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I've turned a deaf ear to the constant news about this "controversy" because I try to avoid getting too involved in faux controversies created by political strategists. I just wanted to say one thing.

If people are going to use phrases like " Stay at home mothers are working," then they're going to have to back that assertion up with their votes or the policies. Otherwise it's lip service. They're going to have to change social constructs to ensure that stay-at-home moms aren't drifting into poverty in the way and in the numbers that they currently are. That they aren't staying in harmful domestic situations to ensure their financial security as many currently are.

It's all well and good to assert that "motherhood is work", and print bumper stickers that say "Moms drive the economy", but if mothers are not reaping financial security while doing their work, that's what needs to be addressed.

You can make a comment, like the widely publicized one, and it can be taken out of context and have malicious intent attributed to it. But that's smoke and mirrors to avoid the perfectly valid points made about the difference between the work women are doing in the home, and what our culture considers and rewards as "work".

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