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Breastfeeding America: What We Know

August 1, 2017
This piece is published in partnership with Echoing Ida, a Forward Together Program. Current data indicates that black women have the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the US. There are many reasons for this, including lack of access to resources, substandard healthcare, personal choice and...
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Your #5Actions for This Week!

July 23, 2017
We had a huge victory this week, as the very-bad Senate healthcare bill came to a halt in Washington. The voices of parents, families, caregivers, partners, sisters and daughters like US made a huge difference. Sadly, the healthcare battle isn't over. But for a brief moment let's congratulate...
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Breastfeeding Moms Need Places to Pump

July 21, 2017
Airplane bathrooms. Parked cars. Utility closets. In a cubicle with absolutely no privacy. These are just some of the places that breastfeeding moms have had to pump breastmilk because they didn’t have access to anything better. Let's bring mothers out of the bathroom stalls and into the pumping...
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#MilitaryMonday: A Tale of Military Milk Sharing and Wet Nursing

July 10, 2017
One of the things that makes me proud to be a mother of my generation is watching us start to buck the social norms and do whatever it takes in order to get what we want and deserve for our families. All growing up, we were told that as women, we could do whatever we wanted, we could have both a...
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We need paid family leave that works for families, business, and our economy!

June 10, 2017
Yikes! We have a bizarre, tricky, and urgent situation with President Trump and paid family and medical leave -- and we need your help letting Congress know what’s going on so they aren’t fooled. The lowdown: While we were heartened that President Trump’s proposed budget recognized the need for...
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Tips & Tactics for Tackling The Top Topics Facing Our Nation

June 3, 2017
On the radio show this week we hear from US Representative Rosa DeLauro about what’s going on in Congress, what you can do, and about her new book The Least Among Us ; we also discuss gun violence and how to stop it; address hunger in America; and reveal a new, high powered campaign to make sure...
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#iPumpedHere and there

June 2, 2017
According to a study published in the journal Women’s Health Issues , 60% of pumping women don’t have basic workplace accommodations or adequate break times. That’s no news. I personally have pumped in many weird places. I returned to work three months after giving birth as a staff writer at a...
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Breastfeeding Moms Need Places to Pump!

June 1, 2017
Let’s talk about some moments of motherhood that aren’t covered in the Hallmark cards. Like that time my baby spit up all over my face, and maybe in my mouth a little (SO GROSS!)? Or the times at work when I had to pump breastmilk in my car instead of in my sleek office? On that last part, I know I...
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Protect Access to Health Care & SNAP by Visiting Your Members of Congress

May 26, 2017
It’s an emergency! Your voice is needed — and is powerful! Sign up to drop by your members of Congress' office(s) to drop off, or share, important materials on health care and SNAP (food stamps). We'll send you everything you need for a successful visit! Sign up here:
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You Pumped Where?!

May 3, 2017
I laugh about it now; all the ridiculous places I’ve had to pump breastmilk. I share horror stories with my friends about having to pump in my car, in a bathroom, and that one time I pumped in the busy lobby of an office building! “Wait, you pumped WHERE?!?!” is a common response to these stories...
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