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From trauma to civic engagement: Tacoma mom breaks decades long silence to protect vulnerable teens

June 27, 2016
M ykleAnn kept it bottled up all these years, the memory of the night she'd gone off to a party in Tacoma, looking for fun, and wound up getting raped. She was just 14 years old. Bloodied and bruised, she never uttered a word to anyone out of fear that if her father found out, he would kill the guy...
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10 Things About Me That Might Shock You

June 24, 2016
Okay, I really, really didn’t want to have to do this. Don’t get me wrong– I think some people’s naiveté is so gosh darn cute! But lately, I’ve seen an onslaught of “disability is so-frickin’-inspiring” stories that have made me roll my eyes and, sometimes, want to log out of my computer for a...
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Finding the answers to your biggest questions

June 21, 2016
Remember, the entrance to the sanctuary door is inside you. ~Rumi In my former life as a career strategist, I worked for years with successful men and women around career changes and aligning “who they are with what they do.” One of the things I would share at our first career coaching session is...
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LaJuana Clark's Story: 'It's Not How I Start. It's How I Finish.'

June 21, 2016
Author’s note: Last week, we discussed the Coalition on Human Needs' June 16 event, What Works – And What Doesn’t – To Reduce Poverty and Expand Opportunity . As part of that event, we heard the story of LaJuana Clark, who has struggled with homelessness and under-employment. This is LaJuana’s...
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What works in fighting poverty?

June 16, 2016
Poverty has been in the news a lot lately. Two years ago we marked the 50th anniversary of LBJ’s famous War on Poverty. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, which supplanted Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). And a GOP task...
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Labor-HHS-Education Bill Moves in the Senate

June 16, 2016
On Thursday, June 9, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed (29-1) the FY17 Labor, Health and Human Services and Education (Labor-HHS-Ed) spending bill, the first bipartisan Labor-HHS-Ed bill in seven years. The measure would provide $161.9 billion in discretionary (annually appropriated) funding, $270 million below FY16 levels and $2 billion below President Obama’s request.
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My initiation into summer

June 14, 2016
Yesterday a dear friend and I met up for a Nia class. She has three teenagers, so it’s precious time when we get to connect. We got the date wrong, the studio was empty and we found ourselves sitting in the hot car deciding what to do next. Should we scan our FB invites for an activity, take a walk...
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The Making of Breastfeeding Controversy

June 14, 2016
Last summer I had a chance to sit down in a indoor playground cafe and share my unfortunate workplace nursing story with Jennifer Grayson , an author, journalist, columnist, and a leading expert on environmental issues. She is also a mother of two. At that time she was working on a book about the...
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Take Action!

Zika has arrived in the US! Tell Congress: Take action!

June 8, 2016
The Zika virus has officially arrived in the U.S. There are now 472 confirmed cases of the Zika virus in the U.S. and while all the infections so far have been contracted or associated with travel to South or Central America, there is reason for concern: A few days ago we learned that two babies...
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Climb out of the Darkness this June to end stigma around postpartum mental health

June 8, 2016
Postpartum Progress’ Climb Out of the Darkness® is the world’s largest event dedicated to raising awareness of maternal mental health, removing stigma from postpartum depression, and building a strong community of support for mothers. Climb Out of the Darkness is held on or near the longest day of...
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