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Review the Week: 5 Can't Miss Posts [June 19, 2020]

June 18, 2020
ICYMI: The MomsRising community stepped up for equality in a big way this week. Check out some of the posts you loved, shared and might have missed for the week ending June 19, 2020. 1. INSTAGRAM: #IAmMamma We have been sharing and uplifting many of the voices in our #RisersandShakers community. "...
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TUNE IN TODAY: The fight for safety, fairness, and dignity for the LGBTQ+ community

June 17, 2020
The very first Pride was a riot against police violence, led by Black & Brown trans women. What does this mean for today's uprisings against police brutality and the overall fight for LGBTQ+ liberation? Tune into this Pride Month conversation happening TODAY at 10am PT/1pm ET, co-hosted by, Time's Up, and Equal Rights Advocates.
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Review the Week: Can't Miss Posts

June 11, 2020
ICYMI: Here are a few of the rising, favorite and important posts from the MomsRising community for the week ending June 12, 2020. Jump in — like, share and leave a comment. Enjoy! 1. BLOG: Quick Signature: Justice for Breonna Taylor! Demand that Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer fire and charge with...
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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: An artistic image of Breonna Taylor that has the text "Say Her Name, Breonna Taylor" Image credit arielsinhaha. Used with artist's permission.]

UPDATED! Quick Signature: Justice for Breonna Taylor!

June 9, 2020
UPDATE: Last week, thanks to the actions taken by people across the country -- including MomsRising supporters like you-- Louisville’s Metro Council voted unanimously to pass Breonna's Law. The bill was rightfully named in honor of Breonna Taylor, an award-winning EMT, essential worker, and...
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Review The Week: 5 Can't-Miss Posts

June 5, 2020
ICYMI: Here are 5 worth-your-time posts that the MomsRising community liked, shared and viewed for the week ending Friday, June 5, 2020. 1. BLOG: Justice for George Floyd We grieve, we’re angry, and we cannot stop holding leaders accountable. justice for George.jpg 2. BLOG: Ten Tips for Teaching...
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To My Coworkers Who Didn’t Know We Would be Talking About Race On This Zoom Call

June 5, 2020
Last week, a man was murdered. He was murdered by the State, by those whose job it is to “protect and serve.” He was murdered because they suspected him of something. Anything. Everything. I watched that video play again and again. In it, I saw someone’s child, one who could have been my own. This...
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Take Action!
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A graphic image in black, white, and yellow, that says "Trump must resign."]

SIGN ON: Trump must resign, Congress must act

June 3, 2020
On Monday, moms across America were appalled, disheartened, aghast, stunned, unnerved, outraged, dumbfounded… (all the words!!) when law enforcement officers were ordered to deploy tear gas and shoot rubber bullets on peaceful protestors who were standing against police brutality while assembling...
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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: An artistic image of George Floyd that has the text "Justice for George." Image credit arielsinnaha. Used with artist's permission.]

Justice for George Floyd

May 29, 2020
We are grieving that George Floyd was killed by four police officers earlier this week. A father and a son, George worked security at a restaurant, where fellow employees say he was loved by all. "Knowing my brother is to love my brother," George's brother Philonise told CNN earlier this week...
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Take Action!
[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo of a young Black man smiling at the camera, wearing a tuxedo, with the words Justice For Ahmaud underneath.]

QUICK ACTION for Ahmaud Arbery

May 15, 2020
This was a tough Mother’s Day. Not just because of the pandemic. We were also all thinking of Ahmaud Arbery’s mother Wanda, who was grieving the loss of her son at the hands of two men who literally hunted down and killed him while he was jogging. Just last week — ELEVEN WEEKS LATER — Gregory and...
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Family wearing medical masks

Quick signature: COVID-19 shows why we need health care!

May 14, 2020
No matter where we come from, or what our color, all of us should be able to access health care when we get sick. Now more than ever, the COVID-19 crisis has shown us that our health depends on the person next to us, and the person next to them. Ensuring that we all can access health care is how we...
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