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<a href="">Send Mom-to-Mom Postcards in 2024? It's FREE!</a>

MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of moms, over the last several years, have received a handwritten postcard from a MomsRising mom, urging them to vote. Our powerful mom-to-mom postcard program has been running (and growing!) for 8 years now, and it is one of our most beloved programs.

<a href="">SIGN ON! Help us protect immigrant families and children!</a>

Moms know how important our immigrant community members are in keeping our families and kids healthy.

<a href="">SIGN ON: Tell DHS & DOJ to work together and help immigrant family caregivers!</a>

Tell the Department of Homeland Security & Department of Justice to team up and protect immigrant family caregivers

<a href="">Get Out the Vote in 2024 with FREE Postcards!</a>

MomsRising is making it super easy (and FREE) for you to help get-out-the-vote to women voters before the 2024 election.

<a href="">SIGN NOW to protect SNAP!</a>

Tell Congress to back the Senate version of the Farm Bill that protects SNAP and reject the Republican-led House version that would increase hunger!

<a href="">Help Us Reach More Than 3 Million Moms!</a>

This coming election will determine the future for many generations to come. Everything from our civil rights, and healthcare to our family's economic security, education, care infrastructure, and safety is at stake. JOIN US in charting the next chapter in women’s history— the future that our children deserve and that the women before us would be proud of!

<a href="">ACT NOW: Maternal Mental Health Justice includes Reproductive Care!</a>

Women need full access to reproductive care, including abortions, AND more resources for maternal mental health. We are not living single-issue lives! Urge our leaders to fight for us as whole human beings deserving of bodily autonomy and health.

<a href="">SIGN NOW: Tell Congress to Pass the People’s Response Act!</a>

Our approach to public safety is not working for children, for families, and particularly for Black and brown communities that have been devastated by mental health and substance use health crises, and criminalization. Pass the People’s Response Act Now!