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Ask Congress to Stand With 800,000 DREAMers

August 18, 2017
“ My story is the story of millions: We are here, we are students, we are teachers, we are innovators and we are hard-working individuals committed to our communities.” - Priscilla ( Be sure to click the quote to read Priscilla's story covered in the New York Times.) * *Ask Congress - Protect the...
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#5Actions of the Week: August 19, 2017

August 18, 2017
There's a LOT of political news filling the airwaves, so we want to make sure these other important actions aren't missed! THANK YOU for sticking with us and for taking action during these tumultuous times. We must #KeepMarching! As always, please act and share. Together we're making a difference...
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Your Voice Is POWERFUL!

August 14, 2017
On the radio show this week we cover the latest in immigration policy and the Trump Administration; the urgent need for criminal justice reform in the USA; America’s Healthiest School Campaigns and what you can do to help; and the #IPumpedHere Campaign. *Special guests include: Wendy Cervantes,...
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My life as a mestiza

August 11, 2017
I am called Anita Louise Theresa Medina Sanchez. My name means ‘graceful warrior’. Sometimes I am full of grace and at other times I have a lot to be forgiven. I was born a mestiza —a mix of Mexican-Spanish blood and indigenous Aztec blood and I quickly learnt that the color of my skin could be a...
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#5Actions of the Week: August 8, 2017

August 8, 2017
Summer is here, and we need to keep the HEAT ON around issues we care about! Join us and thousands of people eager to keep summer sizzling by taking action on equal pay, childcare , net neutrality, immigration and more below! Scroll to the end for a bonus silly action, too! As always, please act...
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Meet Priscilla, an American DREAMer

August 7, 2017
Meet Priscilla, a Texas teacher whose resilience and determination defines life in America for thousands of Dreamers. Please, watch her story: Congress has the power to protect DREAMers with the Dream Act—the time to act is now. Sign on to support DREAMers like Priscilla: http://action.momsrising...
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DACA, Explained By A DREAMer

August 7, 2017
With the bipartisan DREAMream Act, Congress has the power—and opportunity—to stand with thousands of DREAMreamers like Priscilla. Watch Priscilla explain Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA: And then please join us to ask Congress to stand up for the DREAM ACT !
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#DefendDREAMers Campaign: Priscilla "This Is My Home"

August 7, 2017
"To us, the way we grew up, we don't feel like outsiders. We were here since we were children." Hear more from Priscilla: Stand with young adults who have been here since they were children by protecting the path to citizenship for DREAMers! DREAMers are young adults who were brought to America as...
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The Trump Administration’s Immigration Policies Target Women and Children

August 4, 2017
Recent news stories have detailed how President Trump’s immigration policies continue to target women and children and rip families apart. He has instructed US Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE ) personnel to arrest, detain, and deport indiscriminately. Just this week , two brothers in...
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Your #5Actions for This Week!

July 30, 2017
What a week. WE WON! Health care was just saved in an extremely close vote in the U.S. Senate late this week due to people including you speaking up! THANK YOU! for taking hundreds of thousands of actions, making calls, signing onto letters, sharing your health care experiences, attending meetings...
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