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Health Care

Risers Radio: Nothing Spooky About Change!

November 7, 2019
There’s an all new episode of our Breaking Through podcast show this week where we cover all the many GOOD things that could be done with the funds Trump wants to use for his ridiculous wall. We also talk about Breast Cancer Awareness month and how women’s healthcare is under attack. And you can...
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Medicaid Helps Families Weather The Storm

Parents in North Carolina Can't Wait for Health Care

November 4, 2019
More than half a million North Carolinians—many who are parents—can’t see a doctor when they need one because reliable health insurance is out of reach. Yet, the NC legislative session just ended without expanding Medicaid. What-is-the-Gap.jpg Across North Carolina, thousands of low-income families...
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Take action
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Speak out to protect our right to choose!

October 30, 2019
When I was 17, I was looking forward to escaping high school and going to college when I unintentionally got pregnant. I had an abortion. Twenty years later, I became a mom. In that time, I didn’t just build a career and create a stable home—I found spiritual grounding as a Buddhist. I volunteered...
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Zombies, vampires & the U.S. Senate's legislative graveyard

October 30, 2019
Halloween is especially scary this year. Not because of the neighbor’s zombie decorations – and certainly not because of all the (adorable) miniature vampires at your door for candy. Nope. This year, Halloween is off-the-charts frightening because of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s LEGISLATIVE GRAVEYARD that is actively harming women, working families, the LGBTQ+ community, the immigrant community, and our democracy.
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All New #RisersRadio: Direct From D.C.

October 29, 2019
This week on an all new #BreakingThrough we are LIVE and direct from Washington, D.C. !! We’re discussing BIG ideas for big solutions to help move our nation forward. We’ll also be discussing what’s going on in regard to healthcare and learn about some new organizing strategies. *Special guests...
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Say Ahhh! Healthcare Impacts of Anti-Immigrant Policies

October 28, 2019
It’s hard to keep up these days on the policies pushed by this Administration that unfairly target immigrant families, but it’s important to be aware and to hold those who are in power accountable. Over the last two years, we’ve tracked harmful policies such as “zero tolerance” at the border and changes to public charge rules that promote wealth above all else. These policies have been challenged in the courts and thankfully, the plaintiffs have had some successes worth celebrating.
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October #MaternalJustice Tweetchat!

October 25, 2019
On Monday, October 28th at 8pm EST , join our #MaternalJustice tweetchat where we'll discuss why and how the HYDE amendment negatively impacts Black mothers and communities of color. A national survey, conducted by All* Above All and conducted by Hart Research Associates found that, "African...
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WEBINAR: Free Wednesday afternoon? Help end surprise medical bills!

October 22, 2019
Congress has an opportunity to pass bipartisan legislation that will ban surprise medical bills and protect patients while holding down health care costs and premiums. Learn how: Register for the No Surprises campaign briefing webinar now!
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A Mom’s Abortion Story

October 21, 2019
I’m able to give my son a global perspective and help him find his own ways to grow up and give back. This year he started 5th grade and I am so grateful that I was able to bring him into the world intentionally and give him a life where he is well cared for and free to explore and become the creative whirlwind he is destined to be. He is all the proof I need that I made the right decision three decades ago.
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#GoodNews This Week: The Power of Sharing Our Personal Healthcare Stories

October 18, 2019
VOICES: We're featuring three moms' posts on healthcare this week. They were all so compelling, we couldn't choose just one. Leave a comment on the posts you read and let us know what you think, or share your own experiences. Thank you for being part of the MomsRising community! Single Mom Speaks...
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