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MomsRising Commends Enactment of California Juvenile Justice Bill

October 12, 2017
Yesterday, California Gov. Jerry Brown took a major step to avoid compounding penalties for struggling families by signing SB 190, which ends the collection of administrative fees from families whose children end up in the juvenile justice system. Juvenile administrative fees are often devastating...
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#MaternalJustice Storify - Mothers, Kids and Pregnant Women in Detention

October 12, 2017
Conversation on immigration detention with the ACLU of San Diego & Women's Refugee Commission
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Back to School (-to-prison pipeline)

October 11, 2017
For parents of children with emotional disabilities, sending our kids to school is a dangerous exercise in Russian roulette with the school-to-prison pipeline.
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UPDATE: House Passes Budget Giving Trillions to Wealthy Corporations! Easy Next Steps You Can Take

October 11, 2017
Over the past few weeks, members have taken action and signed our letters to the U.S. Congress telling them to protect moms, kids, and families in the national budget and tax packages. Together, we have been a powerful force for families! We collected over 44,000 signatures from moms...
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Sessions “Religious Freedom” and Title VII Guidance Will Legalize Discrimination Against LGBTQ Americans

October 6, 2017
Earlier today, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued new guidance allowing individuals and businesses to act in the name of “religious freedom” and discriminate against LGBTQ people, without fear of government reprisal. The order allows individuals to act or abstain from action according to...
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Five Ways To Step Up Against Attacks On Our Families

October 6, 2017
Last week, Congressional Republicans let the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expire and voted in favor of gutting Medicaid which would result in millions more uninsured children. This week, the Trump administration rolled back access to birth control and the House passed a 20 week...
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9 Million Reasons Congress Must Act Now to Save CHIP

October 5, 2017
Co-authored by Stephanie Glover, Senior Health Policy Analyst, National Partnership for Women & Families Federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) ended last Saturday, September 30. More than nine million children and their families who rely on CHIP for affordable...
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MomsRising Endorses De-Escalate Washington, Initiative 940

October 4, 2017
Noting the devastating impact of police violence on communities of color and the imperative to bridge the divide between communities and police, MomsRising has endorsed Initiative Measure No. 940 (I-940) , a ballot measure designed to reduce police violence through mandatory de-escalation, mental...
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The Game-Changing Court of Appeals Decision That Nursing Moms Need To Know

September 22, 2017
Your job, your health or your safety: which would you give up? Agent Stephanie Hicks faced this exact choice when she returned to her job at the Tuscaloosa Police Department (TPD) after the birth of her baby. Agent Hicks was discouraged from taking a full 12 weeks of FMLA leave and faced hostility...
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Head Smacker: They're trying to repeal the ACA...again

September 20, 2017
Senate leaders are trying one more time to repeal the ACA and strip coverage from millions, and they’re trying to do it in the next 1.5 weeks. Act now.
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