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<a href="">Send a Letter to the Editor to speak up for hungry families!</a>

Congress must include improvements to SNAP (food stamps) in their next COVID-19 relief package in order to help those families struggling with hunger. Send a Letter to the Editor to your local paper to bring some much-needed visibility to this issue!

<a href="">Child care could be gone if Congress doesn't #FundChildCare NOW! </a>

SIGN NOW to urge Congress to provide at least $50 billion in child care funding to ensure the stability of our child care system so parents and caregivers have child care to return to when this crisis is over!

<a href="">Help Us Reach 1 Million Moms!</a>

I donated! Join me and chip in $5 today. Help @MomsRising leverage the power of hand-written notes to get out the vote among women and moms through 2020!

<a href="">Quick signature: COVID-19 shows why we all need health care!</a>

No matter where we come from, or what our color, all of us should be able to access health care when we get sick.

<a href="">Demand Justice for Ahmaud</a>

Join us to demand the removal of the district attorneys and the sheriff who failed in their duties to Ahmaud, his family, and the people of Georgia. #JusticeforAhmaud

<a href="">Get Out the Vote in 2020 with FREE Postcards! </a>

MomsRising is making it super easy (and FREE) for you to help get-out-the-vote to women voters before the 2020 election.

<a href="">We NEED Paid Leave to Re-open Safely!</a>

Our governors have a direct line to Washington, D.C., so let’s urge our governors to tell Congress and the President to include stronger--and permanent--nation-wide paid leave and paid sick days in the next COVID-19 recovery package.

<a href="">Quick signature: Sign-on in support of the Essential Workers Bill of Rights</a>

Essential workers are putting their lives on the line for all of us. Demand that Congress expand workplace protections for these frontline families!