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In New Jersey, a broad coalition of organizations including MomsRising is in the final stages of passing Family Leave Insurance. This is terrific news that has important national implications.
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The following is the first of a series of essays which discuss the 5 founding principles of Mothers Acting Up , a national non-profit organization which exists to inspire and mobilize mothers to advocate on behalf of the world’s children.
On International Women's Day Saturday, I started thinking about moms around the world and then moms in our own United States of America. As the mother of four children, I've spent a lot of time over the years breastfeeding babies, and so I wondered: Why do moms in the U.S. still lack a guarantee of some paid maternity leave so they have time to bond with their bundles-of-joy?
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It's funny how things catch you, make your heart skip a beat.
... lose two part time jobs. Panic, take a few deep breaths. And write my Congressperson!
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Time magazine recently dedicated a cover to education. Despite my time helping start a Spanish immersion school and writing about education, I found so much of it eye-opening, starting with the controversy around merit pay for teachers.
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Written by Nanette Fondas and Katie Bethell A stay-at-home mother doesn't get a paycheck, so she might wonder if the Fair Pay Restoration Act impacts her life. At first glance it appears not, but a closer look shows that it does affect her and that all moms -- regardless of their stay-at-home or working mother status -- would be wise to support it.
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A few days back I was talking with a working mom who is newly pregnant. She's someone I really like and respect. Anyway, I asked her what she intended to do regarding maternity leave and she told me she expected that she would take a few weeks off from work.
We moms do our best to keep our families safe. But in light of recent safety news, I think we're going to go find Saddam Hussein's worm hole and take up residence there.
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When it comes to open, flexible work options such as those is working to achieve, the term "family-friendly" could more accurately be labeled "human-friendly." People in every conceivable living arrangement desire work that takes into account their individuality, their dreams, and their responsibilities outside of their jobs.
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