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<a href="">Power Up MomsRising: All Gifts DOUBLED!</a>

Contribute to MomsRising today! Your gift powers up the impactful work we do, like our 2020 voter engagement programs of postcard writing, texting, phonebanking and more! Together, we keep marching for ALL moms and families.

<a href="">Tell Congress to Support the Counselors Not Criminalization Act</a>

We ALL want schools to be safe but we also must be clear that there is no evidence that increasing the number of police in schools actually improves school safety. Instead it takes critical resources from what actually keeps schools safe and helps ALL kids thrive.

<a href="">Congratulate Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris!</a>

* Sign onto our congratulations letter to Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris for her history making mom moment now!

<a href="">Stand with MomsRising</a>

We are centered in our commitment to advancing policy and cultural change that make the world a better place for every mom and family. We need each other today in order to realize our vision for tomorrow. Please let us know you stand with us.