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On the radio show this week, we cover the new 2024 Care Matters: Care Report Card , grading each state’s care policies and infrastructure – and tracking what’s going on in your state; then we dive into the importance of persistently fighting for reproductive justice and why the bizarre IVF ruling in Alabama isn’t about embryos; after that we hear from a nationally recognized CEO of a major brand, Argent, about motherhood and change; and we close the show covering the importance of lifting maternal mental health – and sharing the new maternal mental health hotline: 1-833-TLC-MAMA (1-833-852-6226)
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Take Action
Amazing! It was fourteen years ago today that President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law! Since then, we have reached a record low uninsured rate, and this past year a historic 21.4 MILLION people signed up for health care coverage through the Marketplace! Incredible! Even with...
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Moms and parents across the country are rising up to share their stories, once again demonstrating that a care economy and a country that prioritizes and invests in care is the path to prosperity. Policies like affordable childcare, nutrition supplements like affordable child care, Paid Family and...
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status of child care in New York
I was so blown away by the thorough report by the great researchers of Cornell and Buffalo universities (Cornell University’s ILR Buffalo Co-Lab to be exact) titled The Status of Child Care in New York Report, 2024 which takes a deep dive into the state of child care for parents across New York...
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On the radio show this week we cover what really happened in the State of the Union (Hint: Victories!); how to get help through the ACF; the ability of culture change to push legislative change – and what you can do too; and we also hear from an award-winning author about the power of YOUR story. *...
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Tell Congress to Pass the People’s Response Act! The People’s Response Act emphasizes an inclusive, holistic, and health-centered approach to public safety by creating a public safety division within the Department of Human Health and Services — because communities and experts agree that public...
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The battle for mom votes broke through in our national consciousness again last week with a dystopian State of the Union response by Alabama Republican Senator Katie Britt. She centered herself in a kitchen that looked like a stage set, using her motherhood to peddle her fear-based vision of America. Rife with misinformation, Britt used words and a delivery that served to increase viewers' anxiety in an already anxiety- and despair-saturated America. A place where women's freedoms are evaporating.
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If anyone is responsible for our nation’s gun violence epidemic, it’s the firearms industry. There’s currently very little that can be done, however, to hold gun manufacturers and dealers accountable for their marketing and business practices that stoke fear and encourage aggression and violence in...
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Moms For Freedom Agenda A Vision to Lift Our Nation We value our freedoms. The freedom to be there for our children and families when we’re needed most, to choose what’s best for our families, to send our kids to schools where every child belongs and can thrive, and to be able to earn equal pay and...
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We are excited to introduce MomsRising’s new class of national Beacon volunteer leaders. This year we have expanded our Beacons network to one hundred and seventeen moms and caregivers from across the country – from Alaska to Alabama, from New Mexico to Tennessee – who have committed to this ten...
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