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Written by MOTHERS Guest Blogger, Kelly Coyle DiNorcia
I work from home (as a paid employee) for a youth sports organization. I have an almost four-year-old daughter and an almost one-year-old son, and though we have a sitter who comes once a week so I can have some undisturbed time to work, I am mostly juggling my caretaking and wage-earning responsibilities all at the same time. Most of the customers I speak with are, by definition, parents, so when I have to interrupt a telephone call to remind my daughter for the ten thousandth time that day that she will have to wait until after Mommy is done with her phone call for a cup of juice/something to eat/help changing the channel/a playmate, or to soothe my crying baby, I am rarely met with impatience. More often - particularly if there is a mother on the other end of the call - I am asked how old they are, and told how lucky I am to be able to work from home and be with them while earning a living. And I agree. I am lucky. I work in an extremely family-friendly environment (which included two sixteen-week fully paid maternity leaves) and for this I am grateful.
Click here to read the whole post from Your (Wo)man in Washington.

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