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Realistic & Fair Wages

A Note to the U.S. Supreme Court on What Sexism Looks Like Today

April 12, 2011
Just to show you how important it is to have women in leadership positions, including the U.S. Supreme Court, the court appears to be divided among gender lines in the Dukes v. Wal-Mart sex discrimination case. From the Los Angeles Times : “Led by Justices Anthony M. Kennedy and Antonin Scalia, the...
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Paycheck Fairness Now!

April 12, 2011
On April 12, 2011, the nation observes Equal Pay Day to symbolize that women have to work a year plus more than three months to equal what men make in just one year, on average. This past year women were paid 77 cents for every dollar paid to men in the U.S. For women of color, the gap is even...
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It's more than just the horribly sexist comments

April 11, 2011
“Women will never make as much money as men…God made Adam first, and so women would always be second to men.” "If you would wear lower cut shirts...., you would probably get more pay.” [1] These are just two of many, many horribly sexist comments that Wal-Mart managers said to female employees...
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Dukes v. Wal-Mart and the Importance of Class Action Lawsuits in Addressing Systemic Sex Discrimination in the Workplace

March 29, 2011
Written with Ariane Hegewisch , Study Director at the Institute for Women's Policy Research. The Supreme Court heard arguments on Tuesday to decide whether the lower courts rightly certified the women at Wal-Mart as a class. Wal-Mart’s own salary data shows that on average women earn $1,100 per...
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Live Blog Chat With Arcelia Hurtado!

March 23, 2011
In an attempt to bring more original and interactive content to you, I am hosting a live blog chat at MotherTalkers this Friday at 9 a.m. PT/ 12 p.m. ET. We will be chatting with Arcelia Hurtado, executive director of Equal Rights Advocates , an advocacy organization for women and girls. For over a...
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Now About the Matter of Size

March 14, 2011
Last week, women commemorated the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day -- a worldwide celebration of women's progress. The American piece of this epic story began in Lawrence, Massachusetts, when 25,000 mill workers took to the streets to protest for better wages. One particularly...

We Must Keep Fighting for Equal Pay for Women

December 6, 2010
By Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) Earlier this year, on April 20th, we observed Equal Pay Day, the date that marked the 110 extra days that women had to work into 2010 in order to equal what men earned in 2009. This is an injustice of this first order. In 1963, Congress first responded to the wage gap...
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About That Vote...It Was Horrible!

November 18, 2010
We're mad, we're sad! The Paycheck Fairness Act came to the Senate floor yesterday and was defeated in a procedural vote . This is pathetic. Not only does this hurt working women today, it also sends a dangerous message to employers that it's safe to pay women less for equal work. Outrageous! "My...
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All I want for my Birthday is Fair Pay before I’m 50!

November 15, 2010
It’s getting down to the wire, so today we made a last minute mad dash into the city to tell Senator Brown why the Paycheck Fairness Act is so important to moms in Massachusetts. Members met at Sen. Brown’s office with clam cookies in hand to give voice to the experiences of moms who are missing...

Live from the House, it’s Nancy Pelosi!

October 31, 2010
Recently, Speaker Nancy Pelosi participated in a Tweetchat organized by MomsRising. The questions poured in from a diverse group of participants. Dozens of individuals, bloggers, organizations, media and even a fellow legislator (Rep. Rosa Delauro) joined in to chat about everything from the latest...
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