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My name is Ansley, I live in NH, and I’m a proud stepmom. 
In the spring of 2021 our family lost employer provided health insurance due to slowdowns because of the pandemic.  At about $2000 a month COBRA wasn’t an option for us on top of other bills we were juggling to pay. Like millions of other Amercians, we were struggling in ways we hadn’t before.

A loss in health insurance meant choosing between stopping necessary medication or paying out of pocket for something unaffordable. At a time when we needed it most, mental health care wasn’t accessible. 

I had no idea how to “do” this, how to pay for medications for my daughter out of pocket, how to sleep at night worried about emergencies and potential hospital bills if something happened. I was overwhelmed and afraid. When you’re facing that much stress, navigating systems, applications and processes feels like looking at a mountain from the bottom up. I felt like I was drowning and the supports I had leaned on through the pandemic weren’t there. 

Thankfully I was able to reach out to a friend who connected me to an ACA navigator. Her name was Nancy and she was in Northern Virginia. I remember because of her warmth and kindness. Over the phone Nancy walked me step by through the application process; Her patience was stunning as we figured out things line by line. We were states apart but it felt like she was holding my hand at my kitchen table, telling me it was going to be alright. 

And do you know what? It was. My family qualified for insurance through the ACA marketplace. My daughter was able to continue her medication. I was able to access mental health services. I could sleep easier at night knowing we were covered if heaven forbid an accident should happen. When my husband had work again, we regained insurance through his employer. The ACA marketplace caught us when we needed it most. 

I am grateful to hear our elected officials are prioritizing access to health care. Because they did this in the past, our family was covered during a stressful time. Because of their continued support, more Granite State families like mine will be able to sleep a little easier knowing that healthcare isn’t something they have to worry about. Thank you very much.

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