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Cross-posted at MotherTalkers . There has been much hoopla surrounding toys recalled for safety reasons. But are the legislators and industry actually doing something about it? Parents magazine recently released a full report:
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After watching the debates, tell us how the Democratic and/or Republican candidates scored on your MomsRising Candidate Bingo card! (Don't have a Bingo card yet? Get yours by clicking here.) Who scored highest? Lowest? Who surprised you?
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MP Dunleavy on MSN writes about women and money. I was toodling around that website and found this short article on childcare costs and how to offset them.
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Cookie magazine laid out all the federal and state protections for parents who must take leave for a new baby. Admittedly, it isn’t much, but it is something every new parent should know: "Family and Medical Leave Act
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I was late to the party when it came to seeing Michael Moore's movie Sicko. But as far as I'm concerned, it's a movie that every American should see before they vote in this presidential election.
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There's been a lot of writing lately regarding the new generation that's crept into their Twenties and are now seeking their own slice of the American Pie. Words like 'narcissistic' and 'most self centered' are used fairly liberally towards this new crop of kids.
The American public, at least the part consisting of parents, is obsessed with measuring how much housework is done by women versus men. Statistics about men’s increasing involvement at home clog the blogosphere and newspaper columns– followed by discussion of how much MORE women still do. Many women would love to find a way to get more help from their husbands to even the load.
As you may have read from a previous post on Daddy Wars , I believe the sparks of battle are beginning between working dads who want more family/work balance and management. As such, I'm putting on my war correspondent cap and am seeking any working dads who fit this.
Reading the stories by so many moms about how they have been discriminated against at the workplace is unsettling at best and horrifying at worst, but it’s not surprising.
Although I’m not a fan of trickle-down economic theory I’ve always believed that when women advance into positions of authority in the work world – pay and other conditions for women at those same companies (and in those job sectors) should eventually improve.