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<a href="">Send Mom-to-Mom Postcards in 2024? It's FREE!</a>

MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of moms, over the last several years, have received a handwritten postcard from a MomsRising mom, urging them to vote. Our powerful mom-to-mom postcard program has been running (and growing!) for 8 years now, and it is one of our most beloved programs.

<a href="">SIGN ON! Help us protect immigrant families and children!</a>

Moms know how important our immigrant community members are in keeping our families and kids healthy.

<a href="">Quick signature: Tell Congress to close the Medicaid gap!</a>

There are still 10 states that have refused to expand Medicaid to low-income adults under the Affordable Care Act.

<a href="">Sign our letter for #TaxDay2024</a>

SIGN OUR LETTER to the U.S. Congress telling them to make wealthy individuals and corporations pay their fair share in taxes in order to invest in paid leave for all, child care, care for the aging and people with disabilities, and the expanded Child Tax Credit!

<a href="">TELL CONGRESS: Pass the Black Maternal Health Momnibus!</a>

The U.S. is the deadliest place to give birth out of any high-income country. There has never been comprehensive federal action to solve our maternal crisis until the Black Maternal Health Momnibus. Urge Congress to support this vital legislation!

<a href="">Tell Congress: Pass the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act now!</a>

SIGN MomsRising’s letter calling on the U.S. Congress to pass the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act and make the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes!

<a href="">Quick Action: Tell Congress to End Diaper Need Today - Back Us Up</a>

MomsRising is joining with the National Diaper Bank Network at our Nation’s Capitol to lobby our members of Congress to pass the End Diaper Need Act - a bill that will address the diaper needs of low-income families and adults.