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Health Care

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A Reminder on the 10th Anniversary of the ACA: Progress is Possible

March 30, 2020
On the 10th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, we pause from the disheartening and discouraging news about coronavirus to remind ourselves that progress is possible. That’s a message of hope we all need to remember right now. Progress is possible. And we can make a difference. The ACA is proof of that. That law has dramatically improved health care in America, for millions of moms, kids, and families.
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One COVID-19 Survivor Speaks Out

March 30, 2020
Bonita Applebaum* was living a pretty healthy life. She had recently lost quite a bit of weight, switched to a whole foods diet and was getting good exercise and managing her anxiety with more ease. When she woke up with a scratchy throat on March 10, 2020, she figured it may be a recurrent side...
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Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Impact on Pregnant Women Covered by Medicaid and CHIP

March 30, 2020
As we continue to unpack the Families First Coronavirus Response Act , we thought we’d take a closer look at how the bill will impact pregnant women covered by Medicaid and CHIP. First, some important background. Eligibility. Medicaid and CHIP offer multiple coverage pathways for pregnant women,...
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Explaining social distancing to kids

March 24, 2020
After screaming into the void about the desperate need for massive testing and rapid social isolation , we are now living that quarantine life. Like many parents I am trying not to terrify my child (and myself), but unlike many parents I will not sugarcoat things. Especially after spending decades...
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Join Moms On A Teletownhall TONIGHT For the ACA!

March 23, 2020
Happy 10th anniversary to the Affordable Care Act! I became an advocate for health care way back when the ACA was being considered, by sharing my family's health care story with an incredible organization called healthcare rally.jpg When my son, Ethan, was born in 2006 we found out...
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How I Adapt to Quarantine Life

March 19, 2020
When your camping trip gets canceled, you pitch a tent in your backyard. The ability to adapt to change, adjust to a new reality, let go of what was and create a new sense of normalcy is the secret to happiness. It’s not something you’ll find at the end of a treasure hunt. Happiness is a state of...

UPDATED! [VIDEO] How to talk to kids about coronavirus: FREE Webinar

March 17, 2020
As we stay inside and practice responsible social distancing, it’s more important than ever that we’re connecting and supporting one another. That’s why the Women's March is hosting a series of webinars this week to discuss the issues we know are impacting you already. Yesterday we heard from...
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Novel Coronavirus Response Must Include Affordable, Equal Access to Treatment for ALL

March 17, 2020
My name is Yasmin Canales and I am member of Little Lobbyists, an organization who advocates for kids with complex medical needs and disabilities. I am a high school senior, just accepted into my top 2 choices for college. I love swimming, work as a lifeguard, and am a youth group leader with a passion for sharing my faith. I was also born with a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis, which affects all my organs, but especially my respiratory and digestive systems. Since birth, I have had over 30 hospitalizations for weeks at a time as well as 15 surgeries. I take 21 different medications, including over 35 pills daily, and 2-4 hours of intense respiratory therapies.
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Take Action!

***Important*** Tell your Senator to vote YES on the COVID-19 package!

March 14, 2020
Listen, I’m going to get real with you. I know that you might be more than a little anxious right now and unsure of what is going on with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreading. I am too. The good news is that late last night Speaker Nancy Pelsoi and leaders in the U.S. House of...
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Maternal Justice Legislative & Policy Updates - Feb/March 2020

March 14, 2020
An overview of Maternal Justice related federal and state policy updates for February and March 2020
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