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#5Actions of the Week: May 27, 2018

May 25, 2018
We're back with our latest #5Actions list of our most important campaigns this week. One of our top actions this week is urging the U.S. Congress to protect SNAP (food stamps). A study found that over 1:4 veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan struggle with food insecurity [1]. Shocking on...
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50+ Women’s Groups Send Open Letter to Congress: Create a Humane Immigration Process

May 23, 2018
We, the below signed organizations representing millions of women, write to express our horror and dismay regarding the Trump administration’s inhumane treatment of immigrant women and children which undermines our nation’s values, destroys families and communities, and hurts our economy and country. Since President Trump took office, this administration has embraced policies that endanger the lives and livelihoods of immigrant women, tear families apart, undermine fair pay, and leave children without the family members who love them. We call on Congress to engage in aggressive oversight and to enact legislation that affirms the dignity of immigrant women and children and protects our country.
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The Human Needs Report: SNAP Cuts Defeated, Spending Cuts on Deck, Immigration and the Census, and More

May 21, 2018
The Coalition on Human Needs just released another edition of the Human Needs Report. Read on for pieces on defeating harmful cuts to SNAP, a spending cuts package in the House, one win and one loss for consumer protections, and more.
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#5Actions of the Week: May 19, 2018

May 19, 2018
This week, we find our hearts broken again, this time for the victims of the shooting at Santa Fe High School, their loved ones and their community. It is not even summer and already there have been 22 shootings at schools in our country this year. One school shooting would be horrifying; 22 is...
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Join Us to Say NO to Trump Calling Undocumented Immigrants "animals"

May 17, 2018
Donald Trump just said that undocumented immigrants “aren't people,” that they are “animals." We didn't think it was possible, but things have just taken a turn for the worse. Enough is enough. This isn't just offensive. History shows this particular dehumanizing language can lead to genocide ...
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‘Our Hearts Break for These Children and Families:’ On U.S. Plan to Hold Children of Asylum-Seekers

May 16, 2018
On reports that the Trump administration plans to hold children it forcibly separates from their asylum-seeking parents at military bases: America’s moms are horrified by the Trump administration’s destructive immigration policy that hurts women and children in particular. The policy reported late...
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Tune In!

Tune in to this week's #RisersRadio Show: #LiftingOurNation

May 14, 2018
On the radio show this week we cover how people are getting information and what it means to have changing mediums; the new #KeepMarching book; what’s going on in immigration policy and how you can help; the latest on protecting kids electronic data and a report from the USOW; and why decreasing...
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"Mama! Where Are You?" Helping Families Stay Together & Survive

May 11, 2018
How many children will call out, "Mama! Where are you?", after announcements that children, even those as young as a year old, will be separated from undocumented families arriving at the border.
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#5Actions of the Week: May 11, 2018

May 11, 2018
As we head into the Mother's Day weekend, we want to pause and THANK all of the parents, parent figures, grandparents and caregivers in our lives. We are so thankful for ALL OF YOU, and for your tireless energy for stepping up and speaking out about issues facing our families, our communities and...
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What Does Public Charge Mean for Immigrant Families?

May 9, 2018
If you’ve been following news reports about federal immigration policy, you’ve been busy – there is a lot going on.
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