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The calendar has flipped to August and you know what that means - it is time to celebrate National Breastfeeding Month. It is time to celebrate the first time you put baby to the breast or secured attachment to a supplementer on your chest. To celebrate the first time baby gave you that milky smile...
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It continues to be a busy summer, and we want to make sure that Congress and the White House remain focused on the priorities that matter the most to American families, businesses and economy. We have #5Actions for you to take this week on health care, prescription drug prices, childcare and paid...
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NICU parents need, want, and deserve to understand how to protect their child’s health.
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This week was a phenomenally powerful moment for American families. Check out the highlights!
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Are Home- and Community-Based services (HCBS) important for your family? Please share your story.
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Exciting news! Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the NIH, and the chief medical advisor to President Biden, recently joined us to answer MamásConPoder / MomsRising member questions about the COVID-19 vaccines.
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Recently, I hosted a workshop for advocates to learn best practices for using the power of your voice and your experiences through storytelling to shift narratives and advocate for policies and systems changes. I invite you to watch the workshop below and to share it with fellow advocates as a resource.
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Shereese at a Press Event Speaking on the CTC
Are you aware of the Child Tax Credit that launched on July 15th? Here in Washington State, we’ve spent a large portion of the summer partnering with our lawmakers and coalition partners to spread the word about this historic benefit and share the Child Tax Credit’s impact - as well as the need to...
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Take Action
Millions of Americans cannot afford their medicines, while drug companies are making record profits. To truly lower drug prices for everyone, Congress needs to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, end monopoly control of drug prices by corporations, and help people afford out-of-pocket costs. And they need to do it now!
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Here's what caught our eye this week in the MomsRising universe. Stay cool, and keep rising!
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