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Health Care

Isolation: How To Cope

March 13, 2020
As a family, we’re no stranger to being homebound. Over last decade, we’ve had several reasons to isolate including a bone marrow transplant and an illness that left one of us bedridden. As of this publication, we’ve partially isolated for over 2 weeks and completely isolated for some days. The...
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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo of face masks used for light protection.]

When You Have Leukemia & Need A Mask

March 12, 2020
I know we are all afraid. In fact, the fear of infection is constantly with me these days. I try to let go of the anxiety, while at the same time remembering to wash my hands often, use hand sanitizer very often, wear a mask and gloves outside, and have anyone who comes over put on a mask and...
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Moms Are Scared. Families Are Hurting. President Trump Continues to Let Us Down.

March 11, 2020
Moms are scared. Families are hurting. And tonight we were angered as we watched President Trump utterly fail to adequately address the coronavirus pandemic. We may never have needed our government to step up with meaningful solutions more than we do now. But President Trump didn’t do that tonight...
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Corona Virus

La vacuna contra el coronavirus debe salvar vidas, no aumentar ganancias

March 8, 2020
Todos los años me aseguro de que mi hijo reciba la vacuna contra la gripe (influenza/flu) tan pronto como está disponible. La gripe puede ser devastadora para mí porque mi sistema inmunológico es muy débil debido a una enfermedad renal crónica y me siento muy agradecida por los científicos de todo...
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Take Action!
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QUICK SIGNATURE for coronavirus testing kits!

March 4, 2020
With the coronavirus (COVID-19) already starting to spread in the United States, it is time for our federal government to take action and release funds ASAP to combat the virus and protect our families and economy. Sign our letter calling on the U.S. Congress and President Trump to pass and allocate emergency funds to combat the coronavirus ASAP.
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Kirkland-Based Moms Leader: Denying Millions the Right to Earn Paid Sick Days and Ability to Access Health Care Makes the Coronavirus Even More Dangerous

March 3, 2020
"As a longtime resident of Kirkland, Washington, which sadly is the epicenter of fast-spreading coronavirus in the United States, I am seeing firsthand how a long, slow national emergency is becoming a dangerous, deadly crisis. Because the U.S. Senate and the Trump administration have been...
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Take #5Actions! Coronavirus, Child care and more

February 28, 2020
As we wrap up February this weekend with Leap Day and head into spring, we can't help but notice all of the conversations regarding the coronavirus. More importantly, we are all concerned with the costs that will place burden on American families of both getting tested and in whatever vaccines Big...
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Take Action!
Quick signature: No monopoly for a coronavirus vaccine!

A coronavirus vaccine should save lives, not boost profits.

February 24, 2020
Every year, I make sure that my son and I get our flu shot as soon as it comes out. With a low-immune system due to chronic kidney disease, the flu can be devastating for me; and I am so grateful for the scientists across the world— and all the taxpayer dollars —that go into creating the flu...
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"Don't Gaslight Me"

Get your “Don’t Gaslight Me” button!

February 17, 2020
We’ve all heard the story about six-year-old George Washington chopping down his father’s cherry tree, and not being able to lie about it. And, of course, Abraham Lincoln was known as “ Honest Abe .” This Presidents’ Day, as we remember previous Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, we...
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Maternal Justice Legislative & Policy Updates - January 2020

February 4, 2020
An overview of Maternal Justice-related federal and state policy updates.
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