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Counting Latino Children

Census 2020: Securing Our Children’s Future Through A Full Count

May 9, 2019
Every mom remembers the day she held her little one(s) for the first time – a moment of both great joy and some anxiety about the uncertainty the future may bring. I became a mother (and father) to a beautiful baby girl – Rosita in September of 2009. Like many moms, before I knew it, I found myself...
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Woman looking at bills with prescription drugs sitting on a table

Quick signature! Tell Congress to lower drug prices now!

May 8, 2019
Prescription drug prices are continuing to rise and many families are struggling to afford life-saving prescriptions. In a recent survey by Kaiser Family Foundation, about a quarter of Americans said they’ve had trouble paying for a prescription. A QUARTER! It doesn’t have to be this way. There are...
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Living Atul Gawande…

May 7, 2019
If there is one book I have recommended over the last five years, it is Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal. Immersed as I am in caring for an older parent and surrounded as I am by friends and colleagues sorting out the same questions, this is no surprise. But what is surprising is that in spite of how...
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Mother's Day, Equal Pay: April MOMentum is HERE!

May 2, 2019
How your donation is making a difference Spring has sprung and this April has been as full of progress as it has been of wildflowers! From advancing equal pay in Washington, to moving the needle on Medicaid expansion in North Carolina, to amplifying the second annual national Black Maternal Health...
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4.29.19 #MaternalJustice Tweetchat on Latina Maternal Health

May 2, 2019
We had a terrific tweetchat on Latina maternal health-- check it out!
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All New Podcast: Eyes On The Prize!

April 29, 2019
We're back with an all new podcast this week where we cover winning fair pay in the states (and how you can make your state a winning state) with our own Washington State MomsForce Director, Maggie Humphreys. Dana Bye Campaign Director of Tax march joins us to examine #TrumpsTaxScam and how we can...
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Black Maternal Health Week leads with research and healing

April 18, 2019
As midwife Jennie Joseph writes, “mothers can suffer and experience the effects of being in a living, breathing, materno-toxic zone all of their own, based on other people’s response or reaction to their race, socio-economic status, citizenship or by being “othered” while pregnant, delivering their baby or in the postpartum year, regardless of location.”
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Participa en nuestro día de acción a nivel estatal para expandir Medicaid

April 16, 2019
Medicaid ayuda a las familias a vencer las tormentas durante los tiempos de necesidad, ya sea debido a un accidente o una crisis financiera. Las familias en nuestro estado entienden cuan crítico es tener cobertura de salud para poder tener acceso a cuidado preventivo y poder ver a un doctor cuando...
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Medicaid Helps Families Weather The Storm

TODAY: Take action to help NC's uninsured!

April 15, 2019
Today is the day! We are joining with thousands of people across North Carolina for a day of action to close the health care coverage gap! Here is what you can do right now to remind lawmakers that “Medicaid helps families weather the storm” and to expand health insurance to low-income uninsured...
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Medicaid Helps Families Weather the Storm (Storybook)

April 15, 2019
Medicaid helps families weather the storm during times of need—whether it be during a health care crisis or a time of financial hardship. But in North Carolina, lawmakers have yet to make this critical and often life-saving program available to about half a million low-income uninsured adults. That...
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