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Danielle Wilson is a mom of three from Queens, NY. She has been a storyteller and content creator for over a decade, sharing her life as a mom and influencer in New York City on her personal blog, Dellah's Jubilation. She recently joined the MomsRising family as a RISER. We chatted with Danielle about her advocacy journey with MomsRising.


What’s the most impactful action you’ve take this year as part of MomsRising? 

The most impactful action I’ve taken this year as part of MomsRising has been to share my story at the Capitol & in front of Media about challenges with access to affordable childcare, and my traumatic birth experience (facing bias, negligence etc)  during the pandemic as a Black mom that perseveres with a Chronic illness while imploring leaders not to make cuts to essential funding. I also take great pride in being able to sit down for an interview on the Black Maternal Health crisis for The Guardian and to be able to connect the reporter with other advocates & birth workers. 


What’s your most memorable moment as a MomsRising RISER fellow? 

My most memorable moment/ experience as a MomsRising fellow was joining 30+ other powerful moms from all over the nation for a bootcamp, and at the White House. The MOM Power Playbook has been so useful in highlighting terms we were unfamiliar with and it was awesome to be able to put some of what we learned into action at the Capitol.

We listened, supported and amplified each other's lived experiences while asking officials to support providing $16B towards what families need to thrive. Seeing our 2.5 yr old daughter walk through the halls, and point out the differences between The White House & The Capitol in excitement and to have Ayanna Pressley call her a mini lobbyist are moments we won’t forget. 


What keeps you motivated to fight for change? 

We’re fighting for a better world for our children, especially our daughters. It will never make sense to me how we can spend $14B without much of a blink on weapons to destroy the lives of innocent families, and children in another country while not supporting the families right here in the U.S that need it most to just live a basic life. When you think of all the rights that are being taken away it truly feels like a war on women that’s taking us back centuries and it’s unacceptable that we have more rights now than our little girls might in a decade. 


How has the RISERS experience changed your life? 

Feminist writer Audre Lorde wasn’t someone I was familiar with until this year and this quote has stuck with me: "There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.”I’ve always been a storyteller and a connector in written form and this experience has empowered me to actually use my voice to be a changemaker. 

It’s allowed me to challenge myself to face my fears of public speaking, and to acknowledge that sometimes we have to do what makes us uncomfortable for something bigger, and to truly help move the needle. Because I have so much experience and God has spared my life not once but three times I will continue to find purpose through painful moments if it means I can help someone else. 

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