out! Federal emergency child care compensation funds run out on June 30th, and our state’s child care system is at risk. Without state investment to replace those funds, our state’s child care system will be facing a crisis where parent fees will go up and teacher wages will go down, resulting in a mass exodus of teachers who can earn more working in fast food, retail, and similar industries. Fewer teachers will mean classroom and center closures and even longer waitlists for parents who need child care in order to work and support their families.

<a href="">Get Out the Vote in 2024 with FREE Postcards!</a>

MomsRising is making it super easy (and FREE) for you to help get-out-the-vote to women voters before the 2024 election.

<a href="">Tell PA Leaders: We need paid family & medical leave!</a>

The time is now – working families can't wait any longer for comprehensive paid family & medical leave.

<a href="">Tell your Senators to vote YES on the Right to IVF Act!</a>

Sign MomsRising’s letter to tell your U.S. Senators to vote YES on the Right to IVF Act to safeguard reproductive healthcare from extremist attacks on the right!