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Health Care

Midwives on the front lines of COVID-19

April 7, 2020
Midwives are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether serving in hospitals, birth centers, or homes, midwives are providing essential health care. Midwives are experiencing a sharp increase in demand for their care in community birth settings: homes and freestanding birth centers...
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Re-Thinking Mass Incarceration: COVID-19 in Jails and Prisons

April 2, 2020
More people per capita are incarcerated in the United States than in any other country in the world—698 out of every 100,000 people are currently incarcerated. Many jails and prisons in the United States are overcrowded. This means that the number of people they have detained exceeds their safe...
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UPDATED: Happy Census Day!

April 1, 2020
UPDATE: If you missed filling out your Census form on April 1, you still have time-- and options! (And you're definitely not alone.) Check out this CNET article for three easy ways to complete the form! Taking this easy step, and making sure everyone you know does, too, helps your community get...
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Medicaid Made The Difference For My Family

March 31, 2020
Marcella Termini, a MomsRising supporter in NH, shares a quick timeline of how Medicaid became important to her family. In the face of repeated attempts by some in Congress to cut Medicaid, MomsRising will continue to work to protect this life-saving, transformational program that provides critical...
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10 Years of ACA: Then and Now in NH

March 31, 2020
Ten years ago I was pregnant with my first born and was covered under Medicaid for pregnant women. I will always be thankful for that medical coverage. It ensured that my very intense delivery, and subsequent week long hospital stay, was covered and I was able to focus on being a first time mother...
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Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Impact on Pregnant Women Covered by Medicaid and CHIP

March 30, 2020
As we continue to unpack the Families First Coronavirus Response Act , we thought we’d take a closer look at how the bill will impact pregnant women covered by Medicaid and CHIP. First, some important background. Eligibility. Medicaid and CHIP offer multiple coverage pathways for pregnant women,...
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A blonde woman holds a sign that says Moms Rising for Health Care

A Reminder on the 10th Anniversary of the ACA: Progress is Possible

March 30, 2020
On the 10th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, we pause from the disheartening and discouraging news about coronavirus to remind ourselves that progress is possible. That’s a message of hope we all need to remember right now. Progress is possible. And we can make a difference. The ACA is proof of that. That law has dramatically improved health care in America, for millions of moms, kids, and families.
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One COVID-19 Survivor Speaks Out

March 30, 2020
Bonita Applebaum* was living a pretty healthy life. She had recently lost quite a bit of weight, switched to a whole foods diet and was getting good exercise and managing her anxiety with more ease. When she woke up with a scratchy throat on March 10, 2020, she figured it may be a recurrent side...
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Explaining social distancing to kids

March 24, 2020
After screaming into the void about the desperate need for massive testing and rapid social isolation , we are now living that quarantine life. Like many parents I am trying not to terrify my child (and myself), but unlike many parents I will not sugarcoat things. Especially after spending decades...
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Join Moms On A Teletownhall TONIGHT For the ACA!

March 23, 2020
Happy 10th anniversary to the Affordable Care Act! I became an advocate for health care way back when the ACA was being considered, by sharing my family's health care story with an incredible organization called healthcare rally.jpg When my son, Ethan, was born in 2006 we found out...
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