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New Country, New Home

January 15, 2015
Blistering heat assaulted my face and dried out my mouth instantly as we left the airport terminal. My mother ushered me into a taxi. The air in the backseat was hot and gritty, it pinched the back of my legs and crunched between my teeth. From my window I could see a silhouette of a lone mountain...
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Celebrating a Step Forward for Children in Immigrant Families

December 12, 2014
Today marks the 4th year that children from around the country have come to the nation’s capital as part of We Belong Together’s 2014 Wish for the Holidays Campaign to deliver letters written by thousands of children calling for the reform of immigration policies to keep families together. Last night, we celebrated four years of amazing letters and drawings at a reception and exhibit at the National Education Association.
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President Obama Acts to Right Wrongs That Affront Our Ideals

November 24, 2014
I was at a rally in front of the White House on Friday organized by Casa de Maryland in which we chanted "We've got your back!" As a mom and grandma, I believe it's really important to support the President's actions to give temporary legal status to parents of citizen or legal resident children...
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Children in Detention: Observations from Immigration Court

November 19, 2014
By Amelia Bell On Behalf of the Women’s Refugee Commission In September, I had the opportunity to observe immigration court proceedings for asylum seekers detained in the family detention facility in Artesia, New Mexico.
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Ulises’ American Dream Deferred

October 17, 2014
“As time went on, I saw how my own country, the place where I lived, was actually a bad place. I would see people fight and I thought that would be my life. I thought, that’s me–then I turned 4.”
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Out of the shadows and out of poverty: Reducing poverty through immigration reform

October 8, 2014
Today, there are an estimated 11.3 million undocumented immigrants living in the US. Under current immigration law, these individuals are barred from working legally and, as a result, regularly self-select into jobs that minimize their risk of detection and deportation. Most undocumented workers ultimately find themselves in low-wage jobs where they are susceptible to exploitation and unable to exert their labor rights. It’s a simple fact: our broken immigration system is forcing families to live under precarious financial conditions.
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¡Saludos! Necesitamos su firma para ayudar a los niños de la frontera

October 1, 2014
Son pequeños, tan pequeños como lo son nuestros hijos hoy en día, o lo fueron. Están solos y con miedo. Miles de niños refugiados de Centroamérica están llegando solos a la frontera de Estados Unidos sin nadie que los proteja, muchos huyen de sus casas debido al crimen organizado, pandillas y...
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Affordable Health Care Would Spare Immigrant Women Crises Like Mine

September 30, 2014
I remember when I first found out I would be unable to have children. My doctor said, “if only” I had only gotten my obviously out-of-the-ordinary menstrual cycle and ovarian pain checked out early, then treatment would have been more effective.
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Centro de Detención: Ningún Lugar Para Niños o Familias

September 15, 2014
To read this blog post in English, click here . Nota de la editora: Mamá / tiene una petición pidiéndo al Presidente Obama y al Congreso estadounidense que traten los niños refugiados de Centroamérica con dignidad, que aseguren satisfacer sus necesidades inmediatas y que...
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Ensure Fair Wages for Home Care Workers for Women’s Equality Day

August 26, 2014
Today we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, the anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. It has been almost a century since that historic occasion, and women have made enormous progress toward political and social equality. But when it comes to economic equity,...
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