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Back-to-School, Stressed and Exhausted. How Are You Parenting In This Pandemic?

August 27, 2021
Imagine the feeling when I received a message, six days after that first notice, that my child should’ve been quarantined because she, indeed, was in contact with the person that tested positive.
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Girl wearing mask in class

Quick signature: To protect schoolchildren from COVID-19

August 27, 2021
Add your name in support of the Biden Administration using its authority against governors who are blocking local school officials from preventing the spread of COVID-19 in their schools.
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Three actions you can take RIGHT NOW to protect kids from COVID-19 during back-to-school

August 25, 2021
At this moment, the Delta variant is sickening an unprecedented number of children, pediatric ICU beds are filling up, and schools are opening for the fall. It is irresponsible for school officials not to take basic steps to make sending our kids back to school as safe as possible. Here are three meaningful actions you can take RIGHT NOW to protect kids from COVID-19 during back-to-school.
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Vacunas COVID-19 y el regreso a la escuela

August 23, 2021
MomsRising organizó recientemente una conversación con Candice W. Jones, MD FAAP, miembro de la Academia Estadounidense de Pediatría, para hablar sobre el COVID-19, las vacunas, las máscaras y el regreso a la escuela. A continuación se muestra un resumen de nuestras preguntas y respuestas: Felicia...
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COVID Vaccines and Getting Back-to-School

August 20, 2021
MomsRising recently hosted a conversation with Candice W. Jones, MD FAAP, a fellow at the American Academy of Pediatrics, to talk about COVID-19, vaccines, masks, and getting back to school. Below is a summary of our questions and answers.
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Strong Care Square onesie for Care Economy Storybook

Dear Congress: "The system is broken and it needs to be fixed." A Care Economy Storybook

August 19, 2021
It's not enough to go back to where we were. We need to build back better. In our Care Economy Storybook 2021, MomsRising has captured powerful and moving stories from families across the nation about how hard it is to give care, making the case that it doesn't have to be this way.
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Your top #5Actions for this week: Friday, July 23, 2021

July 23, 2021
It continues to be a busy summer, and we want to make sure that Congress and the White House remain focused on the priorities that matter the most to American families, businesses and economy. We have #5Actions for you to take this week on health care, prescription drug prices, childcare and paid leave so you can help make sure that happens!
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NICU Parents Are Being Left in the Dark

July 22, 2021
NICU parents need, want, and deserve to understand how to protect their child’s health.
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Why are Home- and Community-based Services important to you?

July 20, 2021
Are Home- and Community-Based services (HCBS) important for your family? Please share your story.
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Dr. Fauci Answering Our Member Questions

July 19, 2021
Exciting news! Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the NIH, and the chief medical advisor to President Biden, recently joined us to answer MamásConPoder / MomsRising member questions about the COVID-19 vaccines.
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