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Children’s Budget Coalition applauds Senator Ron Wyden for Standing Up For Kids

February 16, 2017
The U.S. Senate is slogging through the nomination process of Cabinet-level presidential appointments. Several positions remain unfilled and one position – the Director of the White House Office of Management of Budget (OMB) – is of particular importance to the Children’s Budget Coalition, which is...
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TAKE ACTION: Stand Up for #Medicaid!

February 14, 2017
We’re experiencing a full frontal assault on our nation’s healthcare programs! As the fight for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues, unbelievably a new storm is brewing: Medicaid and the healthcare of more than 70 million Americans—including providing assistance for over half the births in the...
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You’re invited! Join us for a special Tele-Town Hall TOMORROW with USOW!

February 14, 2017
Want to join us on an important call? We’re partnering on a Week of Action with the United State of Women (USOW) and as a kick-off there will be a Tele-Town Hall featuring the incredible Senator Kirsten Gillibrand; along with special guests Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, President of the Planned...
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Join with other NC healthcare advocates for a special Valentine’s Day of Action to protect our care!

February 13, 2017
For Valentine’s Day, health advocates from across North Carolina are joining together to tell Senators Burr and Tillis: “Have a heart and keep North Carolina covered under the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid!” **Sign up to participate!
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To App or Not to App: American Psychiatric Association Issues Guidelines to Evaluate Mental Health Apps

February 13, 2017
In a landmark act of medical leadership, the American Psychiatric Association in January released guidelines to help patients and their clinicians evaluate specific apps. The American Medical Association has announced it will soon follow suit. Over 250,000 health apps are currently available with...
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Efforts to Repeal Affordable Care Act Miss First Deadline but Still Push Forward

February 10, 2017
Within hours of taking the oath of office, President Trump took steps to continue the GOP’s pledge to repeal the Affordable Care Act. His Republican counterparts on Capitol Hill, however, missed their first self-imposed deadline on passing legislation to do so. President Trump signed an executive...
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Price Confirmation Puts Our Nation’s Health Care System at Risk

February 10, 2017
In another cynical, partisan vote, the U.S. Senate last night confirmed Rep. Tom Price to serve as the nation’s next U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) – putting our country’s health care system at risk. This confirmation will exacerbate the deep anxiety that moms and caregivers...
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Medicaid Fulfills Crucial Role for Children with Special Health Care Needs Like My Daughter

February 10, 2017
My daughter Caroline is alive because of Medicaid. The medications, the equipment and the nursing care that have helped us manage her severe disability would not be possible without the federal program’s support. Now, with Congress and the White House considering cuts and restructuring for Medicaid...
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Why I'm Joining the Moral March on Raleigh

February 9, 2017
I have lived in North Carolina since I was two years old, and now I'm raising my son here. I have personally been from Murphy to Manteo (not all in one day!) and I truly love this state. I attended the very first HKonJ (Historic Thousands on Jones Street) 11 years ago, and almost all of them since...
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Attend a town hall near you to speak out for healthcare!

February 7, 2017
First - You’re a rock star! Below you will find a treasure trove of information to make attending a town hall to advocate for healthcare the best it can be. Remember, if you can’t find a town hall near you, you can always swing by your members’ of Congress office near where you live to share your...
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