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Childcare & Early Education

¡Toma Acción para estabilizar el cuidado infantil en el próximo paquete de para el coronavirus!

September 1, 2020
“Tratar de encontrar cuidado infantil durante la pandemia es casi imposible. Soy responsable de un bebé de 20 meses y en estos momentos tengo que llevarlo de una casa a otra para para que lo cuiden. Esto no es seguro para él o para mí. Soy una de esas personas de alto riesgo, pero tengo que hacerlo...
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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A screenshot of a Facebook post about kids supporting other kids held in immigration detention.]

Review the Week: 3 Can't Miss Posts [Aug 28, 2020]

August 27, 2020
ICYMI: The MomsRising community was focused on being voters, raising voters and raising our voices for justice this week. Take a look at these three posts you loved, shared or might have missed for the week ending Aug. 28, 2020. 1) BLOG: Arizona! Your Voting Info and Deadlines Exercise your right...
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Parenting Infants and Toddlers in Times of Crisis (like a Pandemic?!)

August 20, 2020
When families of young children are in the midst of a difficult transition or living through a crisis, they often wonder: How do I keep my child safe? And, as part of that understanding of not being able to give enough of their time to their children, they worry about their children’s development...
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Books for Raising Voters, Advocates, Activists, Future Presidents

August 20, 2020
As parents we know it can be hard to find creative and age appropriate ways to discuss social justice and all the uncertainty in the world with our children. Finding quality material to engage your kids in social activism, voting and other social justice issues can be overwhelming, and daunting...
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{image description: empty school classroom chairs}

We Can't Open Schools Without Paid Leave. Pass it on.

August 12, 2020
It’s a back to school season like none we have ever experienced before. Instead of reviewing school supply lists, we’re dealing with a lot of uncertainty and scrambling to figure out what to do if (!?!?) or when (!?!?) our schools and child care centers reopen. This year the supplies that we need...
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“It Sucks.” Infants, Toddlers, and the COVID-19 Child Care Crisis

August 11, 2020
Kansas mom, Kaylee, just about summed up the crisis families are facing with child care with MomsRising: “It sucks. I'm afraid to send them to a grandparent, but also afraid to send them to a [formal child care] situation where we don't know the risks of them bringing home COVID to those same...
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CALL your Senator to #SaveChildCare

August 6, 2020
First, the good news: Thanks to YOU and thousands of moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, and people who support child care, the U.S. House of Representatives just passed ( in a historic vote! ) the Child Care Is Essential Act and the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act! These would ensure a $50...
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Work-Life Balance AND Homeschooling Your Children? It’s Possible!

August 6, 2020
In 2019, after an extremely distressing school year filled with my son’s academic needs not being met, bullying against him by other students, and constant fear and stress on my part, I decided I was going to take my son’s education into my own hands and homeschool him. This would be in conjunction...
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Planning for School Re-Opening and English Learners

August 5, 2020
By now, we all know that the coronavirus presents schools with unprecedented challenges. Most K–12 campuses across the country closed in the spring—and scrambled to continue their work in a different setting. The pace of the crisis left the country’s public education system with little time to plan...
Mitch McConnell wrong again

Top #5Actions of the Past Week: July 31, 2020

July 30, 2020
It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of July. While we are gearing up for the elections in less than 100 days, we have some critical actions for you to take this week -- primarily related to COVID-19 relief. We need your help to urge Congress to extend unemployment insurance, protect the CDC...
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