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It’s the spooky season – and the scariest thing I’ve seen this year isn’t ghouls, zombies, or vampires. The bone chilling fright this year is that Congress keeps ghosting us on child care solutions . After exploring solutions the last few years to fix our fragile child care system, our elected...
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Ready, set, VOTE! There’s just two weeks until the 2022 General Election and it’s time to get ready to vote! Every election is a bright new chance for our country! We can make the future we want for our kids and our families. Put your mark on the map to show others that you’re voting. This will...
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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released a proposed rule to make it easier for people who are eligible for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to get and stay enrolled in coverage. The newly proposed rule is critical because as of 2021, of...
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On the radio show this week we cover how (and why) to #RestoreRoe; where one fair wage & raising the minimum wage is on the ballot on the ways you can help; hear about a terrific new book, Essential Labor: Mothering as Social Change; and we also cover the new report,The Blame Game: How...
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What an honor it was for me to attend the White House Conference on Hunger, Health, and Nutrition and represent MomsRising at this Sept. 28 event! Although the conference started at 9 am at the nearby Ronald Reagan Administrative Building, guests were asked to show up two hours early to go through...
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Childcare-Themed Halloween Coloring Sheet
October: a time for leaves changing, windy weather, and of course - Halloween! A great time of year for kids and their families alike to enjoy fun costumes, sweet treats, and the general spookiness of autumn. Something scarier than this upcoming holiday may be the state of child care in this...
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My name is Ansley, I live in NH, and I’m a proud stepmom. In the spring of 2021 our family lost employer provided health insurance due to slowdowns because of the pandemic. At about $2000 a month COBRA wasn’t an option for us on top of other bills we were juggling to pay. Like millions of other...
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My name is Amber MacQuarrie, I’m a single mom of two kids, and I would like to tell you what having access to healthcare has done for us. Healthcare is the reason my kids have a mother, at least twice over. It’s the reason my 9 year old daughter can now walk and no longer needs her wheelchair. It's...
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We Are MomsRising
Momsrising RISER Jacqeline at the Capitol
"I love you ladies... If it wasn't for y'all, our stories would not be heard."
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On the radio show this week we cover the ways in which democracy is under attack and how to fight back with your votes (and your voice!), get the latest news on how more people will vote for candidates IF the candidate supports paid family/medical leave and a care infrastructure; learn about the...
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