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We triumphed with the resume deliveries to Senator McCain today! There were FOUR tv cameras! CBS, CNN, WTTG (local Fox news) and Telemundo. Plus a wire service and I think an AP camera (it was a little crazy). And the AFL-CIO is going to post on their blog and include a photo.
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This morning, MomsRising moms were in action in Washington, D.C. These brave MOMs -- wearing sashes saying "Magnificently Overqualified Mother" -- just delivered nearly 9,000 resumes to Senator John McCain in support of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act [1].
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We moms have lots of practice dodging sneezes. But how long can you really last without getting sick? Play our new, wacky, addictive, nation-changing, sneezing nose game, "Don't Get Sick," at
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I know there are many moms reading this who have had a bad experience with dads and with men in general. Frankly, it troubles me as well to hear about some of the dads out there and I can completely understand the anger. It can be well deserved.
Is there some value to Father's Day other than the Hallmark greeting card that it is presently? Is there something more to this day than just buying another tie or another golf shirt for dad?
Laws are nice, but they don't always work. The Fair Pay Act is a prime example. In 1963, Congress passed the Fair Pay Act, a gesture seemingly ahead of its time. From that moment forward, women and men would get paid the same for equal work. Today, 45 years later, I'm still waiting.
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When I'm really lost, I need some serious help to get re-oriented -- a map, a compass, and someone giving me directions! It looks like the California legislature may also need some serious navigational help to back on course with healthcare for all kids.
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The moment my now 10-year-old daughter started kindergarten, I knew that school schedules were a missing piece of the work/family puzzle. From the assemblies at 11:00 a.m. that only a handful of parents can attend to the countless days when children are off or released early from school, sometimes it’s hard to believe we’re living in the 21st century.
Members send in stories all the time about their local adventures in breastfeeding. There are ones worthy of cheers (eg, stories of employers who are pumping-break friendly) and ones deserving jeers (eg, getting kicked off a plane and out of restaurants for breastfeeding).
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The implications of rising fuel costs extend beyond drivers. Even the cost of school lunches will spike this fall as food and gas prices have risen and federal subsidies have not kept up with the added costs, according to an article on School districts across the country are feeling the pinch. From the MSNBC article:
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