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05/24/06 is going to the NetSquared conference next week in San Jose. Joan will be speaking at the plenary Grassroots, Netroots, and the Beginning and End of Politics on Wednesday morning with Amy Goodman and Michael Turk on how her work with MoveOn and MomsRising has changed the way we think about and participate in politics.
Today I attended the Women for a New Los Angeles/ Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy luncheon. It was such a great surprise to open up the latest issue of their newsletter and find a full-page article on MomsRising! Barbara Ehrenreich gave a powerful acceptance speech for her award, with a clear focus on economic inequality and the obstacles working mothers face.
Not everyone spent Mother's Day eating breakfast in bed. In Laguna Niguel, California moms participated in the Mighty Mama Skate-o-Rama, a fundraiser for a local children's home. Women's Enews has an article that talks the way a new generation of moms are redefining motherhood. In response to economic and social pressures, women continue to express themselves and their ideas about parenting through art, music...and skateboarding.
MomsRising is getting noticed! In the last week we've had coverage in several major news media, as well many articles in the local press: put us in their list of "Ma Power!" groups. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer covered the launch and described how we're moving key motherhood issues into political discussions.
Happy Mother's Day! Here's a piece I just wrote in response to some of the reader comments about Joan and my posts on . Yes, I'm venting a bit. A woman can’t open her mouth these days about motherhood issues without getting called cutely naïve or politically incorrect. It drives me nuts.
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Launching MomsRising is a leap of faith. Even though mother’s issues are not front page news they touch us all personally, some more than others and I believe passionately in the power of grassroots engagement. MomsRising is all about growing a more powerful voice for the caring people that are the heart of this country.
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In 1996 I became a mother. I was the first in my group of friends to do so, and was getting an up close and personal lesson about the economic and time crunch that comes with such a leap. I started wondering, how do other moms patch together caring for family and work? What's really going on with mothers right now?
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At noon today, (Mexican Mother's Day) members of the UNITE HERE will converge on the LAX Hilton to ask that hotels give housekeepers (most of whom are moms) a break.
The website released a study today calculating the true cost of a mother's childrearing labor - they calculate that stay-at-home moms' would earn $134,000 a year if paid for all her work; mothers who work outside the home perform an estimated $85K of additional work.
1. MEDIA: Stop manufacturing “Mommy Wars!” Instead, report on how families can make ends meet! Demand a ceasefire in the so-called “Mommy Wars.” Help send a strong message to the media that uses this headline grabbing fiction to divide women. Sign the Ceasefire Petition to let media leaders know we...
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