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Help us protect access to health, nutrition & housing for immigrant families and children!

The Public Charge Rule the Biden administration published was a much clearer and moderate framework for immigrant families to access non-cash assistance programs like Medicaid and SNAP that help keep their children healthy! This was a welcomed change and badly needed – not just because it puts an end to an unfortunate chapter in our history during which a heartless, anti-immigrant administration used public policies to intimidate and punish immigrant families, but also because it makes clear that neither use of health, nutrition and housing assistance nor benefits used by a U.S. citizen child will not be considered in citizenship applications of their family members.

Last month the Senate took a vote to revoke Biden’s Public Charge Rule and soon the House will too! This attack on Biden’s Public Charge Rule is yet another attack on immigrants and undermines immigrant children’s health. Continued fear and confusion will keep parents from accessing the health and nutrition programs their kids need!

Tell your U.S. Representatives to protect immigrant families and children’s access to health, nutrition and housing!




Write a Letter to the Editor in support of child care!

Will you write a letter to the editor (LTE) asking your lawmakers to act on child care and support the Child Care for Working Families Act? (We’ve got a handy dandy wizard tool that will help you!)

Letters to the editor are an incredibly powerful way to make sure our elected leaders get the message–and know what their constituents care about. Lawmakers are reading their local papers to get a sense of what matters to people in their community.

If you’ve never written a letter to the editor, no problem! We’ve got a pretty easy tool that will help—just copy, paste, and edit one of our pre-drafted letters (or draft your own—we’ve provided talking points, too!) and send it to your paper with a few clicks.

Got child care struggles? Your lawmakers need to know!




Georgia Police Use Intimidation Tactics in Arresting Cop City Bail Fund Organizers

On May 31st, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested the organizers of the Atlanta Solidarity fund on charges of charity fraud and money laundering. The organization is a critical support in providing bail funds to arrested Cop City protesters. These arrests are the latest in a slew of intimidation tactics by Georgia police in efforts to deter the Cop City protests in Atlanta. Georgia officials continue to ignore the voices of community members who are advocating for investments in communities not cops.

Tell Georgia Police To Release Cop City Bail Fund Organizers! Say NO to Cop City!




Tell Congress to address the youth mental health crisis!

The mental health crisis among children and adolescents was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it also highlighted the vulnerability of the mental health safety net system. It’s absolutely clear that the need for mental health screening, diagnostics, and evidence-based therapeutic services for families and children from infancy through adolescence is greater than ever. However, the United States was already failing to meet these needs even before the pandemic, especially for youth of color. But have no fear! There’s a way to change this issue so that our children’s mental health has brighter futures.

Quick signature! Urge Congress to act to address the youth mental health crisis!



Renewing Registry & supporting our nation’s immigrants is a no-brainer!

Did you know nearly 23 million immigrants have put their lives on the line in essential roles since the start of the pandemic? And over 5 million are undocumented. Immigrants took on vital roles that helped keep our children and families healthy, and keep our child care, health care system, long term care, food supply chain, and our economy running. Without their hard work we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Currently, there’s a bill in the U.S. House that could help permanently protect some of our nation’s immigrants and get us one step closer toward rebuilding our nation’s care infrastructure. The Registry Bill would update a law already in the books since 1929 and that’s been repeatedly updated over the years!

Sign on! We need bipartisan support, so please tell every member of Congress to support the Registry Bill and permanent protections for our frontline workers!


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