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Celebrating Bilingual Awareness Month

Bilingual From Birth

April 12, 2017
My friend recently posted a video of Alice, her eight-month-old, sitting at the kitchen table babbling to her husband in Swedish. No, her baby wasn’t actually speaking Swedish, but to anyone listening to the video, her baby’s ba’s and ga’s and da’s had the sound and rhythm of Swedish. My friend’s...
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My Fourth Child

April 11, 2017
“Never start a fight, but you better finish it.” My mother drilled this message home to my siblings and me, and it’s the same instruction I’ve given to all three of my birth children, and now my great niece that I am adopting. Basically, it means not to get in trouble or pick with others but to...
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MomsRising Applauds Passage of Maryland Legislation Restricting Suspensions, Expulsions of Children in Pre-K - 2nd Grade

April 11, 2017
Over the weekend, state legislation to significantly restrict disciplinary actions like suspensions and expulsions of public school students in pre-K through second grade passed over Republican opposition. The new law will ban expulsion as a penalty for children in almost all cases, and restrict...
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Take #5Actions This Week!

April 10, 2017
Victories! We’re delighted to share that you're not only play a major role holding the line on healthcare at the federal level right now, we’re also winning at the city and state levels across the nation because of people like YOU! In fact, because of people like you signing letters, making calls,...
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Hope: Everyone deserves it!

April 10, 2017
Sheena Harris, mother of three leaves her home at 5am to arrive at work by 7 am. She only works approximately 30 minutes from her home. She takes her 5th and 3rd grader to a family member's home along with her 2 yr old. The drive is 30 minute in the opposite direction from work. Her drive time from...
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Hope in Detroit

April 10, 2017
As I enjoy the sunshine after a long week of rainy days in Michigan, I reflect on my experiences and interactions working to mobilize community involvement in the development of a comprehensive early childhood system for the City of Detroit. Although, I am utterly inspired and humbled by the...
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Creating Healthy Communities!

April 5, 2017
We are raising awareness this week on strategies that can help build #HealthyCommunities! Healthy communities are essential to the physical and psychological development of all children. Studies show children who attend schools that integrate nutrition and physical activity have an academic and...
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Standing for Dual Language Programs

April 2, 2017
I strongly believe in the value of dual language programs. I took several years of French in high school but never quite picked up on it and switched to Spanish in college, so I never would have thought I would put my child in a French language preschool program. But when I found out about La...
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Please Read: School Food is Not Fake News

March 29, 2017
Something often heard from conspiracy theorists but not taken seriously is the idea that American news was being manipulated. Apparently, it is a tactic once used by intelligence agencies and now with the amount of control the public has over global media, “fake news” has become a commercial...
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#5Actions - We persisted & we won!

March 27, 2017
We did it! Because you raised your voice, made calls, signed petitions, sent letters, shared your story, went to Town Halls, took action — along with hundreds of thousands of other people across the nation and across multiple organizations — you stopped a horrible healthcare bill in it’s tracks...
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