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Gratitude for the Affordable Care Act

February 6, 2017
In 2005 I moved into a dorm room in California while I was a full-time graduate student. Unbeknownst to me the building had a mold and mildew problem and I had a horrible allergic reaction to it. It started with symptoms similar to getting a cold. But before long my lungs were producing mucous and...
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Rosie's Story: Why The ACA Is Important To Our Family

February 3, 2017
I was 20 weeks pregnant when my husband and I learned our firstborn would be born missing the entirety of her right leg as well as her left forearm. We had many questions, but we never questioned whether our health insurance would deny her before she was even born; we never questioned whether our...
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#ProtectOurCare: We can't wait for repeal and replacement!

February 2, 2017
I am a 4th generation daughter of Arizona, pushed to speak out to my community about the future of our Healthcare situation. Representative McSally stunned me, saying (paraphrasing) it will take years and years for the Republicans to figure out health care. This is NOT acceptable! Health care is...
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#ProtectOurCare - Why I'm Fighting to Keep the Affordable Care Act

February 2, 2017
I am one of countless moms in our country who can say that Medicaid literally saved my child's life. When my son, Ethan, was born in 2006, he needed to start chemotherapy at six weeks old to treat a life-threatening tumor. He needed round-the-clock care, so I had to quit work to care for him, which...
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#ProtectOurCare Meet Kim in Colorado

February 1, 2017
Quality, affordable healthcare coverage is incredibly important to families in the U.S. MomsRising has recieved thousands of messages from our volunteers with stories about why the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), Medicaid, CHIP, and Medicare matter for the health of their families. This #...
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#MilitaryMonday: The ACA and TRICARE – How It Helps Military Families and What Repeal Means for You

January 30, 2017
The Affordable Care Act (ACA), implemented by Former President Obama in 2010, was enacted to provide a set of minimum essential benefits for commercial health insurance, such as preventative health services, cost-free screenings, and counseling. In addition, the ACA prohibits insurance companies...
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Medicaid Coverage and Racial Equity

January 27, 2017
My first job out of grad school was working on Medicaid outreach. One of the first people who called me for help was a young woman of color who asked for my advice in accessing healthcare. She was experiencing complications in her pregnancy and didn't have insurance - she was looking for help on...
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Educating Our Leaders About the Real Healthcare Experiences of Families

January 20, 2017
Last Wednesday, I went to my Congressman’s office to hand deliver MomsRising’s healthcare storybook which has stories from moms and dads across the country, including New Jersey. I’ve called my Congressman’s office more times in the last two weeks than I have in the entire time I’ve been his...
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Thousands Nationwide Come Out to Fight Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

January 18, 2017
The line of cars snaking into the parking lots at Bowie State University was the first clue that on January 15 people in Maryland were determined to stand and fight against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. They were responding to calls from members of Congress, organized labor and activist...
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Human Needs Report: The 115th Congress Begins

January 18, 2017
The 115 th Congress convened on Jan. 3 and hit the ground running. The Coalition on Human Needs just released our latest edition of the Human Needs Report , our regular newsletter on national policy issues affecting low-income and vulnerable populations, with a look at what Members of Congress have...
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