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<a href="">Be a #HealthcareHero for Open Enrollment 2018!</a> is open for business now through December 15th. Time is short and we need YOU to be a #HealthcareHero by helping us spread the word!

<a href="">Stand with MomsRising</a>

We are centered in our commitment to advancing policy and cultural change that make the world a better place for all moms and families. We need each other today in order to realize our vision for tomorrow. Please let us know you stand with us.

<a href="">The clock is ticking! Urge Congress to support breastfeeding moms!</a>

Urge Congress to stand up for breastfeeding moms before they head home for the holidays!

<a href="">Speak out for immigrant families!</a>

Say NO to the Trump administration's new attack on immigrant families! Submit your comment to the Department of Homeland Security NOW! (Don’t worry...we make it super easy for you with sample talking points you can copy and paste)

<a href="">Say NO to funding for family separation and imprisonment</a>

YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED: Sign on to tell Congress to say NO to funding aggressive immigration enforcement that harms families and children. Congress can, and should act as a check on these cruel policies.

<a href="">Pledge to Continue to Fight for Gun Safety in 2019</a>

We, the moms, dads, family members, and leaders of the United States, pledge to continue to fight for gun safety reforms to protect our kids and families, and our communities.

<a href="">Tell CO lawmakers:  We need paid family leave for ALL working families!</a>

Can you believe that in the United States only 15% of workers have access to paid family and medical leave?

<a href="">WA Legislators: Families need childcare access NOW</a>

Legislators from both sides of the aisle and both houses have been meeting to look at the state of childcare in Washington. They will be releasing their recommendations soon, including a plan to address the childcare crisis that affects families all across Washington. These recommendations could make a HUGE difference as soon as next year! If we want legislators to prioritize access to affordable, high-quality early learning opportunities -- like childcare and pre-k-- we need these recommendations to be BIG and BOLD.

<a href="">MomsVote Post-Election Video Debrief</a>

Together, our voices are powerful - RSVP now!

<a href="">¡Dile NO al financiamiento de la separación y encarcelamiento de las familias!</a>

Dile al Congreso que queremos que nuestros impuestos sean usados para fortalecer a nuestras familias y comunidades invirtiendo en programas de educación, vivienda, nutrición y salud que provean oportunidades y promuevan bienestar.