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Realistic & Fair Wages

In Speech to Professional Women, Arianna Huffington Equates Empathy With Success

June 18, 2010
SAN FRANCISCO – Over Memorial Day weekend, I participated in a blog carnival here at MomsRising on Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law and the fallout of immigration policies that break up families. In one of the stories’ threads, I engaged in a conversation with a woman named "Carla," who...
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Wear The Pants (Day)!

June 11, 2010
Personally, I fancy a skirt on warm June days (though we're far from that these days, in Seattle). But where would moms be without that one pair of perfect jeans? You know what I'm talking about. The jeans you wear at least three days a week? The "from playground to casual dinner" jeans? Wearing...

Equal at Birth But Not At Work

April 20, 2010
Ten years ago I gave birth to two babies: one girl, one boy. Their birthday is today, Equal Pay Day. Right now they are neck-in-neck with their weekly allowance, but if they were fifteen years older, my daughter's college degree, MBA, technological training, organizing and management experience,...
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Equal Pay Day: The Wage Gap between Mothers and Everyone Else

April 20, 2010
I'm frustrated by Equal Pay Day. Yes, I think it's important to point out that the wage gap between men and women still exists, and that a significant chunk of it is unexplained - likely sex discrimination. Yes, I think using a day in April to symbolize how far into 2010 a woman has to work to...
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Pay Equity and Sick Leave

April 5, 2010
Re-posted from Working Mother Magazine's Blog (see link at bottom) National Pay Equity Day will be held on April 20, 2010. While paid sick days are important for all workers, this benefit is even more important to working women and working mothers who typically are the main caregivers of their...
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When will we dictate policy to protect our future generations?

February 18, 2010
Why are other countries recognizing the need for a paid stay-at home option, yet we are not? When will we dictate policy to protect our future generations? Our country's leaders seem to be primarily concerned with the here and now, instead of maintaining a balance that satisfies the present and the...

Compensation for Parents

February 7, 2010
Most parents are overwhelmed when first entering into parenthood. This can cause emotional frustration and financial worry. To relieve this emotional burden, all parents should receive paid maternity and paternity leave for the first two years of their children’s lives . By providing this...

Sex, Love and Labor Statistics

September 28, 2009
On NPR this week, I was asked if there’s any good in the new statistics showing that women now outnumber men in the work force. Maybe. If it lets us embrace women as breadwinners, I said, that would be healthy. Even healthier: If men do their part at home and free women to keep the kinds of jobs...
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What's $1.00 minus .78 cents?

May 12, 2009
What's $1.00 minus .78 cents? It's the difference between your salary and the salary of your male counterparts. If you're a woman of color, you can subtract at least an additional 10 cents, and for single mothers you can take away even more . That's right: Just sixty cents to a man's dollar. Seem...

It's Equal Pay Day!

April 28, 2009
Click here to read the whole post from Your (Wo)man in Washington. In order to make what the average man made in 2008, the average woman has to work all of that year, and through today, April 28, in 2009. Equal Pay Day signifies that 23% gap between men's and women's wages, assuming both work year round and full time.
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