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Tyree Nichols should be here.

This week we honor the life of Tyree Nichols a father, skateboarding aficionado and amateur photographer who was taken from his loved by police violence at the age of 29.

One year ago, #TyreNichols was driving home to have dinner with his family when he was pulled over by Memphis police who claimed the Black man was driving recklessly and yanked him out of his car.

Officers hit him with a stun gun and pepper sprayed him, but he managed to get away and tried to run home. Five officers caught up with him just steps from his house, and, as he called out for his mother, they kicked him, punched him and hit him with a police baton. The attack was captured on the officers' body cameras and a stationary police pole camera.

Nichols died in a hospital of his injuries three days later on Jan. 10, 2023. His death shook Memphis to its core and led to impassioned protests throughout the U.S.

Tyree’s tragic and unnecessary death reminds us of the need to radically reimagine the role of over dependence on police in our lives as well as the urgency at which we must advocate for Congress to step up and support new inclusive, holistic, and health-centered approaches to dealing with crises that will reduce harm and truly keep our communities safe.

It's time to reimagine public safety and our over reliance on policing. Tell Congress to Pass the People’s Response Act Now!



Call Congress and tell them to protect and fully fund WIC!

Bipartisan leaders in the House of Representatives and Senate have just reached a top-line deal to keep the government funded for the remainder of the year [1]—but they have horrifyingly not yet agreed to fully fund the Women, Infant, and Child Supplemental Nutrition Program (WIC) at the level needed to prevent benefit cuts and/or waitlists.

We need to ring the alarm bells so Congress knows they need to protect the health and nutrition of pregnant women/postpartum moms, babies, and toddlers.

CALL your members of Congress and tell them “fully fund WIC immediately!” We make it super easy for you—click on our hotline to Congress link (or you can simply text FundWIC to 888-418-5699) and fill in your information and you’ll get a call on your phone connecting you directly to your Senators’ offices. We even provide you with written talking points to assist you in your call.




Sign now: Tax breaks for families, not corporations!

It was just announced that Congress is close to reaching a bipartisan tax package deal that could temporarily expand the Child Tax Credit (CTC) to more low-income families. Republicans in Congress want to extend tax cuts for corporations that are set to expire. We know that parents want tax policies that look very different! Luckily, our champions on the Democrat side are standing up for working families and saying “no tax cuts for corporations without first expanding the Child Tax Credit!”

With Congress negotiating a new tax package, making sure the CTC reaches children most in need should be the priority in any tax package. Currently an estimated 19 million children receive less than the full CTC because their parents’ incomes are too low. These are the families that need the CTC the most! These children should be the focus of any CTC expansion in the coming year. Proposals to expand the credit that would do little or nothing to reduce child poverty or expand the credit meaningfully for these 19 million children should be rejected.

That message is starting to break through but in order to get the CTC expansion across the finish line before the end of the month we need YOU to speak out and put pressure on your elected leaders.

***SIGN OUR LETTER calling on Congress to expand the Child Tax Credit now!




Thank You for Taking Action and Supporting Brittany Watts!

This week we learned that the grand jury reviewing the case against Brittany Watts, a loving mother of 3 who experienced a misscarriage, declined to indict, effectively dropping the meritless criminal charge. Being pregnant is not a crime. Miscarrying is not a crime. Brittany Watts experienced the unimaginable trauma of a life threatening loss of pregnancy at 22 weeks. Even though neither health-care workers nor law enforcement officials dispute that Brittany’s pregnancy loss, a miscarriage, was natural; Brittany faced months of fear of being charged with a fifth degree felony. This should have been time to heal with her family.

The harsh impacts of limited access to reproductive care, the closure of maternity wards, strict or prohibited abortion laws, racial and socioeconomic injustices, and the consequences on pregnant women and their babies collectively form a complex and nuanced crisis in our healthcare system that leaves vulnerable populations at high risk!

The dropping of the charge against Brittany Watts is a big win in the fight for reproductive and maternal health in this country but our work is far from over. Join MomsRising and make a contribution towards Reproductive Justice today!

Make a contribution towards Reproductive Justice Today!




Tell us: What are your child care needs right now?

We want to hear from you! As we continue to pressure Congress to get solutions to the ongoing child care crisis, we need to hear from you: what are your child care needs right now? How are you planning your child care and summer care needs? Are you struggling to pay for child care? Is there a long wait list in your area, or staffing issues at your child care center? Has your child not been able to secure a pre-k spot? Have you had to leave the workforce due to child care costs or availability? We want to know all of it, so we can let legislators know: child care is still a struggle and we need them to solve child care.

Your lawmakers need to know your child care struggles! Share them here.

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