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Realistic & Fair Wages

Don't shortchange our moms, daughters and families! A Blog-a-thon for Fair Pay Day

April 12, 2011
Today - Tuesday, April 12 - is Equal Pay Day. The day that symbolizes how far into 2011 women have had to work to earn what men earned in 2010 - for the same work. That’s right. We’re four months into 2011 and women have *just* caught up to earning what men earned in 2010 for the same work ...
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A Woman's Work on Pay Equity is Never Done

April 12, 2011
Photo by Ian Bratton at A divorced janitor, a 27-year employee and the mother of a seventeen-year old son with the mental capacity of an 18-month old, fails to report for mandatory overtime one Saturday when her son’s caregiver could not work because of a sick child. She calls twice...
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Feeling Poor? Protest!

April 12, 2011
April 12 is Equal Pay Day. Chicago women will gather at noon at Daley Plaza! Pay equity is the thorn in corporate America’s side. Every company claims it pays equitably. No employer thinks that it contributes to the 19.8-cents-on-the-dollar pay gap. Yet the evidence keeps piling up. A long-...

Personal Reflections on Wage Inequality

April 12, 2011
I was a professional recruiter when I was pregnant with my first child in 2001. Two weeks into my maternity leave my job was eliminated, leaving this new mom without the full-time income that my husband and I had planned on. The day after I was laid off was September 11, the day of the domestic...
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Fair pay: It starts at the interview! A recent college grad's experience

April 12, 2011
If there are images in this attachment, they will not be displayed. Download the original attachment “Hello, my name is Nelsy. I’m 26 years old, and I have many qualities that you would like”… You would think I’m signing up for , but I’m not. I’m signing up for

Paycheck Fairness: Progress for America’s Women and Economic Security For the Middle Class

April 12, 2011
As we continue to mourn the passing of Geraldine Ferraro, and honor her extraordinary life, women today must not forget the words she spoke in her 1984 convention speech, “The issue is not what America can do for women, but what women can do for America.” These words should serve as a clarion call...
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Fighting for Jobs in an Economy That Works For Everyone

April 12, 2011
As a United States Senator, I’m fighting for jobs today and jobs tomorrow. I am on the side of a fair economy, and I am on the side of good guy and gal businesses. We need an economy that works for everyone, and works for the American family. But that means equal pay for equal work, and that is...

Women Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work; Let’s Pass Paycheck Fairness Legislation

April 12, 2011
Women have made significant gains in the workplace in recent decades, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at their paychecks. For every dollar paid to men in the United States, women earn just about 75 cents. The gap is even wider for female minorities. This disparity, which affects women at all...
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Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on Equal Pay Day

April 12, 2011
As a growing segment of America’s workforce, women now hold nearly half of today’s jobs. Their earnings account for a significant portion of the household income that sustains the financial well-being of their families. Almost 50 years after enactment of the Equal Pay Act, equal pay for equal work...
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Forgotten underclass: part-time workers

April 12, 2011
Today is Equal Pay Day , which symbolizes how many weeks into 2011 women must work simply to match what men made in 2010. It’s a stunning pay gap, but there’s a growing class of workers whose conditions are even more outrageous: part-timers. The great recession has forced millions of full-time...