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<a href="">Super Voter Treasure Boxes  - Help Moms and Caregivers Vote in 2020! </a>

Make sure moms and caregivers vote – volunteer to support a Super Voter Treasure Box for kids at polling locations in 2020! Sign up early to help us ensure parents and caregivers can vote by providing fun activities for kids at a polling location near you.

<a href="">Tell Congress: Stop funding Trump's hateful immigration policies!</a>

Congress has the power to #DefundHate and stop the funding of Trump's horrible immigration policies. SIGN OUR LETTER NOW!

<a href="">Let's increase funding for child care and Head Start this year!</a>

Families across the country feel the child care struggle every day. Many families can't find the care that meets there needs, and 83% of families struggle to afford the high costs. Give families a boost by adding your name to ask congress to increase funding for child care and Head Start in the FY2020 budget!

<a href="">KEEP RISING: Giving Tuesday Match!</a>

Now more than ever, we're fighting for moms & all families. Help MomsRising Keep Rising! #GivingTuesday

<a href="">Tell Senator McConnell: SHUT DOWN the Legislative Graveyard!</a>

We won't be spooked by Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell! Tell him to shut down his legislative graveyard.

<a href="">Tell Congress: Advance Paid Sick Days with the Healthy Families Act!</a>

#1 Step for Flu Prevention: Ask Congress to make paid sick days the law!

<a href="">PreEmption Stifles Local Voices and Innovation</a>

Right now, corporate interests are working to pass state-level “preemption” bills that stop local communities from passing policies promoting public health, safety and economic well-being, that are supported by people and local leaders. We have the power to fight back.

<a href="">Tell Congress and State Governors to END Youth Incarceration NOW!</a>

Prison is no place for a kid. Still, the United States still incarcerates more young people than any other country. Children deserve a future free of criminalization, a future that supports their development and capacity to thrive and contribute meaningfully to society.

<a href="">Are you registered to vote? Check here...</a>

Have you checked your voter registration? Need to register to vote? The midterm elections are too important and every vote counts! #MomsVote

<a href="">Citizens Bank, Regions, First Tennessee Bank, Synovus Bank, Pinnacle Bank & other banks - Stop Financing Pain For Corporate Gain!</a>

Urge Citizens Bank, Regions, First Tennessee Bank, Synovus Bank, Pinnacle Bank, and other banks to stop financing private prison corporations that profit from detention. #FamiliesBelongTogether #NoProfitsFromPain