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The infant formula shortage has been going on for months now and we just learned that most states are experiencing a 74% out-of-stock rate, with 10 states seeing even higher rates near 90%.
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Recently, Elyssa Schmier VP of Government Relations for MomsRising hosted a roundtable with HHS Assistant Secretary of Health Admiral Rachel Levine to share baby formula shortage stories from families, dispel myths and misinformation, and educate families on guidance for how to safely feed your baby.
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On the radio show this week we cover the infant formula shortage crisis, and include tips for making sure infants get the nutrition they need in this time of emergency; we also cover the urgent need to protect voting rights and reproductive rights in America as our rights, freedoms, and communities...
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Are you ready to rally for reproductive justice? We’re officially coming to a city near you next week! MomsRising will join the Liberate Abortion campaign, led by SHEro and Mississippi in Action, and rally side by side for our reproductive rights. Here’s the scoop: Over 150 organizations are...
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Each week, we provide you with a number of urgent, high impact actions that you might have missed. We appreciate you taking the time to take action, to share on social media, and to help us spread the word. All of our actions together add up to create change.
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This coming election will determine our future. Everything from our civil rights, and healthcare to our family's economic security, education, care infrastructure, and safety is at stake. JOIN US in co-creating the next chapter in women’s history— the future that our children deserve and that the...
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Self-care gets a bad rap. It's seen as selfish, a sad part of our culture that teaches and models martyrdom. We think of self-care as an occasional luxury -- bubble baths, massages, and spa days—and as a result, moms have bypassed taking care of themselves first. We critique neediness and view at as weakness while we celebrate those who over-give of themselves.
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Families across the country (just like yours!) have been uplifting the fact that our child care system is broken - well before the COVID-19 pandemic exasperated the problem over two years ago. In response, MomsRising was joined by many of our incredible members and partners this past May to advocate for high-quality, affordable childcare & pre-K for all families. Look below for a summary of all the exciting digital activities we worked on and join our call to action to expand childcare!
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On the radio show this week, we cover the way in which gun safety policy is moving forward in Congress, what you can do to help, and some ways to find hope in hard times.
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The MOMentum newsletter was created to shine a light on the good you help bring into the world as a MomsRising donor, and to make space in our busy lives for gratitude and kindness (and opportunity!). Please, keep reading to see your generosity in action – the Mother’s Day MOMibuster, baby formula shortage, reproductive justice, and more. And take pride in this MOMentum – you are an important part of it.
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