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<a href="">Keep Rising: Year End Match!</a>

Make a contribution that will mobilize moms to engage in our democracy and vote, stand strong against hate, and continue making the world a better, safer, more just place for ALL moms and families. Every donation gets a sticker. Donate $100+ and receive a tote!

<a href="">Let's increase funding for child care and Head Start this year!</a>

Families across the country feel the child care struggle every day. Many families can't find the care that meets there needs, and 83% of families struggle to afford the high costs. Give families a boost by adding your name to ask congress to increase funding for child care and Head Start in the FY2020 budget!

<a href="">SIGN NOW: Tell the Trump Administration #HandsOffSNAP!</a>

For the third time this year, the Trump Administration is trying to pass a rule that will take SNAP away from struggling families. SIGN OUR LETTER saying #HandsOffSNAP!

<a href="">Tell Governor Murphy! NO NEW YOUTH PRISONS!</a>

New Jersey has deepened its investment in youth incarceration, spending a staggering NJ spends 18x MORE to incarcerate a child than to send them to school?! The time to change this is NOW. New Jersey currently has the worst racial disparities between incarcerated Black and white youth in the nation. A Black child in New Jersey is, shockingly, 30 times more likely to be detained or committed to a youth facility than a white child. These staggering racial disparities persist even though Black and white youth commit most offenses at similar rates. These racial disparities in New Jersey’s youth prisons reflect racially discriminatory decisions about which kids deserve incarceration, and which deserve rehabilitation and second chances.

<a href="">TAKE ACTION on Latina Equal Pay Day!</a>

Urge Congress to close the wage gap with a package of bills that would advance equal pay!

<a href="">Tell Congress: Advance Paid Sick Days with the Healthy Families Act!</a>

#1 Step for Flu Prevention: Ask Congress to make paid sick days the law!

<a href="">Are you registered to vote? Check here...</a>

Have you checked your voter registration? Need to register to vote? The midterm elections are too important and every vote counts! #MomsVote

<a href="">Sign now to end Hyde!</a>

Women’s reproductive rights are under attack — now more than ever.