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<a href="">Send Mom-to-Mom Postcards in 2024? It's FREE!</a>

MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of moms, over the last several years, have received a handwritten postcard from a MomsRising mom, urging them to vote. Our powerful mom-to-mom postcard program has been running (and growing!) for 8 years now, and it is one of our most beloved programs.

<a href="">SIGN ON! Help us protect immigrant families and children!</a>

Moms know how important our immigrant community members are in keeping our families and kids healthy.

<a href="">Tell Congress to pass the Books Save Lives Act and End Book Bans Now!</a>

The fight for books is a fight for democracy; a fight for education; a fight for representation; a fight for justice. Book bans are NOT about protecting children, they are about discrimination against others. Urge Congress to pass the #BooksSaveLivesAct and #EndBookBans Now!

<a href="">QUICK SIGNATURE: Tell Congress to support families by passing good paid leave policies</a>

All families deserve good paid leave policies that allow them the time to care for themselves or their loved ones when a serious health or caregiving need arises.

<a href="">SIGN NOW to protect WIC!</a>

With rising food costs, and increased program participation, it is more critical than ever that we strengthen and protect WIC! Sign our letter to Congress now.

<a href="">Tell Congress to Support the Counselors Not Criminalization Act</a>

We ALL want schools to be safe but we also must be clear that there is no evidence that increasing the number of police in schools actually improves school safety. Instead it takes critical resources from what actually keeps schools safe and helps ALL kids thrive.

<a href="">The time is NOW to speak out to protect the ACA!</a>

Tell Congress to make permanent increased subsidies that help families get health care coverage!

<a href="">SIGN NOW: Invest In Our Children’s Future! End School Pushout!</a>

It's Time to End the Criminalization of Black & Brown Girls in Schools. Tell Congress to Pass the Ending Pushout Act.