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We are only a few weeks away from the end of the year, but there is still more work to be done in Congress this year.

American families need Congress to be focused on the priorities that matter and this week’s 5Actions have several things to do to remind Congress about what’s important.

Your voice matters.

-- Sue Anne, Kristin, Nate, Lauren, Elyssa, Gina, Tasmiha, Felicia, and the rest of the & MamásConPoder Team


Call your Senators now to save the extended Child Tax Credit!

Negotiations started this week for an end-of-the-year tax package. This is a huge opportunity for us to create real change for our families and once again win a much needed expansion of the Child Tax Credit. As you may remember as part of the American Rescue Plan last year, we were able to secure monthly Child Tax Credit checks sent to 40 million U.S. families. Those checks are responsible for reducing child poverty by half last year—so we know this is a policy that works!

Now is our opportunity to demand that Congress take care of the unfinished business of providing an expansion of the Child Tax Credit for our families by calling your Senators!

***Text CTCNow to 747464 or call 1-888-496-4842 and we will connect you directly to your Senator. First you will hear a message from Hanna saying, “Hi this is Hanna with MomsRising. Tell your Senators that they must extend the expanded Child Tax Credit in any end-of-the-year tax package!” After that, you’ll be connected directly to your Senator’s office.

All you need to say is: “Hello! Please extend the expanded Child Tax Credit in any end-of-year tax packages. Thank you! Goodbye.” And then you can get back to your regular day.



SIGN NOW! MomsRising’s to-do list to Congress!

There are only 3 weeks left in the year but WOW does Congress have some work to do!

We have created a “to-do” list for Congress to keep them on schedule for delivering important policies for our families, children, and economy by the end of the year. We plan on delivering this “to-do” list next week and we want to make sure you have a chance to add your name to our letter.

Help us out by signing our “to-do” list to Congress and calling on our elected leaders to prioritize our families before they go home for the year!



Take action: Congress must reign in the price of insulin!

In August, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law, which placed a $35 cap on insulin for people 65 and over and on Medicare. This is a great start! But thanks to Republican politicians doing the bidding of Big Pharma, millions of people with diabetes on private insurance will still have to pay substantially more for insulin—in many cases, more than they can afford. And uninsured people have it the worst. They are much more likely to pay the full list price for insulin than the privately insured, and are much less likely to be able to afford prescription medicines.

Tell Congress to save lives by capping the price of insulin!



SEND QUICK LTE: Families are sick and tired

Not a single family with young kids has gone unscathed from this rampant RSV, COVID, cold, and flu season. The combination of lack of paid sick days and paid family & medical leave, our overstressed childcare system, and general lack of policies that lift families has created a virulent cocktail no one needed to cap off 2022.

Take a moment to write a letter to the editor now to send a strong and swift signal to Congress (who often track these letters in local papers) that their constituents are concerned about child care.

***We promise we’ve made it super easy & even have sample content for you!***

Click here to send a Letter to the Editor to remind elected officials that families need policies like paid sick days and permanent resources to solve the child care crisis once and for all!



Take a Moment to Support This Movement!

Your gifts allow us to do some amazing things together, and nobody is better than us at quickly adapting our tactics to meet the moment. Over the last few months, we've worked together with you to get moms who don't always vote to the polls and to move much-needed policy change.
Your actions - like signing petitions, writing letters to the editor, and sharing your stories with us and lawmakers, have contributed to major policy wins, like the temporary CTC expansion, which led to the largest single year drop in child poverty in the history of our nation.

As you know, our work is far from done, and we need YOU with us for the tough battles ahead.

TURBOCHARGE YOUR CONTRIBUTION — give now and a generous MomsRising donor will match every dollar you give (up to an overall match limit of $30,000)!

Will you make a year-end gift to help us fuel and expand our programs to change legislation and better our world?

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