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Maternal Justice

SCOTUS decision puts emergency abortion care at risk

June 27, 2024
JUST IN → The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling today on EMTALA, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, still puts pregnant people at risk. For now, the 40 year old federal law requiring hospitals and doctors to provide emergency care, including abortions, when medically necessary will continue...
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MomsRising Community Safety Coloring Challenge

June 25, 2024
Are you an artist or creative? Do you have ideas on what our communities need to thrive and build a sense of safety and belonging? If so, we invite you to join the MomsRising coloring/drawing for a community safety challenge! MomsRising has been working at the local, state, and federal levels to...
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Top Actions of the Past Week: Friday, June 13, 2024

June 13, 2024
Wear Your Values! Show Your Pride! We’re excited to launch our first ever merch collection celebrating Pride. Throughout the month of June, we’re offering a number of our designs in Pride colors, along with some merch exclusive to this collection. Celebrate Families! Celebrate Pride! Browse Now Are...
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‘Honored and Grateful’ to Receive Generous Multi-Year Grant from Pivotal, MomsRising Education Fund Leader Says

May 28, 2024
Leading Moms Group Will Use Funding Support from Melinda French Gates to Mobilize Moms to Advance Paid Leave, Affordable Child Care, Reproductive Justice The MomsRising Education Fund announced today that it is receiving generous multi-year funding from Pivotal as a part of Melinda French Gates’...
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School Counselor Listening to Sad Child

Invest in the Counseling Not Criminalization Act

May 14, 2024
Our school systems should be environments that encourage children to grow in both their mental and emotional abilities. Safe school settings should inspire children to express themselves and grow. Four years ago, the pandemic exacerbated the mental and emotional crisis among our young people,...
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Dr. Pooja Lakshmin on Perinatal Mental Health

May 10, 2024
On May 1st, World Maternal Health Day, I sat down with Dr. Pooja Lakshmin to discuss the mental health challenges that often come with giving birth. Dr. Lakshmin, a perinatal psychiatrist and bestselling author of Real Self Care: A Transformative Program for Redefining Wellness (Crystals, Cleanses...
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Take Action
A mom smiles while hugging her two young daughters

Tell Congress: Power moms - Pass care policies in honor of Mother’s Day!

May 7, 2024
This Mother’s Day, as we celebrate the many, many ways that moms power the U.S. (and all of us!), we’re calling on Congress to power moms by passing care policies! Tell Congress: Power moms - Pass care policies in honor of Mother’s Day! What happened? Together, we’ve championed AND PASSED many...
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Policy Heroes: Building the Care Infrastructure and Economy

Sharing Your Care Stories for Mother's Day!

May 7, 2024
This Mother’s Day, as we’re celebrating the many ways that moms power the U.S. (and all of us!), we’re sharing powerful care stories with every member of Congress so they know why these policies are important. We're delivering our storybook, "Policy Heroes: Building the Care Infrastructure and Economy" to the White House and every member of Congress
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On World Maternal Mental Health Day We Demand Our Reproductive Freedoms

May 1, 2024
My son was barely three months old, and I was in the midst of feeling depressed, when I thought I was once again pregnant. My feelings of depression were now mixed with near panic at the thought of possibly being pregnant again. Although I had never had an abortion in my life I knew that if I was...
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What in the IVF is Going On? Moms Are in Crisis: The GOP Wants to Keep Them There.

March 15, 2024
The battle for mom votes broke through in our national consciousness again last week with a dystopian State of the Union response by Alabama Republican Senator Katie Britt. She centered herself in a kitchen that looked like a stage set, using her motherhood to peddle her fear-based vision of America. Rife with misinformation, Britt used words and a delivery that served to increase viewers' anxiety in an already anxiety- and despair-saturated America. A place where women's freedoms are evaporating.
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