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Right now, our country faces an affordability crisis as some patients are paying more than $600 per EpiPen, a life-saving emergency drug. [1] 

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Moms like Karen from New York have shared with us how critical EpiPens are for families:

“EpiPens have saved my daughter's life twice. I cannot imagine what would have happened without them.”

SIGN OUR LETTER now to cap costs of EpiPens for families like Karen’s and millions of others through the EpiPen Act. *When you click, you’ll automatically sign on if we already have your information.

Since 2007, Mylan, the company that manufactures lifesaving EpiPens, has raised costs. The EpiPen soared from $100 to over $600 in 2016, even though the expense of producing an EpiPen dose of epinephrine has stayed approximately at $1. [2] This is outrageous and needs to stop. That’s why we must urge Congress to act by passing the EpiPen Act!

So what do EpiPens do? EpiPens save lives when anaphylaxis, which can be deadly if not treated quickly, occurs, but the cost is still prohibitive for many moms and families and that puts lives at unnecessary risk. In order to be safe, since anaphylaxis can occur in 15 minutes to one hour of exposure, multiple EpiPens are often needed by people who have anaphylactic allergies as schools regularly require them. EpiPens are also needed at home as well as with the people who have the allergy when they are outside of the home. [3] And for families with multiple members with allergies, in particular, EpiPens are also not affordable right now.

Add your name! Congress needs to stop price-gouging for EpiPens by passing the EpiPen Act! 

* When you click, you’ll automatically sign on to our petition that reads:

Dear Congress,

Thank you for taking initial steps to lower prescription drug costs; however, millions of families still need assistance, especially with regard to EpiPens. The EpiPen Act introduced by Congressman Frost arises amidst a surge in the prices of auto-injectors, including generics, which have become excessively pricey. EpiPen's manufacturer has escalated the prices of these vital medicines from less than $100 to over $600, placing a financial strain on working-class families who cannot afford to be without an auto-injector at all times.

As costs have exploded, several states have acted to cap prices, but federal legislation is still needed to lower costs nationwide. The EpiPen Act can save families over 90% on the cost of the device and we need your action to ensure the affordability of this life-saving medicine for our families!

The more people who speak out, the bigger our impact. Please take a moment to share our action link with your friends and family:

Together we are a powerful voice for the health of families.

Share Your Story: What have EpiPens meant to your family? Tell us about it here

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