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President Bush just signed into law a ban on lead and another dangerous chemical called phthalates in toys and children's products, according to the Associated Press.
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Cross-posted at Here is yet another anecdote about our broken healthcare system. My father's company is asking all workers to take a blood test for cholesterol, prostate cancer and other illnesses. If the employees are not healthy, the company plans to force them on a diet or raise their health insurance rates by $1,500. "Is that even legal?" I asked him.
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As a family child care provider and entrepreneur of sorts, I know that parents depend on me to support their families and to make sure their young children begin school ready to learn.
The Friday night football game at the high school athletic field, the afternoon play date at the playground, and the weekend picnic at the local park – synthetic turfs are growing in popularity and are increasingly likely to be found in our communities.
Earlier this year, congress approved a $168 billion economic stimulus package that aimed to provide a temporary boost to the economy through handing out checks to the masses. While the package was a bipartisan compromise, critics have spoken from both sides.
Cross-posted at . Traveling across the country this summer, I have come across people who say they will not vote for Sen. Barack Obama for all kinds of bizarre reasons, including the false premise that he is a Muslim.
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Take Five Minutes to Tell Your Legislators not to Cut Children’s Health! Behind closed doors, the Big 5 – our four legislative leaders and Governor Schwarzenegger – are working to finalize California’s budget. Among the key items for debate remains the Semi-Annual Reporting proposal for children enrolled in Medi-Cal.
I regret to inform you that you're a victim of your own success: As a result of mothers across the country expressing their outrage at wage discrimination, we have not one, but two (yes, two!) major pieces of legislation moving in Congress to protect women and people of color from discrimination in the workplace.
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Right now, approximately 763,000 kids don't have healthcare coverage -- a number that is going up each year. In fact, now 1 in 8 kids nationwide don't have healthcare coverage, many more than just last year. Despite the outcry from many Californians, the legislature just isn't getting the message that all kids need healthcare coverage.
Last Friday, Governor Schwarzenegger released a proposal for Phase 1 of “Health Care Reform” in California [visit the (temporary) website for details of the plan]. Disappointingly, this first phase of health care reform omits any policy that would expand health coverage to children.