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I've been a member of the United Methodist Church my whole life. I grew up with vacation Bible school, the Methodist hymnal, and Welch's grape juice communions. Even when I went to college, I found a home church that felt familiar.
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Just watched Lilly Ledbetter's speech. I'm glad she got a chance to tell her story on this stage. Those of us who are a part of know it well-- as a Goodyear tire manager, she spent 19 years making less than her male counterparts for the same job, at which her performance was praised.
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This week, the plight of children’s health in this year’s state budget garnered front page media attention.
Getting into the spirit of the BINGO game early, I decided to tune into Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention. There was quite a line up of speakers, from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to Senator Ted Kennedy to Caroline Kennedy to the woman of the hour, Michelle Obama. ***
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It's time to bingo with Barack tonight. The Power of ONEsie display was a smashing success at the Democratic Convention yesterday. Wow. Let's keep the energy going, and keep the voices of moms in the spotlight.
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Inspiration is in short supply these days in Sacramento. But as I, and several of my colleagues, delivered YOUR stories about healthcare to legislative aides, I saw a rare glimmer of interest and inspiration. The discussion quickly turned to, “How can we do it?” not “Is it important?”
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Change is in the air this year. For the first time in a generation, young people are galvanized in record numbers by the presidential campaign and have devoted themselves with renewed energy to the democratic process. If they vote in numbers similar to those we have seen on the campaign trail, they could change the political landscape for years to come.
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Earlier this year, Congress approved a $168 billion economic stimulus package that aimed to provide a temporary boost to the economy through handing out checks to the masses. Many presidents are tempted to try to stimulate the economy in this way. While Bush did it recently, our next president might try it, too. The package was a bipartisan
Mindful Living: Healthy Churches, Healthy People, Healthy Planet: Learn about the World of Toxics October 9-11, 2008 Lake Geneva Christian Center, Alexandria, Minnesota
President Bush just signed into law a ban on lead and another dangerous chemical called phthalates in toys and children's products, according to the Associated Press.
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