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The recent elections left us with a number of mixed emotions. Excited for new faces and firsts, worried about delayed outcomes in others and, of course, some disappointment. But more than anything, in this season of thankfulness we are grateful. We are grateful for YOU. Your mobilization, dedication and support of the democratic process is what inspires us. Thank you for voting. Thank you for raising voters. Thank you for taking action! You are creating more change than many ever thought possible!

All that you have done and continue to do inspires us to rise up, stand together and work harder. As much as we love elections and voting, we also love rolling up our sleeves and doing the work to move forward policies that bring about change which ensure families will thrive. We unapologetically and proudly support policies that better the lives of families economically through the Child Tax Credit, fair immigration policies that keep families together, robust support for child care options, and more.

-- Selina, Kristin, Claudia, Diana, Elyssa, and the rest of the & MamásConPoder Team



SIGN NOW! MomsRising’s to-do list to Congress!

There are less than 7 weeks left in the year but WOW does Congress have some work to do! We have created a “to-do” list for Congress to keep them on schedule for delivering important policies for our families, children, and economy by the end of the year.

Help us out by signing our “to-do” list to Congress and calling on our elected leaders to prioritize our families before they go home for the year!



Help protect Dreamers & prevent a new wave of family separation!

Right now, we are expecting a court decision that will likely end DACA, (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program) which provides legal status for Dreamers, people who were brought to this country as children, making it the only place they have ever called home. This decision would be devastating, not just to the 600,000+ people enrolled in the program but to thousands of families and children as well as America’s workforce, communities, and our economy. Yet courts may be poised to do just that. That’s why it is so urgent that Congress act before the end of the year to create permanent protections for DACA recipients.

We need you to send a letter to your local paper to send a message to your members of Congress that their constituents care about Dreamers in your community!



Tell Congress: Expand the Child Tax Credit!

We have an incredible opportunity to create real bipartisan change and provide millions of families with some desperately needed cash. But we need YOU and CONGRESS to make it happen! Negotiations have already begun for a major end-of-the-year tax package. This is a huge opportunity for us to create real change for our families and once again get a much needed expansion of the Child Tax Credit.

***Sign our letter now calling on Congress to pass an expansion of the Child Tax Credit by the end of the year!



Share your child care struggles and show Congress why they must act now.

As the lame duck session begins, we’re here to remind lawmakers that parents all over the country (their constituents!) are STILL struggling to access and pay for child care.

Share your child care challenges and concerns with us:

  • Is there a child care shortage in your area?
  • Are you struggling to pay for child care?
  • Have you been put on a long waitlist?
  • Has your child care center experienced difficulty hiring staff?
  • Has your child not been able to find a pre-k spot?
  • Any other issues?
  • Are you ineligible for child care subsidies in your area?

We want to know all of it, so we can let legislators know: child care is still a struggle and we need them to invest in child care.

Parents STILL need child care! Share your story with lawmakers and tell them why.



Make your mark on the map!

Our democracy, our votes, are what allow us to dream into being what our nation can be for everyone. With the help of thousands of volunteers (many many of YOU) we were able to make millions of impressions on moms across the country to go and vote. Together, we showed that moms are an incredible voting force. Let’s not lose momentum and take a moment right now to pledge to vote in the upcoming 2023 and 2024 elections.

Take a moment right now and pledge to vote in future elections.

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