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As the parent of young children, I often hear the sentiment “enjoy every moment, it goes by in the blink of an eye” or “The days are long but the years are short.” I have to admit, even when I’m cleaning up a very expensive carton of eggs from the floor or changing my sixth diaper of the day, I know that I will somehow miss this time when my little ones want to cuddle up any chance they get, or enthusiastically sit down for storytime.
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It's music to our ears - HUGE WINS for New Hampshire moms and families in 2023 including: child care, maternal health care and more! Wow. What a year it's been! Since January, our MomsRising members have been speaking at press conferences and roundtables, testifying at hearings, and standing up for...
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On the radio show this week we showcase brilliance from Netroots Nation about the next steps for building the care infrastructure and about the fight to stop unfair student loans; then we dive in on how to best support teachers and parents who are under attack, as well as how to stop the ridiculous...
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Nothing gives me the summertime blues more than a summer cold, but for those of us who’ve recently had to battle some bugs, I’ve got good news for you: We’re one step closer to winning a nation-wide paid sick days law – and we need to keep the pressure on the U.S. to keep the bill moving forward.
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Children and families have gone through so many struggles in the past few years. Our nation’s littlest ones were born during a global pandemic and since then, families have had to navigate the care they and their children need in the face of unprecedented challenges.
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To-wen is a mom and journalist based in California. She has been a MomsRIsing member for a decade! Through the years, To-wen has participated in a number of MomsRising actions and was part of MomsRising's inaugural RISERS cohort in 2021-2022. We asked To-wen to share a bit about how her advocacy...
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In case you missed us, MomsRising Staff spent a few days in Chicago connecting with other activists, speaking on panels, and digging deeper in to the work that we do.
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On the radio show this week we bring you guests recorded LIVE from Netroots Nation in Chicago, including from NAACP, MoveON, Working Families Party, and the National Women’s Law Center discussing the road ahead, how you can effectively be involved, and what’s happening in our nation right now. *...
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Summer is in full swing – kids are out of school and while we’d like it to be all popsicles, playgrounds, and making memories, the fact is: families in Iowa and across the country continue with the childcare struggle-juggle and rising costs make making ends meet more difficult than ever before.
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The epidemic of gun violence impacts all of our communities, including Greensboro. Fortunately, though, Greensboro has found a solution that works in the form of the Gate City Coalition (GCC), an evidence-based community violence intervention program. Despite the Gate City Coalition’s success in this community, its funding is in danger of being eliminated. ACT NOW to save all of the funding, which is keeping people alive and promoting resilience in Greensboro!
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