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Nope. No Way. Not On My Watch.

December 28, 2015
Who would take healthcare away from low-income kids? You’d be surprised. When I was an unemployed single mom, attempting to start a business, CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) covered medical care for my young daughter, who was diagnosed with frightening febrile seizures at 19 months. CHIP...
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New York Expands the Rights of Pregnant Women Not to Be Shackled

December 22, 2015
Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York signed into law a measure that greatly expands protection against the inhumane and risky practice of restraining women when they are pregnant or have recently had a baby. Although New York enacted a law in 2009 to prevent the use of restraints on women...
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Who (or What) Most Needs Your Attention?

December 22, 2015
I recently had the curtain lifted around a key piece of my business. An expensive project I worked on with a business partner over a year ago wasn’t executed well and it was becoming increasingly clear it needed to be addressed. I was angry, frustrated and confused at how this had happened. Then I...
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CONCUSSION and the American Dream: An Exploration of Repeated Brain Trauma and Sports

December 21, 2015
I am an immigrant from Kenya and my husband is Puerto Rican. We are both Muslim and met 14 years ago when we were introduced by a friend after Friday prayers. It's a challenging time to raise my three children, I never know which part of their identity will be under scrutiny in that night's news...
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Parents: Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First (or How to Raise Healthier Children)

December 18, 2015
We all need support, no matter who we are. As a pediatrician, CEO and a mom, I am constantly juggling priorities, schedules and child care. Some days are just plain hard and I’ve learned that the only way to get through the tough days and weeks is to practice self care. Self care is about how we...
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Celebrate Wins!

Wow, You Did All THAT in 2015? MomsRising WINS!

December 17, 2015
Sometimes it’s hard to see the many ways that small actions like signing a petition, sharing your personal experience, making a call, attending a local meeting, or playing a MomsVote debate game on social media add up over time and make a big difference. They do. Because we are MomsRising together...
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Rituals: Why I Love Them & Why They Matter

December 16, 2015
Recently my extended family got into a bit of a heated mess around a long-time Christmas giving tradition and how best –or even why— we should carry it out. It really crystalized for me how key these touchstones are for me and my family. Rituals and traditions are what give life meaning. They...
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Paring down Paris: What's it mean for families?

December 14, 2015
OK, so Julie and I didn’t actually storm the podium at the international climate change talks in Paris. But we are elated that a historic decision was reached there which lays the foundation for justice and hope for all of the world’s people. The Paris Agreement holds great promise for families in...
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Pregnant in Prison on Human Rights Day

December 10, 2015
In 2012, Nicole G. was left to give birth alone in a Texas jail cell. Her baby’s umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and the baby died. This week, the county government decided to settle Nicole’s lawsuit rather than take its chances in court. The settlement “saves my client a lot more...
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Take Action!

Breastfeeding Moms Need a Break (literally!)

December 8, 2015
There are those moments in motherhood, you know the ones, that are permanently etched in memory. I can still vividly recall the trek from my sleek office to my car to pump breast milk. This walk, which felt both stressful and shameful, was necessary because my office space had no place for me to...
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