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Policy Heroes: Building the Care Infrastructure and Economy
This Mother’s Day, as we’re celebrating the many ways that moms power the U.S. (and all of us!), we’re sharing powerful care stories with every member of Congress so they know why these policies are important. We're delivering our storybook, "Policy Heroes: Building the Care Infrastructure and Economy" to the White House and every member of Congress
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On the radio show this week we cover the powerful organization, Do Something, and how you can get involved; we dive into the latest in Temporary Protected Status (TPS) immigration status, cover the need for the fair treatment of immigrants from Ecuador, and what you can do; we hear about the...
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Speak up for the immigrants who died building the Baltimore Key Bridge! There is no clearer indicator than the horrific Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, from earlier this year, to highlight the blood and sweat immigrants are giving every day to this country. Meanwhile, some of our...
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Photo of 2024 Mom Power Bootcamp volunteer and her toddler
From moving the narrative and building momentum at the highest levels of our national leadership to child care wins, training volunteers, amplifying moms’ voices in the media, and saving moms' lives, your support is ushering in a vibrant transformation to our movement.
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41 moms posing in front of the U.S. Capitol smiling as part of the Mom Power Bootcamp 2024
MomsRising invited 41 of our powerful mom leaders from 25 states across the country to join us for our Mom Power Bootcamp 2024! We brought together moms, advocates, Fellows, Fellow Alumni, and other engaged volunteers from across the country to share their stories and develop critical leadership and momentum-building advocacy skills in early education and other key care issues that affect families with young children.
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My son was barely three months old, and I was in the midst of feeling depressed, when I thought I was once again pregnant. My feelings of depression were now mixed with near panic at the thought of possibly being pregnant again. Although I had never had an abortion in my life I knew that if I was...
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A few weeks ago, my nail artist came back to work from maternity leave. I was so excited to have my nails done for the first time in months but that excitement was drained away when she told me her child care problem. Shanna, my nail artist who prefers not to use her last name, asked me if I had...
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On the radio show this week, we cover the campaign to keep guns off campus; how moms are leading the way and organizing across the nation; why polling can provide key insights to leaders (and to us!); and we cover the very important fight for tax fairness. *Special guests include: Andy Pelosi, The...
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Dear MomsRising Volunteer, It’s National Volunteer Week, and MomsRising is appreciating – raising a glass to, applauding, sending huge waves of love to – YOU! Thank you for being a member of our amazing, powerful, and inspiring community of more than a million moms and caregivers who make...
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Check Out Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide! With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to celebrate the incredible force that is “Mom Power.” Whether you’re celebrating your mom, partner, sister, friend, or any mom figure in your life, there's no denying how special and important they are - and...
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