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Paid Family Leave

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Ringing in Paid Leave in WA

January 3, 2019
We’re writing with a BIG announcement for the New Year: Washington State is expecting...Paid Family and Medical Leave! You might qualify for up to 16 weeks of paid time off from work beginning in 2020! And you can help your friends, family, and neighbors benefit too. Check out MomsRising’s BRAND...
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Este año estamos celebrando los Permisos Familiares y Médicos Pagados

January 3, 2019
Te estamos escribiendo para darte una maravillosa noticia: El estado de Washington está en espera… ¡de los Permisos Familiares y Médicos Pagados! ¡Puedes calificar hasta 16 semanas de tiempo libre del trabajo a partir del 2020! Visita el NUEVO sitio web en español de MomsRising para aprender todo...
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News You Can Use!

Q&A about PFML: Answering your questions about Washington's new paid family and medical leave program

January 2, 2019
In 2020, Washington workers will be eligible for up to 16 weeks of paid family and medical leave. To learn more about the program, visit here . As we get clarifying questions from members, we will occassionally post answers to the blog in addition to responding in the comments. Below is a question...
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It’s The Most Magical Time of Year For Family

December 20, 2018
Tis the season of jingle bells, holiday lights, and family gatherings. It’s my favorite time of year, but this year it’s even more special as our state readies to implement paid family and medical leave for all. In 2017, I represented MomsRising at a negotiation table in the State Legislature with...
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Speak Out With #RisersRadio

December 10, 2018
On the #RadioShow this week we cover how YOU can get healthcare coverage through before Dec. 15th; the ways in which gun safety legislation is moving forward and how you can help; why a best-in-the-nation paid family/medical leave bill is changing our nation for the better; and...
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Adoption Awareness Month
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Love, loss and paid family leave: One adoption story

November 26, 2018
Like every parent, I will never forget the day we brought our daughter home for the first time. It was an unseasonably warm spring day and, after dumping the luggage from our weeks abroad, we headed straight for the yard. As I set our 17-month-old in the grass, I felt a momentary a rush of relief...
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Amor, pérdida y permisos familiares pagados: Una historia de adopción

November 20, 2018
Como cualquier padre de familia, nunca olvidaré el día que trajimos a nuestra hija a la casa por primera vez. Era un día de primavera inusualmente cálido y, después de meter a la casa el equipaje de una semana que pasamos fuera del país, salimos al patio. Cuando puse a nuestra hija de 17 meses en...
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Take Action!
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A graphic image with four panels that provide examples of issues on which local communities often legislate, like gun safety.]

Preemption Stifles Local Voices, Innovation. Here's how

November 19, 2018
Preemption policies prohibit local governments from passing laws or ordnances that are more robust than what exists at a higher level. For example, a preemption policy could prohibit a city council from passing a soda tax because one doesn't exist at the state level, or a borough council from...
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Write a LTE!

Thankful Paid Family and Medical Leave is coming to WA? Write an LTE!

November 16, 2018
November is all about gratitude--counting the blessings and gifts we have now. For some, a main source of gratitude is the presence of family and the ability to provide for loved ones. That’s why we’re extra thankful that Washington families will soon be able to benefit from Washington’s new Paid...
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Premature Awareness Month

A Premature Birth Can Be Traumatic, Not Having Paid Leave Makes It Worse

November 14, 2018
Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to have kids. My husband and I married somewhat young, and we decided to try having kids when we were in our twenties, just in case it might not work out if we tried in our thirties. With our chosen professions in the food industry, there would have been no...
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