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I’ve watched the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington too many times because I’m definitely a sucker for inspirational stories about “ordinary” people entering and influencing the corridors of power.
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Barack Obama says the way to help out the average American is with tax cuts and credits.
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If you are a working woman, are you worried about finding a job that pays your bills and provides benefits? Or concerned about the rising cost of health care? Maybe you’re frustrated you can’t find time to do your job and spend time with your family. Or are you tired of working as hard as your male counterparts and not getting paid as much?
Many election-year observers have noted the absence of a compelling idea or framework to unite either party—and ultimately the electorate—in the Presidential race. Slogans like "change," "experience," and "security" don't suffice at a time when Americans are being pounded by waves of global, demographic, and technological change.
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Funny, how a bike changes a kid. Last summer, my 6-year-old son learned how to ride a 2-wheeler, and by the time fall came, it got too cold too fast to keep it up. This year, he was back up on the first warm day.
Earlier this week, my 12-year-old son told me he was a little nervous about asking a girl in his class if she wanted to go out, and he wanted my advice. My rather doltish response: "Um, where are you going to go?"
Maxine Nelson, 65, impressed me the first time I met her. She is an African-American resident of Pine Bluff, Ark., a retired nurse and feisty warrior for social justice. She is also a national board member of ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, and a member of the Arkansas School Boards Association.
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For Mother's Day this year Vocal Visions produced A CD, From A Mother's Heart, , which is a compilation of songs done by recording artists for their Mothers. Not only that--they are dedicating a portion of their profits to
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When ABC did their story on maternal profiling, I was really glad about it. Not, of course, about maternal profiling, but the fact that a mainstream media outlet was picking up on this issue.
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