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Paul Ryan's Anti-Poverty Plan: 'Better Lipstick. Same Pig.'

June 28, 2016
Author's note: Earlier this month,, we discussed the June 16 event hosted by the Coalition on Human Needs, What Works – And What Doesn’t – To Reduce Poverty and Expand Opportunity . As part of that event, Melissa Boteach, vice president of the Poverty to Prosperity Program at the Center for...
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From trauma to civic engagement: Tacoma mom breaks decades long silence to protect vulnerable teens

June 27, 2016
M ykleAnn kept it bottled up all these years, the memory of the night she'd gone off to a party in Tacoma, looking for fun, and wound up getting raped. She was just 14 years old. Bloodied and bruised, she never uttered a word to anyone out of fear that if her father found out, he would kill the guy...
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Reflections on The United State of Women Summit

June 22, 2016
From Vice President Biden's call to action challenging all of us (women *and* men) to help bring an end to violence against women to Michelle Obama and Oprah's *real* conversation about the fallacy women face to have and do it all, The United State of Women Summit, convened by the White House, has...'s picture

LaJuana Clark's Story: 'It's Not How I Start. It's How I Finish.'

June 21, 2016
Author’s note: Last week, we discussed the Coalition on Human Needs' June 16 event, What Works – And What Doesn’t – To Reduce Poverty and Expand Opportunity . As part of that event, we heard the story of LaJuana Clark, who has struggled with homelessness and under-employment. This is LaJuana’s...
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Paul Ryan’s Recycled, Pro-Poverty Plan

June 16, 2016
House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) recently unveiled what he refers to as “ a #BetterWay to fight poverty in America .” With all due respect, sir… First, although “unveiling” generally means to “ show or reveal to others for the first time ,” the agenda released this month presents few new ideas...
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What works in fighting poverty?

June 16, 2016
Poverty has been in the news a lot lately. Two years ago we marked the 50th anniversary of LBJ’s famous War on Poverty. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, which supplanted Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). And a GOP task...
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Labor-HHS-Education Bill Moves in the Senate

June 16, 2016
On Thursday, June 9, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed (29-1) the FY17 Labor, Health and Human Services and Education (Labor-HHS-Ed) spending bill, the first bipartisan Labor-HHS-Ed bill in seven years. The measure would provide $161.9 billion in discretionary (annually appropriated) funding, $270 million below FY16 levels and $2 billion below President Obama’s request.
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What Works - and What Doesn't - to Reduce Poverty and Expand Opportunity

June 14, 2016
Join the Coalition on Human Needs and cosponsors on Thursday, June 16 for a live-streamed event looking at effective anti-poverty programs and how the recently released Ryan poverty plan measures up.
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Rep. Mark Takano reads MomsRising member story at Congressional briefing on overtime

June 9, 2016
MomsRising members are being heard! Soledad, a member in California, shared her personal story on needing overtime protections. We delivered it to her Congressperson, Rep. Mark Takano, who read her story as part of a Congressional hearing on the overtime rule. Rep. Takano said, "It's important not...
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Dile al Presidente y al Congreso EE.UU.: ¡Apoyen a las familias puertorriqueñas, no a los financieros de Wall Street!

June 9, 2016
Una maravillosa y hermosa comunidad de EE.UU.—Puerto Rico— se enfrenta a un colapso financiero , en el que las mujeres, niños y familias correrán el mayor riesgo. Para comprender lo que sucede, llamé a un par de familiares que viven allí. Lo que me dijeron fue inquietante. Mi prima, Sandra Castro,...
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