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Today! Protests Happening Across the US!

September 28, 2018
Yesterday was heart-wrenching, nauseating, and sad; and it was devastating for many sexual assault survivors across the country. A GOP-appointed prosecutor tried—and failed—to discredit the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in front of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. This courageous...
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Senator Klobuchar (left) and Sarah Smarsh (right) at the Rural Summit

How to help rural America: Senate Democrats hold a Rural Summit

September 28, 2018
Ms. Smarsh was describing the isolation she felt growing up poor in rural Kansas. Her mother was 17 when Sarah was born. There was no Family and Medical Leave Act, no help from the Violence Against Women Act, and long miles to travel to get to medical care.
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Testimony for The Preventing Maternal Deaths Act House Subcommittee on Health 9.27.18

September 27, 2018
Below is testimony submitted by MomsRising to the hearing of the Subcommittee on Health as part of the House Energy and Commerce Committee held on September 27, 2018. Click here to take action and encourage your member of Congress to support this bill. Hello, my name is Smita Nadia Hussain. I am...
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Fact of the Week: Drop in uninsured rates for low-income rural residents is three times larger in Medicaid expansion states

September 26, 2018
The uninsured rate for low-income adults has decreased in the last several years across America, thanks in large part to the Affordable Care Act. But small towns and rural areas of states that have expanded Medicaid have seen the sharpest decline in uninsured rates. That’s one of the findings of a new report from the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families and the University of North Carolina Rural Health Research Program.
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Quick Action!
We Believe Them

Quick Signature to Speak Out Against Kavanaugh!

September 24, 2018
Over the weekend, a second courageous woman came out with allegations of sexual assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who is currently under consideration to become the next lifetime appointee to the U.S. Supreme Court. With two accusers, Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez, the Senate Judiciary...
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"I realized there is a lot of work to do to mobilize voters and protect our rights"

September 21, 2018
I am a Mexican immigrant born and raised in Mexico. I am Biracial and equally love my Mexican heritage and American heritage. I was a green card holder until 1983 when my mother took a citizenship exam and naturalized us. As an engineer and entrepreneur it has been my life mission to use my...
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Watch our new video!

Moms speaking out against more tax cuts for the 1% and corporations!

September 20, 2018
With everyone’s attention focused on the Supreme Court nomination and the upcoming elections, the U.S. House of Representatives is hoping to sneak through more destructive tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations! Good thing that moms have eyes in the backs of our heads! [1] And we won’t stand...
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Road Map for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All

September 19, 2018
On November 9, 2016, I didn´t get out of bed when the alarm rang. I felt physically, mentally and spiritually lifeless. I´m no stranger to clinical depression and what I felt that morning and in the days that followed was very similar. As a Latina mom of mixed heritage, I felt powerless, defeated,...
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Help for North Carolina

NC: Resources for those affected by Hurricane Florence and Ways to Help

September 18, 2018
The devastation and heartbreak Hurricane Florence has brought to North Carolina is hard to comprehend. Even now as the storm leaves our state, North Carolina families are facing flood waters, struggling to find food and clean water, and anxiously wondering when they can return home. Every single...
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Quick Action!

Write a letter to the editor to speak out to #StopKavanaugh!

September 13, 2018
As I sit in my home here in Raleigh, NC awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Florence, I have an overwhelming and anxious feeling about all of the unknowns yet to come. We know there will be a huge amount of rain, wind, and downed trees, but we don’t know yet whether the impact will be a couple days...
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