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Childcare & Early Education

A Special Juneteenth #5Actions: Saturday, June 19, 2021

June 18, 2021
In honor of Juneteenth, or Freedom Day, we are inviting MomsRising members across the country to join us in recommitting to the fight for racial justice for families.
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Top #5Actions of the Past Week: Friday, June 11, 2021

June 11, 2021
Summer is here, and we are excited today to launch our new summer postcards for change campaign as one of this week’s #5actions!
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At 56 Head Start Remains Most Effective Tool to Increase Equity

May 27, 2021
Expanding access to Head Start and Early Head Start within new federal investments in early care education will ensure that we advance equity.
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The Importance of Universal Paid Leave and Guaranteed Access to Child Care

May 27, 2021
I had the honor of speaking in front of the Ways and Means Worker and Family Support Ways and Means Subcommittee on behalf of MomsRising families to talk about why child care is so important to our communities. Below, you'll find my statement.
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Top #5Actions of the Past Week: Friday, May 21, 2021

May 21, 2021
It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-May. We appreciate all you’ve done to take action, make your voice heard, and help bring relief to so many families. Here are 5Actions you can take to keep the MOMentum going.
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How friends, family, teachers and other caregivers can support new mothers

May 3, 2021
Developed by Lina Acosta Sandaal, MA, LMFT MomsRising consultant and expert in child and adolescent development and infant and early childhood mental health Perinatal and postpartum disorders are extremely common in women during pregnancy and after they give birth. While there is information out...
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Celebrating our Child Care Providers: Cassandra Brooks

May 3, 2021
On May 7th, we celebrate National Child Care Providers Day. It is a day that was established to celebrate those that care for our children We wanted to celebrate and lift up the voices of one of those providers, Cassandra Brooks. Cassandra is a child care provider, owner of Little Believers Academy...
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Celebrating Bilingualism, Using MomsRising Bilingual Education Page

May 2, 2021
April has been a busy month with much to celebrate. One of those celebrations that I take pride in is that April is National Bilingual/Multilingual Learner Advocacy Month! While we have started a new month, it’s never too late to celebrate. As the daughter of Mexican immigrants who grew up in a...
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Immigrants will help us recover! SIGN to support a pathway to citizenship!

April 19, 2021
Immigrants are a vital part of our essential workforce, the care infrastructure, our communities, and our families. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this has become even more apparent as immigrants played and continue to play an integral role in our care infrastructure as caregivers and other...
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Engaging in Advocacy Using Literacy

April 16, 2021
It is commonly known that Parent involvement in children's lives is one of the highest indicators of early literacy success for children. However, literacy is also a great way to provide an entry point on having conversations around social justice issues and advocacy even for our youngest learners...
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